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by icantthinkofagoodusername at 11:19 AM EDT on June 3, 2019
@fuzziqersoftware ok, the text is definetly close, but two things:

1, the probram doesn't need a raw version of the wave file, it can compile it using the wav files tself, or it would, if where not for thing number two:

2, i am expiriencing a weird error with sf2comp, it can't recompile these text files, the ones your program generated, even the ones i generated as an example, so i can't test it with accuracy, i think it cloud work, because it recognises the samples and the generators, but it can't write it into a soundfont, maybe i cloud contact someone that can help me with that

thanks again

edited 2:22 AM EDT June 4, 2019
SFEDT32.DLL does not get used by sf2comp by icantthinkofagoodusername at 3:02 PM EDT on June 7, 2019
I figured out what was the problem, but i don't find it feasable to solve it,

essentially, i didn't register the SFEDT32.DLL into windows, and the programm doesn't recognise it, but registering it doesn't work, with regsvr32 it gives the "entry point dllinstall was not found" error.

I also tried installing vienna (the one owned by creative, not the synthfont one), that comes with SFEDT32.DLL, but, unfortunately, it doesn't work because it works only in systems with an soundfont capable audio card, maybe from soundblaster, and i have realtek hd audio.

i wanted to ask how did everybody managed to get it working

sorry for the costant BUMP.

edited 2:59 PM EDT June 8, 2019
by icantthinkofagoodusername at 9:10 AM EDT on June 10, 2019
Do i make a new thread about sf2comp, or ask in another forum?

I know i'm getting annoying, and i'm sorry.

edited 5:43 AM EDT June 11, 2019
by icantthinkofagoodusername at 4:51 PM EDT on June 20, 2019
did i kill the thread?

i'm sorry, is there any place you recomend for sf2comp?

i had a mockup of it with code:blocks, but because of exams, i didn't complete it...

me asking for sf2comp shouldn't destroy the conversation about gamecube soundfonts/midis.

it was exam period for you too, and didn't want to disturb anyone in a period that's this slow for any forum...

edited 5:55 AM EDT June 21, 2019

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