Need some assistance by ChillyBilly at 11:40 PM EDT on May 24, 2014
Hello. A while back on this site, I found a gamerip for a game called Zero no Tsukaima: Fantasy Force, a minigame which was bundled with the special edition of one of the PS2 Zero no Tsukaima games. Well, I recently discovered that there's actually a sequel to Fantasy Force (appropriately titled 2nd Impact), which was bundled with the limited edition of the last PS2 ZnT game, which is titled "Maigo no Period to Ikusen no Symphony". Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a rip of 2nd Impact anywhere on the web, so I was wondering if you guys here can help me. If you want, I can even email someone the disc image for the game to see if it's possible to rip the appropriate data. Thanks in advance to anyone who can lend a hand!
by hcs at 3:09 AM EDT on September 21, 2022
Took a while but here's 2nd Impact:

Zero no Tsukaima - Fantasy Force 2nd Impact (2008-11-06)(-)(Marvelous)[PS2].7z

And I re-ripped the original Fantasy Force with proper loops, using TXTH instead of GENH:

Zero no Tsukaima - Fantasy Force (2007-11-29)(-)(Marvelous)[PS2].7z

It took me the better part of a day to find where the loops were stored. Unfortunately the 16khz audio doesn't sound so great, especially without the reverb the game piles onto it. Still, a cool bit of vintage chibi-tech chiptunes!

edited 3:10 AM EDT September 21, 2022
by hcs at 10:31 PM EST on November 11, 2022
I updated the 2nd Impact 7z above with the .DAT files renamed to .vgmstream, this should make it easier to play without a lot of tweaking for unknown extensions. Let me know if it works.
by ChillyBilly at 5:59 PM EST on November 18, 2022
Pardon the delayed response.... been busy lately. Anyway, I tried the updated set and the files play like a charm now! Thanks a bunch! :)

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