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by mariofan12ify at 12:04 AM EDT on May 18, 2017
So how long do you think it will take for N&B to show up on the site?
by marcusss at 12:30 AM EDT on May 18, 2017
@mariofan12ify : Hi.. everyone is usually busy. They usually have to check it and/or retag it along with the formatting like the others and reup it. I guess they or knurek have better up speed than my pitiful speed. Haha so from I See if takes a couple of days..but yeah all the time vgm is being uploaded to the site so thry have their work cut out for them.

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@Ultrafighter : yeah I uploaded Timeshift among others as it has this half-life feel to it..well its sierra afterall :) I didn't know it was on your list but happy to scratch one of that list.

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by Ultrafighter at 12:40 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
Hello all! Big thanks to just anyone (Knurek, Marcusss or someone else) who ripped The dishwasher: Vampire smile and especially Redout. It's so nice to have streamed rip for the former, be it original XBLA game or PC re-release, and I'm really looking forward to listening to untouched BGM layers from the latter.
It might be an unusual experience but that's what gamerips were invented for, am I right? I mean if ripper mixed those layers from RedOut and possibly re-encoded given lossless audio then there's no real difference between his rip & an OST. In any case I'm so interested to try out those initial audio stems coming straight from game files / archives!
by marcusss at 1:14 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
I'm not sure who ripped the pc vgm recently but they are pretty good.. i saw that dishwasher vampire smile rip. I want to try that out later. What an unusual name for a game hah :)
by Ultrafighter at 2:42 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
Hi Marcusss, don't feel sad for re-ripping TimeShift (X360)! I'm not attacking you for that or even saying such re-rips are bad, in fact I'm even encouraging you or anyone else to redo as many VGs I mentioned as you can.

Here are some most recent additions to my "might / should be re-ripped" list:

5.1 XMA->3 stereo XMAs:
NeverDead (2 or 3 CS tracks without any real music in them);
WWE All stars (very few cutscene or entrance tracks though).

Supremacy MMA (PS3) (personal unreleased gamerip of mine, I haven't backed up full ver. of it in the cloud so feel free to redo it; not everyone's gonna like its licensed instrumentals though so be warned everyone!);
WWE All stars (PS3) (usage of FSB MPEG was required back at that time but maybe now both 5.1 & stereo/mono interleaved FSB MP3s are playable in vgmstream right away; I never upped my rip anywhere or even posted it somewhere so you're very welcome to re-rip that platform and add it to streamed VGM archives for completeness sake).

Stoked (pretty big licensed soundtrack, many folks compare it to trademark compilations coming from annual FIFA games; Stoked is really proud of using lots of eclectic songs from all over the world, there're quite a few instrumentals too so it's not your typical pop tracklist from a standard videogame about extreme sports);
WWE All stars (most tracks, be it ingame compositions or wrestler themes, stingers or loops);
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010 (ringtones and some other SFX only).

Superstars V8: Racing (PC/X360);
Transformers: Revenge of the fallen (X360);
Wrestle kingdom (X360)

Amped 3 (I ripped this VG title then AlphaTwentyThree made his own version of natively encoded rip but it still needs to be redone with help of XWBsplit instead of UnXWB and/or QuickBMS scripts; don't forget there's much more VGM in the game than you can ever imagine, first 1.5+ GB Music.xwb then all banks with prefix "Awesome(ness)" and finally some pretty long unique tracks in UI\CS XWB archives; a few hundreds of diverse licensed tracks per game is Amped series standard however).

Keep doing what you do best everyone! Cheers!
by marcusss at 4:12 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
@Ultrafighter. No problem. If i come across any of them i could take a look. I was also curious about the amped series too.

Regarding FSBs it is great to see all these 5,6 channel ones with insane mpeg bitrates. Vgmstream calls them mpeg layer iii 6 channel @ 5000kbps for.example but aten't they just simple mpeg 1 or 2 not 3.. i know some can have multiple mpeg layer iii channels mixed together ina fsb container but not @ 5000-10000kbps??
by Ultrafighter at 7:39 AM EDT on May 19, 2017
@Marcusss: You're probably dealing with multi-layered MPEG streams like those found in console ports of Wheelman. Each Badolato or Rednote track had to be de-interleaved into 3 stereo MP3s with help of fsb_mpeg.exe.
Even if you split Badolato.fsb or Rednote.fsb into individual tracks with FSBII it's not likely you'll be able to play resulting custom FSBs holding one composition per file. I guess it's not even needed as there's no real point in trying to play such pseudo 6 channel files as you're going to hear some kind of cacophony instead of clean music. Imagine hearing this plus that plus the third layer (I don't have it at hand right now) at the same time!
by abuse of circ at 12:15 AM EDT on May 20, 2017
did kingshriek ever share his python script for ripping GBC games that use MusyX? I'd like to try it on the Mythri prototype, which features the whole soundtrack but which only works on real hardware or no$gmb. Unless some unthinkably bored person wants to disassemble it and figure out how to get it working in (MA)MESS..
by ChillyBilly at 12:59 AM EDT on May 20, 2017
Got a few 360 rips done:

Charlie Murder

The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra

Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta! (No, I did not tamper with these files in any way.... this game's audio is legitimately made up of WAVs)

'Splosion Man


Triggerheart Exelica

^I swear, it's a total coincidence that I ripped the Dishwasher/Charlie Murder games around the same time the PC versions came out, lol. Also, something I should mention about the 'Splosion Man rip is that while I did demux the movies, the resulting audio files won't play for me for some reason. Maybe they'll play fine for you guys, though? If not, I can just upload the movies themselves later on. Just give the word!
by ChillyBilly at 12:13 AM EDT on May 21, 2017
And here's a few more goodies:


Brute (Didn't have time to sort the SFX out of this one.... sorry, Ultrafighter!)

Fat Mask

A Hole New World

Trigger Time

Xbox 360

Super Robot Taisen XO

^Oddly, I had the same issue with the SRW rip as I did with 'Splosion Man as far as the demuxed movies go (they just don't play for me, for some reason). Also, despite the huge sizes of the .xwbs, none of the tracks loop, oddly enough. I'd personally like to chalk that up to it being a relatively early 360 title, but.... eh, whatever. Anyways, enjoy!

edited 12:14 AM EDT May 21, 2017

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