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by Chocolate2890 at 2:47 AM EST on January 28, 2018
somebody yell at me when an sf2/midi version of the luigi's mansion/sunshine/double dash/galaxy music is available for download. i neeeeeed \

edit:neverfuckingmind this is an old-ass thread haha

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by jimbo1qaz at 5:36 AM EST on January 28, 2018
mkdd is ast files, or prerecorded. Unfortunately MIDI extraction won't happen.

SMS is BMS. Luigi, I don't know.

SF2 extraction is probably broken.

You need wszst to extract Wind Waker BMS files.

First extract Audiores/Seqs/JaiSeqs.arc from ISO using wit or Dolphin. Then run "wszst extract JaiSeqs.arc" to obtain BMS songs. Dragged into vgmtrans, BMS songs will only appear on the left side (not bottom). Save As Midi is fully functional.

Drag Audiores/JaiInit.aaf to load instrument banks. They appear on the left side and bottom. Using the bottom crashes (since JaiInit.aaf doesn't link to instruments) and using the left and Save As SF2 does nothing (I think).

Dragging Audiores/Banks/*.aw into vgmtrans does nothing.

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by Excalibur624 at 10:22 AM EST on January 28, 2018

Does wszst work with Super Mario Sunshine? Specifically the sequence.arc file (if there are any BMS songs hidden in there)

EDIT: Tested, it doesn't. Well that's a shame. Is there any way I could export the BMS files from Sunshine?

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by fuzziqersoftware at 8:14 PM EST on January 28, 2018
In Sunshine, sequence.arc is just the contents of all the BMS files concatenated together. Search for the string "sequence.arc" in msound.aaf in a hex editor; the names, offsets (in sequence.arc), and sizes of each of the sequences should follow immediately after.

gctools (linked on the previous page) can get the BMS sequences from Sunshine's archives - use smsdumpbanks. But it's kind of tedious to build gctools just for this purpose.
by Excalibur624 at 6:12 PM EST on January 31, 2018
Ah thank you. This should help a bunch
by Excalibur624 at 6:12 PM EST on January 31, 2018
[crap, ignore this. the message came out twice for some reason. wish there was a delete thread/comment option]

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by rebooter23 at 4:25 PM EST on February 1, 2018
Just to make this clear: I'll need a running Windows for this, right? No Wine/CrossOver or self compiling allowed?
by jimbo1qaz at 8:12 AM EST on February 8, 2018
Dolphin, wit, and wszst support Linux. Vgmtrans may run under Wine, but I haven't checked.

I seem to recall Vgmtrans crashing under Wine a few years ago, but I'm not entirely sure.

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