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by marcusss at 9:59 PM EDT on July 17, 2017
Hey bnnm that txth support sounds good as perhaps games with headerless adpcm or other difficult formats, we might be able to get them playing.. like headerless music like croc 2 pc or Worms forts under siege (x360 headerless adpcm or something).or some of those x360 audio formats which come along with standard xma sometimes. Good work. With this txth file it sounds like it will be easier to experiment with offsets and other info to get audio working rather than genh etc. So is great !

@Ultrafighter I managed to extract the music and videos.from Fotns Kens rage 1 and 2.fotns kr 1 was all simple xma whereas fotns kr2 had 8 files with a dif. Extension which each had 2 xma inside so simple riff cutting go them out so ended up with a further 16 playable xma which is good. I will upload them when i get home tonight.

We can also try this txth on those singularity x360 files. . Maybe some experimentation will get them working since we know they are unreal audio..but getting them to play will be hard I bet.

Im grabbing singularity for pc. I had a quick glamce so seems to be xxx files this time so hopefully the umodel can extract them so sounds promising..anyway im sure they can't be as bad as the x360 audio format.

I will upload left for.dead 2 fable heroes, fable 3 ts3 and some others imce they work in foobar as my vgmstream didnt update yet. Want to make.sure they work as also the ones uing txth files. Stupid question but do we load the txth file or just open the audio.file and the plugin searches for txth if unplayable using standard means?

Glad you liked the ost also. The oc game rip is not bad at all the ost compliments it with some bonus tracks and higher quality..but yeah the rip has looping which i like more than osts usually. Both are awesome though.

Im sure we gonna see plenty more rips with this new txth support ! Can't wait

Marcus out..

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by Ultrafighter at 3:57 AM EDT on July 18, 2017
Yes FOTNS:KR2 for PS3 used similar structure, there were multiple BT3 containers with a pair of simple ATRAC3+ tracks in each of them. I can't wait to listen to your Xbox 360 rip of KR2 and am looking forward to Singularity!
Till next time!

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Hi Mark, do believe me that your work is highly appreciated! For example a few months ago I felt desire to revisit awesome compositions from "Fist of the North star: Ken's rage 2" and started searching for respective OST but couldn't discover it anywhere. ChillyBilly's (?) PS3 rip happened to be some kind of total life-saver.
Now you see I made yet another attempt to look for that "Shin Hokuto musou" official release once again a few days ago but ended my search rather quickly as this precious CD seems to be really rare. And this time you add your gamerip of the title to VGM Archives almost at the same time! Should I specifically point out that I'm extremely happy? I guess not!

Also alternative sets for Singularity would be just swell too. This game's score hooked me up from the start thanks to its list of composers and of course its nature (those modern hybrid original soundtracks).
I was seriously thinking about actually getting myself a copy of Bogol's gamerip for quite some time but didn't do it in the end. I suppose I was right when I decided to wait some more for another and possibly better rip to surface somewhere!
Even your X360 rip with lots of headerless (?) thus unplayable tracks helped me a lot in making an opinion on the score but it'll be absolutely fantastic if you manage to get a hold of entire score in playable or convertible form! I'll be eternally grateful to you if make such a set for Singularity (PC or PS3) and upload your complete rip to JoshW! There's definitely no real rush but believe me I'm waiting for rip from different platform with bated breath!

I also presume that the least I can do to give you something back for doing lots of ripping work is suggesting some new VG titles with soundtracks you may or should like. I hope you're not against me doing this ;) ? You can have my word on that they're all going to be exceptionally easy to rip!

Best wishes!

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by marcusss at 12:59 AM EDT on July 19, 2017
Hi Ultrafighter..

All of the xxx files from the PC version of Singularity seem to work with umodel as it extracted lot of vorbis audio. I uploaded it already so should be available soon. Was like 130mb 7z file. Looks like the names are the same as the x360 rip and every piece of music is playable..finally !

You're welcome in regards to FOTNS rips. I never played the game so I got an impression the music sounded similar to DW7 with the heavy rock style music. I agree it is never a problem having rips from multiple platforms as afterall one.might sound better than the other or have exclusive music.

About GI JOE you asked me my favourite tracks. Well all are good, I liked the Arctic ones the most I guess but I probably should listen to it once again.


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by Ultrafighter at 10:23 AM EDT on July 19, 2017
Thanks for an update regarding Singularity rip! I'll grab it ASAP.

As for Fist of the North star: Ken's rage dilogy I liked its scores way more than an average DW soundtrack but it depends on a person I guess. Anyway I'm eagerly waiting for addition of your X360 sets to VGM archives!

And I mainly asked you 'bout GI Joe: The rise of cobra electro tracks so that I could know if you're going to like Spy hunter: Nowhere to run or Marvel Ultimate alliance 1 scores. Both have lots of diverse BGM but there're also many compositions in the vein of GI's batcenter, biolab, etc. tracks.
Maybe this tiny sampler is gonna help you make an opinion on SH:NTR original score more efficiently than all my words. MUSIC_DRIVE_02 along with MUSIC_BOSS_01 remind me of... UT 2003 for some reason! MUSIC_DYN_TRAIN_1 & especially MUSIC_MENU_LOOP are pretty similar to those detention, weather and so on BGMs from GI Joe (2009).
Oh and I almost forgot to mention that MUA1 & Nowhere to run were scored by the same duet who did The rise of cobra!

All the best!
by marcusss at 8:02 PM EDT on July 20, 2017
Thanks for the sampler Ultrafighter. I like UT music also. Was this from an unreleased rip of Spy Hunter.. Which one was it? Sounds interesting.

In regards to Bound by Flame, today I ripped the PC version and sadly every OGG file is EXACTLY the same size, same name and total music size as well as the X360 version..

Thought something would be different.. lazy fuckers. haha

And can you believe Singularity (PC) has over 65,000 OGG files?
I basically sifted 110 files out of those but yeah easy to do with the search function in windows but took a while to index ;)
I know by the track names some music appear to be missing but none are in fact missing as I double checked again today.

Oh yeah my FOTNS KR I, II, Singularity, Fable 3 rips are up finally ;)

*** Uploaded Fable Heroes since it has proper named files and a couple extra music compared to the current xbla files. Also xma structure is different to the XBLA version. It only works with the latest vgmstream

***still some Fable 3 tracks are not working unfortunately.

I didn't realise how many fable games there were which I uploaded here... but I love the music. Hope others love the music too


Oh yeah i listened to fotns kr 2 for the first time and must say im impressed. Being a Ishiwatari fanatic i must say some pieces sound like his style. I like it !!

Cheers !!

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by Ultrafighter at 9:47 AM EDT on July 21, 2017
These LWAVs (or should I call them XWAVs?) come from Spy hunter: Nowhere to run (XBox version) as Terminal reality, the game's developer, uses horrendous quality on GameCube and especially PlayStation 2. I was initially intending to add it to HCS tracker (oh yeah, that rip of mine is SO old!) but didn't do it in the end for some reason.
All in all the 3rd three-dimensional installment of Spy hunter can be easily ripped from both platforms, you just have to use one of two available extractors (or maybe Timo's BMS located in one of his gamerips mirrored on JoshW servers) and you'll be good because all audio files use the same codec and are playable from the go (oh well, you have to change all extensions on XBox but it's no problem I guess if you have Total commander and know how to use it). And lemme repeat it: for the love of gods don't check audio quality for Spy hunter: Nowhere to run or any BloodRayne installment, Aeon Flux or RoadKill on PS2, you'll be definitely astonished by sound specs! Xbox doesn't use lossless anywhere but it's still so much better in terms of sound compression (or better say lack of it)!

Yep it's pretty unpleasant surprise regarding Bound by flame, I wasn't expecting to find the very same OGGs as in PC version too (I managed to obtain streamed rip by Infernus Animositas so I could compare one ver. to another). My guess is that it was easier for devs to utilize identical files in all ports and simply implement Vorbis support into their engine...
And I presume you've already discovered that sound tracks for movies are stored separately from WMVs themselves, one has to search for them in audio folders somewhere near BGM, SFX & VO. You see Infernus has intro track in his rip and no demultiplexing work was required to get the file.

As for Singularity & FOTNS:KR2 I've just grabbed both, huge thnx for making these sets! And special thanks for including demuxed tracks from vids in both rips!

by marcusss at 10:47 AM EDT on July 21, 2017
Well for kens rage 1 there are LOTS of videos soI kept it to just the opening and endings. If you want the others perhaps a day I have time i can rip the WMAs.

Glad you like them.

I like the music from Rainbow six lockdown that someone uploaded! I could take a look at spy hunter nowhere to run and rb6 lockdown for the 360

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by Infernus Animositas at 9:36 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
marcusss, I'm guessing those Fable 3 tracks that aren't working are the crescendo tracks that you have not included in the rip. I know on PC they are PCM but I cannot remember if they are a different codec on the Xbox 360.

crescendo_track_01.bnk.dat and crescendo_track_05.bnk.dat are the exact same file (at least on PC).

These files are infact seven interleaved stereo audio files every 0x8000 bytes. The headers are 0x30 bytes long with a sample rate of 48000Hz.

Snakemeat provided me a tool to deinterleave them long ago. I included a batch file to streamline the process. I hope this helps :)

EDIT: A couple of the output .bin files will be just silence as those are just where the program dumps the padding of the file.

Fable III Deinterleave

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by ChillyBilly at 11:28 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
Well, I promised it a while back, and I made sure to deliver:

Sengoku Basara: Sanada Yukimura-Den

^BTW, turns out the .sspr files I posted a while back were encrypted (quite common with PSN downloads, I notice), so I went to an alternate source for the revised rip. Sadly, like Sumeragi, these tracks don't loop... hopefully there's a way to fix that in the future.

That being said, how about a few more rips?


Children of Zodiarcs

The Initial (Oddly, roughly half the tracks are just ambiance despite the "BGM" filenames.... well, I left them in, anyway)


Warriors: Legends of Troy (A Warriors game NOT developed by Omega Force? Oh my!)

More should come soon!
by Ultrafighter at 1:12 AM EDT on July 22, 2017
@Marcusss: it brings joy to my heart to hear that you liked Bill Brown's score for RS:LD so much! As I said earlier Xbox rip would be most welcome since it should have a few exclusive compositions in it. On the other hand PC is expected to have the highest quality because it uses PCM for BGM (at least partially). I guess 22KHz don't really compliment the best tracks on PS2 and they are gonna be in higher quality on XB or PC.
As for FOTNS:KR1 you don't really need to add audio from dozens of other prerendered videos, your rip is fine as it is!

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