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by Dutchie at 8:37 AM EDT on July 12, 2012
soo, then how did FurryBob extract the BMS from super mario sunshine??
by soneek at 2:39 PM EDT on July 12, 2012
I think furrybob disabled the SFX and actually recorded Super Mario Sunshine. Eh, He made some random Yoshi variations of stuff, so maybe he was able to extract them.

edited 2:40 PM EDT July 12, 2012
by Dutchie at 8:02 PM EDT on July 12, 2012
iam talkin about the sequence files not the ost rip

FurryBob knows how to extract midis from BMS, how else could he have uploaded 2 sunshine sequences?
by TheUltimateKoopa at 10:41 AM EDT on July 13, 2012
Um, Dutchie? Are you thinkijg of Super Mario Galaxy's bms sequences? Furry bob never extracted any bms files from Super Mario Sunshine. There's no OST either.
by TurbomanAlco at 1:35 AM EDT on July 16, 2012
Well maybe that's the difference. If the sequences.arc of sunshine/galaxy or whatever don't work with yaz0dec then that must mean they are compiled differently. This is not anything new however. I have seen some bms from them before thus proving it possible. It's just a matter of finding the right tool. Nulling out the SFX is one way to go but I think we should try more high qualitly rips from midi files and the BGM banks.
by Lunar at 4:17 AM EDT on July 16, 2012
furrybob's recordings are fine IMO.
by TurbomanAlco at 2:13 PM EDT on July 16, 2012
Yes they may be fine but there still may be some flaws such as missed songs, SFX that wasn't completely nulled, and some loss of quality. Not to mention that it takes forever to go back and re-beat the game and record every song. Also nulling out the SFX can be a realy big pain. I believe the safest and best achievable quality is through direct rips. And believe me, it will take alot less time and struggle.
by maxton at 3:43 PM EDT on July 16, 2012
furrybob, or someone, definitely got BMS files from Super Mario Sunshine, he's got "" on his MediaFire - which is Delfino Plaza, btw.

edited 3:48 PM EDT July 16, 2012
by TurbomanAlco at 6:25 PM EDT on July 17, 2012
Geting the bms from the sequences.arc isn't anything new and neither is getting the bms files to midi files. I'm sure someone made a tool just for this type of work. Unfortunately gamecube ripping isn't quite the popular subject among the internet so finding the right tools is very difficult. Luckily, I found the tools I need Zelda TP ripping. It's just a matter of knowing what waves goes with which bms file.
by maxton at 12:14 AM EDT on July 24, 2012
I'm sure hcs would know how to do that

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