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by Franpa at 5:33 AM EDT on March 28, 2021
I dunno if it's already in the archive website, but the music for the original Shovel Knight game was publicly released as a NSF, you can get it from here:

And proof of it being a public release of the NSF (URL in the bandcamp description is now dead):

edited 5:34 AM EDT March 28, 2021
github issues #830 by pooruser at 11:02 PM EDT on March 29, 2021

My apologies for referring to an already closed issue on github, Really don’t want to annoy you, as I appreciate your work more than I can say. Wanted to sign up to github for posting my mail there, but got only waiting circle endlessly circling without following possible captcha. So I dare to write here.

Mr. Zab obviously took his example files from As ancient that may be, I don’t think it’s a sin to look at hcs64 examples. Mr. Zab will probably have difficulties to re-rip audio from the games first or get another rip, and will mostly likely not know the names of the games. Please allow me to post some details for my findings here (which off course, you know by yourself).

‘type_astafc - demo11_02.afc’: Vgmstream wants ‘.ast’ file extension.

‘type_gcub - Organ - PA_45.dsp’: vgmstream likes ‘.gcub’.

‘type_idsp2 - LIVE_01_.idsp’: couldn’t find a suitable extension for Vgmstream, but Foobar2000 takes it with the help of ‘foo_adpcm.dll’.

‘type_ish - stm_bgm_B_colosseum1.dsp’ is paired with ‘type_ish - stm_bgm_B_colosseum1.001’, also in the zip folder. For Vgmstream, the ‘.dsp’ file has to be remed to ‘.ish’, and the ‘.001’ file to ‘.isd’. As usual, both files must be placed in the same folder, Vgmstream must be invoked with the ‘.isd’ file.

‘type_whdpcm - Title2V3+K.dsp’: couldn’t find a suitable extension for Vgmstream nor for Foobar2000. For WinAmp and XmPlay ‘in_cube.dll’ still remains. It’s taken from ‘Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin’ for the PS2. On you can get it as ‘.tak’, though I doubt that’s the original format.

As I’m unable to find an email address of Mr. Zab to tell him personally, can you please forward a P.S. to the already closed github issue, just for to help him? And moreover, do you find it worth to add support for the ‘type_ids2’ and the ‘type_whdpcm’ for the sake of dsp format completeness?

Best regards

by hcs at 11:33 PM EDT on March 30, 2021
Thanks for the notes pooruser, I copied them across! (This would have been more appropriate in the vgmstream thread, for future reference)
Thanks to hcs by pooruser at 4:17 PM EDT on March 31, 2021
@hcs: Thank you very much for adding my findings to Hope that helps Mr. Zab as well as anybody else looking into the in_cube example files.
You point me to 'the vgmstream thread, for future reference'. If you don't tell me otherwise, I'll take that as '' (at the moment) and hence shall try posting there.
Season's greetings
by bnnm at 9:48 AM EDT on April 1, 2021

Those samples were made in a time when renaming files and modyfing data was the norm. Rather than bothering with something that potentially nobody will encounter outside that sample pack, it's better that people just post issues of actual games. If one doesn't know how to re-rip they can always request help here.

The point of supporting untouched files with names as-is being, if somebody rips a game and has some folder with audio-looking files and throws them to vgmstream, they should work reasonably often (as long as there aren't technical issues preventing it or wrong files/names made by faulty extractors). Or rather, vgmstream should support audio from real games, not theoretical or non-game formats.

For example I don't know what game uses that .idsp so it's pointless to add something that may not even exist in the wild. I also typically ignore any new format that I don't have multiple samples (generally a waste of time).
Detailed answer by pooruser at 7:16 PM EDT on April 2, 2021
@bnnm (and others)
Thank you, too, not less than hcs, for the clarification of your point of view. The last thing I want to try is wasting your time, because everyone using Vgmstream or this forum can see how much Vgmstream development depends on you (not to deteriorate all the others likewise involved), and how much knowledge and time you’re investing for all the audio formats to play properly, just for the joy of the users and without charge other than honour and thankfulness. In my eyes, a work which can’t be overestimated.

In this forum, I can see users with different emphases, mostly peacefully co-existing side by side under one roof. While the vast majority, of course, with sufficient knowledge is focussing on new rips, partially of the newest games, but also of older ones, not ripped until now (for sure, that all is the basis for all work done here), there are others, maybe less talented in this field, who have other core areas, just asking for music after their fancy, pointing to not playing files or formats, struggling with sequenced music and sound fonts or other issues, and requesting help.

Being not the youngest person here around (78), I come from the preservation department. My interest lies mainly in getting as much file formats renderable as possible, to help everyone in better understanding and appreciating digital cultural history. So, in the graphics area, with my humble skills I recently could contribute to Mr. Fusik’s Recoil by digging up some old picture format examples of some platforms, and then, as a layman, was granted the great honour to help serving as an alpha tester on Windows XP for his latest build (BTW, restoring already dropped XP support, and only one build for Windows XP up to Windows 10!). For me, it’s like seeing old languages made understood and preserved for eternity. May they even be tiny and have been used only by a tiny number of speakers. Who has no past, he has no future. But I don’t want to disctract you or anyone else from fom a different approach. Perhaps I should be thankful not being kicked out of this forum because it’s not about archaeology.

As for the 2 disputed titles not playing in Vgmstream: The .idsp is already out in the wild outside a mere example pack, see Harvest Moon - Another Wonderful Life [Bokujou Monogatari - Wonderful Life for Girls] (2004-07-08)(Tose)(Marvelous)[GC].7z on This upload includes 2 .idsp files not using the usual .idsp header of other Nintendo games starting with Inevitable Entertainment / Next Level / Traveller’s Tails ‘IDSP’ or Namco ‘idsp’. I got the iso file of that game and there are 4 files more, but one of them not playing with in_cube.dll or foo_adpcm.dll. There are more games ‘Harvest Moon … / Bokujou Monogatari … ’ on the net, haven’t checked if they use the same format.

BTW, the .idsp files in bxaimc’s once available (downloaded it in 2012) ‘Star Fox Assault Orchestra Sound Track (2005)(Namco)(Nintendo)(Nindori Music)[IDSP][Custom] [[GC]].zip’ have also ‘idsp’ in the header’s beginning, but other than the Namco files don’t play with Vgmstream, only with in_cube or foo_adpcm.

Uploaded the mentioned files to, link is valid for 7 days.

For the Hitman 2 - Silent Assassin file ‘type_whdpcm - Title2V3+K.dsp’ I wasn’t so lucky. Could get the iso file, but then got stuck with the ‘STREAMS.WAV’ where on internet sites it is said to be inside. Nearest approach may be, but I couldn’t get the script file there to work. Though, the game has more wav / whd pairs, all audio?

Nevertheless, the formats are obviously known, maybe to hcs or FastElbja and also to kode54. Perhaps one of them is willing to help implementing them in Vgmstream, be it with the help of .txth files, to keep their former work actualized.

Thinking if Vgmstream has come a long way from hcs’ and FastElbja’s in_cube.dll, it would be a decent descendant with a respectful look back to the roots in keeping all the already deciphered formats of its ancient predecessor playable. And the open source code of the existing dlls should make that not too time consuming and laborious for skilled coders.

Still hoping for a positive response, for a difficult customer. Happy Easter to all


P.S.: My worst scenario: Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear.
by MurraySkull at 5:50 AM EDT on April 3, 2021
Any updates on Dinosaur Planet?
by bnnm at 6:13 AM EDT on April 3, 2021
This forum is definitely about supporting old stuff. It's just, to me it seemed that person only wanted support for that sample pack, as opposed to support for those formats so game X and Y are correctly playable. If one doesn't even know where those come from, what's the point?

In a similar analogy, when people ask me to support single files and doesn't even give the name of the game(s), it's like saying "hi, I found one page of what must be a dead language in a trashcan, please translate". That is much harder (one page?) and less interesting (is that even real?) than, "hi, I found this mesopotamian journal in the museum of whatever", that has a proper context and is much easier to classify and translate and is worth the effort.

As for your files:
- Star Fox Assault "custom" .idsp: fake files, vgmstream has tighter validations and checks fail (bad initial ps). I don't think it's correct to relax them for bad data (helps catching bad rips/unknown variations), so the proper course here would be fixing the files themselves so they become valid idsp.

- Hitman 2 .dsp: most reasonable explanation is, that .dsp is a fake file made from the original wav+whd, the later could be a candidate for support as it's unlikely anybody would encounter the former.

- Harvest Moon .idsp: this does seem like a proper, overlooked format that extracted from an actual game .iso, I'll add next update. See, this is much better than one random single file (if you ever check vgmstream's source code, I always try to document examples and details of each format, for posterity).
Kudos to bnnm by pooruser at 11:39 PM EDT on April 3, 2021

And again kudos to you, for even more detailed clarification of your stance, for looking at the uploaded files and for the scrutiny examining them. I’m glad you incude old stuff as well as newest games’ music, and fully agree with what you wrote about at least minimal efforts of uploaders regarding game names and more than one accidentally and lonely found file format example. I tried to take care of these requirements for the in_cube samples, though I didn’t succeed as much as I wanted. And your language analogy made me smile with consent.

For Star Fox Assault, I couldn’t and can’t image bxaimc created intentionally a fake format. Maybe it was a preliminary makeshift to get that music played when other rendering was not available. It’s no longer on his site, so he won’t fix it, but can still be played with in_cube and foo_adpcm and there’s no need to add it to vgmstream if you regard it as fake.

Hitman 2: Should I try to upload more whd+wav pairs? In ‘scenes’ folders there are also triples with an additional zip file containing probably graphic, too, and other material in 12 additional file extensions, but one being ‘snd’. The isos are to big for upload, perhaps someone more skilled than me (what’s really not difficult) is interested in trying to rip them, can forward the URLs.

Harvest moon: You kept your word and were so quick that I can play the files with the newest build of Vgmstream already, even the Tv.idsp not playable with the old other dlls. Special thanks.

All in all, thank you for your time and labour answering my requests. I should be quiet for a while to give way for more important issues and other ‘customers’, though still hoping for bgm+bgmkey in Nanami to Konomi no Oshiete ABC (2003-12-26)(Studio Ring)[PC] and Oyatsu no Jikan (2004-12-24)(Studio Ring)[PC], asked for Dec. 07 2020.


Thanks again by pooruser at 8:56 AM EDT on April 11, 2021
Got to break my promised silence very quickly, big thanks for adding support for .bgm + .bgmkey format and game files, besides other formats, to vgmstream. Just another day of joy.

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