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by AnonRunzes at 4:50 PM EDT on May 27, 2017
@datschge - Hehe, I'm glad to hear the upload has gone well.
by ChillyBilly at 11:36 PM EDT on May 27, 2017
Managed to squeeze in a couple more rips:

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (PSN)

Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure! (XBLA)
by Ultrafighter at 8:04 AM EDT on May 28, 2017
Hi all, I've got yet another bunch of titles which might be reripped using the newest tools available out there. I think this would also prove useful for Marcusss if he ever wanted to reprocess some other games in addition to Kingdom under fire: The crusaders & KuF: Heroes.
I guess such a list could also serve the purpose of making existing rips much more complete than they're now since a few of them are currently lacking something. So here it goes, organized by my old ripping methods:

BIK->WAV->APE (I didn't redownload then demultiplex Bink videos from these specific platforms because I ripped their X360 versions and properly demuxed movies from the latter platform; those 3 videogames used BIK on both consoles so original *.bik files are presumed to be identical but it doesn't hurt to recheck vids anyway; IMO it'd be the best solution to delete APE encodes of audio tracks from movies and reupload just streamed BGM & icon music from the following old PS3 rips of mine):
Monster jam: Path of destruction (PS3);
NeverDead (PS3);
The Bourne conspiracy (PS3).
Hot wheels: Battle force 5 (Wii) - I've never even intended to post this here but I guess it'd still be much better to redo this VG with FSBii instead of FSBext. This small yet nice score can't really compete with Beat that! or World race or even Stunt track challenge but it's still some neat original VGM from a mediocre title.
GI Joe: The rise of cobra (PS3) - current set has demuxed ADXs coming from USM vids but it only contains stereo variants of ingame music. There're also 5.1 mixes of all those tracks in music51.fsb as well as mono variations of select compositions in gui.fsb or something. FSB MPEG by HCS was the only way to rip the game back in the day but maybe now both mono & stereo interleaved FSB MP3s are supported by VGMstream. What if there's even no need to dump original 6 channel tracks to 3 stereo ones nowadays? It'd be truly great and this score really deserves it... IMHO!
FSB->WAV (I didn't simply extract individual tracks with FSBext and change extension from *.wav to *.lwav or *.xwav, I used "-A" key so all unpacked ADPCM files were assigned IMA codec tag instead of XBox one, 0x11 but not 0x69 as usual):
Devil may cry: HD collection (PS3) - I didn't add it to HCS64 tracker back in the day but I presume it's for the better now, these days any folks interested in it can rerip this title with FSBii, not FSBext (all BGMs should be playable when extracted that way);
Monster jam: Path of destruction (PS3).
Conan (2007) (X360) - all jingles from conan_music_stingers.fsb & conan_sound folder + conan_vo_en\conan_reveal directory (there're lots of FSBs there and 95% pieces there are SFX or VO clips but also some clean music can be found there; you can get my older rip to get directions where to look for any additional music in this title);
Monster jam: Path of destruction (X360).
WMV->WMA (if someone doesn't want to use Windows media encoder series to demux *.wmv videos but desires to apply Bnnm's technique to any WMVs he ever encounters):
Hot wheels: Beat that! (X360) - I did this as well as some other platforms just for myself and never posted it anywhere. BTW it'd certainly be cool to have XBox version archived here since it's the easiest one to rip plus one can easily get filenames for all the tracks.
XWB->PCM WAV->TAK (I believe XWB Split by Bnnm should do the trick so the third step is now completely unneeded):
MechAssault 2: Lone wolf - look for Music.xwb_dvd or Music.dvd_xwb, it's the most typical Xbox wave bank despite misleading file extension.
XWB->XMA (xwb_split.exe should be used on the title in question, this notion only applies to a single XWB file from MP directory though):
Battlefield 2: Modern combat (X360).
XWB->WAV (I used EkszBox-ABX on both VGs since it'd surely be much longer work and more bothersome task to process them with UnXWB, QuickBMS & 2 scripts by Alpha23; now XWB_Split should do entire job easily):
Battlefield 2: Modern combat (original Xbox) - MP exclusive tracks only, they're all located in one XWB in mp folder and can be found there with ease;
MechAssault 2: Lone wolf - bigger part of the game's score (or is it actually all APM Music?) is encoded using a pretty common variant of ADPCM codec, not PCM of any kind.

@ChillyBilly: kudos for Giana sisters: Twisted dreams, I'm so curious to check it out! I'm sure Machinae supremacy's work isn't gonna disappoint me, I'll grab a copy very soon!
Bye guys, see you soon!

edited 8:08 AM EDT May 28, 2017
by marcusss at 12:06 AM EDT on May 30, 2017
Hi Ultrafighter,

When i can I can take a look at some. I have a couple for xbox360 like that GI JOE game so I can see what music /formats it presents :-) no ps3 version though as I don't have much ps stuff these days but if I come across a copy online I can take a look.

I'm interested in Conan and Mech Assault 2 X360 so might try to grab them from somewhere to take a look


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