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by MoldyPond at 12:46 PM EST on January 30, 2018
Thanks a bunch :D
by 1425720626 at 1:02 AM EDT on April 30, 2018
Just found that Splatoon's rip doesn't have add-on tracks from updates. I'll update it soon.
Help With Raki (.rak) format nintendo wii u by JdFan23 at 9:42 AM EDT on June 26, 2018
Hi, I wanted to know how to encode this audio format is Raki header ubisoft format used in the just dance

Ubisoft uses dspadpcm.exe

When I put the header to save it in.rak I play it with foobar2000 and the result is strange sounds

Someone doesn't know how to put the header or something?
by bxaimc at 10:04 AM EDT on June 26, 2018
Hey man, I don’t want to be that person but, stop making new threads and reviving old ones to ask the same question. I’m sure people have seen every single one but the problem is no one here probably knows how to reproduce the exact header. I’m sure you heard this before but keep trying and just use vgmstream’s source code to make a somewhat useable replica.

edited 10:05 AM EDT June 26, 2018
by JdFan23 at 10:14 AM EDT on June 26, 2018
Ok Thanks For the help I'll try to see what I do.
by The12thGripper at 10:34 AM EDT on July 3, 2018
Does anyone know if the eShop songs have been archived and if so, where? I'd imagine I'm too late to do it myself because I'd be surprised if Nintendo kept the older music on their servers still.
by MoldyPond at 2:13 PM EDT on July 3, 2018
The original server to download wii u music from (before it was all uploaded to joshw) had the original eShop music file, as well as the console musics (like the settings and mii channel for example). That website seems to be down now and I don't believe any of it was added to joshw.
by The12thGripper at 3:32 PM EDT on July 3, 2018
I was able to get the original eShop song with UWizard but I'm talking about all of the other songs afterwards. Were those stored locally on a system or accessed when you connected to the eShop?
by MoldyPond at 6:45 PM EDT on July 3, 2018
My guess would be on their servers since they've put out a lot of different musics for it over the past few years which would just take up a pointless amount of hard drive space (what little there even is to begin with).
by (!!!!!) at 3:42 AM EDT on September 16, 2018
A year later and I've tried my hand again at a batch of Wii U rips to get the proper filenames and extensions (from unity games). It's not all shovelware including Yakuza 1&2 HD, Taiko no Tatsujin, and the Skylanders games audio.

3Souls (2016-07-28)(Red Column).7z
8Bit Hero (2016-05-12)(Sean Garland)(RighteousWeasel).7z
99Moves (2014-12-18)(EnjoyUp).7z
99Seconds (2014-10-02)(EnjoyUp).7z
360 Breakout (2016-08-11)(nuGAME).7z
1001 Spikes (2014-06-03)(Nicalis).7z
6180 the moon (2016-02-25)(Turtle Cream).7z
A Drawing's Journey (2017-06-01)(M. R.).7z
A.C.E. (2017-03-16)(Nitrolic).7z
Absolutely Unstoppable MineRun (2017-04-27)(Shy Egg).7z
Abyss (2014-05-01)(EnjoyUp).7z
ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades (2016-10-10)(Snap Finger Click).7z
Adventures of Pip (2015-06-04)(TicToc).7z
Affordable Space Adventures (2015-04-09)(KnapNok, Nifflas' Games).7z
Alice in Wonderland (2016-09-01)(Brave Rock).7z
ALPHADIA GENESIS (2014-11-20)(KEMCO, Exe Create)(Natsume).7z
Angry Bunnies Colossal Carrot Crusade (2014-09-25)(Cypronia).7z
Animal Gods (2017-04-06)(Still).7z
Annihilation (2017-08-31)(TreeFall).7z
Aperion Cyberstorm (2018-02-08)(aPriori Digital).7z
Aqua Moto Racing Utopia (2018-04-19)(Zordix).7z
Armikrog (2016-08-23)(Pencil Test)(Versus Evil).7z
Armored ACORNs - Action Squirrel Squad (2017-03-23)(Nexcra).7z
Ascent of Kings (2015-10-22)(Nostatic).7z
Asdivine Hearts (2016-04-14)(Exe Create)(KEMCO).7z
AVOIDER (2016-01-07)(RCMADIAX).7z
B3 Game Expo For Bees (2016-06-02)(Famous Gamous).7z
Back to Bed (2017-02-16)(Bedtime Digital).7z
BADLAND - Game of the Year Edition (2015-07-30)(Frogmind, Frozenbyte, Blitworks).7z
Ballpoint Universe - Infinite (2014-10-16)(Arachnid).7z
Beatbuddy (2015-09-24)(Threaks).7z
Beggar's Ride, The (2016-05-05)(Bad Seed).7z
Bike Rider UltraDX - WORLD TOUR (2015-05-11)(Spicysoft).7z
Bird Mania Party (2016-03-17)(Teyon).7z
Bit Dungeon+ (2016-10-13)(Dolores).7z
Blasting Agent - Ultimate Edition (2016-08-18)(Ratalaika).7z
Blek (2015-02-12)(kunabi brother, Broken Rules).7z
BLOC (2016-07-28)(Calvin Tham, Perry Burkum)(Cragworks).7z
Block Zombies! (2017-05-25)(Nostatic).7z
Blocky Bot (2015-05-21)(Mobot).7z
BLOK DROP U (2014-03-06)(RCMADIAX).7z
Bombing Bastards (2014-07-03)(Sanuk).7z
BOX UP (2017-07-13)(RCMADIAX).7z
Brave Tank Hero (2015-08-27)(Arc System Works)(Natsume).7z
Breakout Defense 2 (2017-11-23)(nuGAME).7z
Brick Breaker (2016-09-15)(Sanuk).7z
BRICK RACE (2017-02-09)(RCMADIAX).7z
Bridge Constructor Playground (2016-12-06)(Joindots).7z
Bridge, The (2015-08-20)(The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild).7z
Bubble Gum Popper (2015-04-02)(Justin Sargent)(Skunk).7z
Buddy & Me - Dream Edition (2016-07-21)(Sunbreak).7z
Cake Ninja 3 - The Legend Continues (2014-12-18)(Cypronia).7z
Candy Hoarder (2017-03-09)(Nitrolic).7z
Canvaleon (2015-07-23)(OXiAB).7z
Cave, The (2013-01-22)(Double Fine)(SEGA).7z
Chariot (2015-01-08)(Frima).7z
Chasing Dead (2016-03-03)(2020 Venture).7z
Chimpuzzle Pro (2014-09-18)(CW).7z
Chroma Blast (2016-07-14)(WizByte).7z
Citadale - The Legends Trilogy (2017-05-04)(Nitrolic).7z
Collateral Thinking (2016-08-18)(Astrosaurus).7z
COLOR BOMBS (2015-10-22)(RCMADIAX).7z
COLOR CUBES (2017-02-16)(RCMADIAX).7z
Color Symphony 2 (2016-05-12)(REMIMORY).7z
Color Zen (2014-05-15)(Cypronia, Large Animal).7z
Color Zen Kids (2014-06-19)(Cypronia).7z
Cosmophony (2014-10-30)(Moving Player, Bento).7z
Costume Quest 2 (2014-10-30)(Double Fine)(Midnight City).7z
Cube Life - Island Survival (2015-06-04)(Cypronia).7z
Cube Life - Pixel Action Heroes (2017-03-30)(Cypronia).7z
Cubemen 2 (2014-09-04)(3 Sprockets)(Nnooo).7z
Cubit The Hardcore Platformer Robot HD (2017-06-08)(CoderChild).7z
CUP CRITTERS (2017-01-05)(RCMADIAX).7z
Cycle of Eternity - Space Anomaly (2018-05-24)(RandomSpin).7z
Daikon Set (2017-06-22)(Butterfly)(Batafurai).7z
Darts Up (2014-09-25)(EnjoyUp).7z
Deer God, The (2016-04-28)(Mobot).7z
Defend your Crypt (2016-07-21)(Ratalaika).7z
Defense Dome (2015-09-17)(HullBreach).7z
Dinox (2015-12-10)(Engine).7z
Dolphin Up (2015-02-05)(Rawkins).7z
Double Breakout (2016-09-22)(nuGAME).7z
Double Breakout II (2017-03-16)(nuGAME).7z
Dragon Quest X (2013-03-30)(Square Enix).7z
Dragon Skills (2016-08-04)(StarGush)(Joindots).7z
Draw 2 Survive (2016-04-14)(Unit DTH, Christian Sanders).7z
Draw a Stickman - EPIC 2 (2017-11-30)(Hitcents).7z
Dreamals - Dream Quest (2016-09-29)(XINESS).7z
Dreamals (2016-04-21)(XINESS).7z
EARTHLOCK - Festival of Magic (2017-09-14)(Snowcastle).7z
Eba & Egg - A Hatch Trip (2017-07-20)(Agile Drill)(Daniel Morais).7z
ECTOPLAZA (2016-10-27)(Syndicate Atomic).7z
EDGE (2013-11-21)(Two Tribes).7z
Electronic Super Joy - Groove City (2015-01-15)(Yazar).7z
Electronic Super Joy (2015-11-05)(Michael Todd, Broken Rules).7z
Elliot Quest (2015-03-19)(Ansimuz)(PlayEveryWare).7z
Epic Dumpster Bear (2016-04-07)(Log).7z
Escape From Flare Industries (2016-05-05)(Team Alpha)(Helix).7z
ESPN Sports Connection (2012-11-18)(Ubisoft).7z
EvoFish (2014-04-03)(Moving Player).7z
Exile's End (2016-11-22)(Magnetic Realms)(Marvelous USA, XSEED).7z
Explody Bomb (2015-09-10)(Alkterios).7z
Extreme Exorcism (2015-09-23)(Golden Ruby)(Ripstone).7z
Fall, The (2014-08-26)(Over the Moon).7z
Family Party - 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade [Simple Series for Wii U Vol. 1 - The Family Party] (2012-11-30)(Art)(D3).7z
Fat Dragons (2018-02-22)(Nostatic).7z
Fire - Ungh's Quest (2016-10-20)(Daedalic).7z
First Skunk Bundle, The (2016-09-01)(Skunk).7z
Flight of Light (2017-08-03)(Crystalline Green).7z
Flowerworks HD - Follie's Adventure (2014-04-17)(Nocturnal).7z
forma.8 (2017-02-23)(MixedBag).7z
Frederic - Resurrection of Music (2014-07-31)(Forever).7z
Free Balling (2016-09-01)(Skunk).7z
FreezeME (2016-02-04)(Rainy Night Creations).7z
Frenchy Bird (2015-01-29)(Jérôme LABBE, Rémy PILLOT)(Carbon Fire).7z
Fujiko F. Fujio Characters Daishuugou! SF Dotabata Party!! (2014-11-20)(Bandai Namco).7z
Funk of Titans (2015-05-14)(EnjoyUp).7z
Funky Physics (2015-09-10)(Petite).7z
Futuridium EP Deluxe (2016-05-26)(MixedBag)(Playism).7z
Gear Gauntlet (2016-09-15)(Drop Dead)(Crystalline Green).7z
Gem Collector, The (2016-09-08)(TreeFall).7z
GEOM (2014-06-19)(Pablo R. Millan)(Andraconus).7z
Girl and the Robot, The (2017-05-25)(Flying Carpets).7z
Girls Like Robots (2015-11-12)(Popcannibal).7z
Gotouchi Tetsudou - Gotouchi Kyara to Nihon Zenkoku no Tabi (2014-11-27)(B.B. Studio, Design Act, Grounding)(Namco Bandai).7z
Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (2016-09-15)(EnjoyUp).7z
Gravity Badgers (2014-05-29)(Wales).7z
Gravity+ (2016-11-03)(Nitrolic).7z
Grumpy Reaper (2016-03-10)(EnjoyUp).7z
Guac' a Mole (2015-04-09)(Madskull).7z
Hello Kitty Kruisers (2014-03-21)(Scarab)(Bergsala Lightweight).7z
High Strangeness (2015-05-06)(Barnyard Intelligence)(Midnight City).7z
HIVE JUMP (2017-09-28)(Graphite).7z
Hold Your Fire - A Game About Responsibility (2015-09-24)(Alkterios).7z
Hot Rod Racer (2016-07-21)(ZeNfA).7z
Humanitarian Helicopter (2016-07-21)(Peaceful).7z
Hurry Up! Bird Hunter (2016-10-06)(EnjoyUp).7z
I C REDD (2017-02-02)(RCMADIAX).7z
Ice Cream Surfer (2014-09-04)(Dolores).7z
Infinity Runner (2016-03-15)(Wales).7z
INVANOID (2016-06-30)(RCMADIAX).7z
IQ Test (2014-07-31)(Jordan Schuetz)(Ninja Pig).7z
Island Flight Simulator (2015-12-17)(Caipirinha Games, Silent Future, Joindots).7z
Ittle Dew (2014-05-29)(Ludosity).7z
I've Got to Run! (2014-06-05)(4 Corner).7z
JACKPOT 777 (2016-07-14)(RCMADIAX).7z
Jett Tailfin (2014-08-07)(Hoplite, Ilusis).7z
Job the Leprechaun (2015-09-23)(Herrero).7z
Jones on Fire (2015-12-10)(Glass Bottom Games, Silent Future, Joindots).7z
Jotun - Valhalla Edition (2016-09-08)(Thunder Lotus).7z
Journey of a Special Average Balloon (2015-05-21)(TreeFall, Eli Brewer).7z
KAMEN RIDER - BATTRIDE WAR II (2014-06-26)(Eighting)(Bandai Namco).7z
KEYTARI 8-bit Music Maker [AKEE42].7z
Kick & Fennick (2016-06-02)(Jaywalkers, Abstraction).7z
Koi DX (2017-01-19)(Dotoyou)(CIRCLE).7z
Kung Fu FIGHT! (2015-08-06)(Nostatic).7z
Kung Fu Rabbit (2013-05-02)(Neko).7z
Laser Blaster (2016-09-22)(Petite).7z
Letter Quest - Remastered (2016-09-08)(Bacon Bandit, Saturnine)(Digerati).7z
Letter, The (2014-07-10)(TreeFall, Eli Brewer).7z
Level 22 (2016-01-28)(Moving Player).7z
Life of Pixel (2015-06-18)(Super Icon).7z
Lone Survivor - The Director's Cut (2014-10-16)(Curve, Superflat).7z
Lovely Planet (2016-04-05)(QUICKTEQUILA)(tinyBuild).7z
Lucadian Chronicles (2014-12-11)(Dark Roast).7z
Mahjong (2016-10-13)(Sanuk).7z
Mario vs. Donkey Kong Tipping Stars (2015-03-05)(Nintendo).7z
Masked Forces (2018-05-31)(R.G.B.).7z
Maze (2015-01-08)(TreeFall, Eli Brewer).7z
Maze Break (2017-02-23)(nuGAME).7z
Midnight 2 (2016-05-05)(Petite).7z
Midtown Crazy Race (2014-08-21)(Jose Varela).7z
MikroGame - Rotator (2016-08-18)(Studio de la Torre).7z
Mini Mario & Friends - amiibo Challenge (2016-04-28)(Nintendo).7z
MINI-GAMES MADNESS VOLUME #1 - HELLO WORLD! (2016-01-28)(Skunk).7z
Monkey Pirates (2014-06-26)(Henchmen).7z
Mortar Melon (2015-08-20)(Mudvark, Nitrolic).7z
Mr. Pumpkin Adventure (2016-10-20)(CottonGame)(CIRCLE).7z
Mutant Alien Moles of the Dead (2017-06-15)(EnjoyUp).7z
My Farm (2014-02-27)(BiP).7z
My First Songs (2014-04-17)(RingZero).7z
My Style Studio - Hair Salon (2014-03-27)(Cypronia).7z
My Style Studio - Notebook (2015-03-12)(Cypronia).7z
Mysterious Cities of Gold - Secret Paths, The (2013-11-21)(Neko)(Ynnis).7z
Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) (2015-06-25)(Upper One, E-Line).7z
Nihilumbra (2015-05-14)(Beautifun).7z
Ninja Pizza Girl (2016-10-06)(Disparity).7z
Ninja Strike Dangerous Dash (2015-10-15)(Natsume).7z
Nintendo Game Seminar 2013 Student Works (2014-06-19)(Nintendo).7z
Nintendo Game Seminar 2014 Doki Doki Letter Relay (2015-06-24)(Nintendo).7z
Nintendo×JOYSOUND Wii Karaoke U (2012-12-08)(Nintendo).7z
Noitu Love Devolution (2016-09-15)(Joakim Sandberg, MP2).7z
Octocopter - Super Sub Squid Escape (2016-11-24)(TACS).7z
Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese (2016-11-17)(Finger Gun).7z
OlliOlli (2015-03-05)(Carbon, Roll7)(Curve).7z
ORBIT (2017-04-20)(RCMADIAX).7z
Outside the Realm (2016-02-11)(TreeFall).7z
PANDA LOVE (2016-09-01)(RCMADIAX).7z
Paparazzi (2015-02-17)(Pringo Dingo).7z
Paper Monsters Recut (2014-10-16)(Mobot).7z
Peanuts Movie - Snoopy's Grand Adventure, The (2015-11-03)(Behaviour)(Activision).7z
Pic-a-Pix Color (2017-04-13)(Lightwood).7z
PictoParty (2015-10-29)(Retroid).7z
Pinball Breakout (2016-11-03)(nuGAME).7z
PING 1.5+ (2014-10-16)Nami Tentou Mushi).7z
Pirate Pop Plus (2016-10-20)(dadako)(13AM).7z
PIXEL SLIME U (2015-08-27)(RCMADIAX).7z
Plantera (2017-02-09)(Ratalaika).7z
Plenty of Fishies (2014-12-18)(Nitrolic, Matthew Flewelling).7z
PONCHO (2016-08-18)(Delve)(Rising Star).7z
PSIBO (2016-10-06)(Nami Tentou).7z
Puddle (2013-01-31)(Neko).7z
Pumped BMX + (2015-10-01)(Carbon, Yeah Us!)(Curve Digital).7z
Puyo Puyo Tetris (2014-12-06)(Sonic Team)(SEGA).7z
Puzzle Monkeys (2015-02-05)(Log).7z
Queen's Garden (2016-05-12)(Seven Sails, Joindots).7z
Quest of Dungeons (2016-09-29)(Upfall).7z
Quiet Collection, The (2015-07-23)(Nostatic).7z
RACE THE SUN (2015-10-08)(Flippfly).7z
Rakoo & Friends (2015-10-15)(Moving Player, Old Skull).7z
Red Riding Hood (2014-10-02)(Brave Rock).7z
REPLAY - VHS is not dead (2016-02-25)(Neko).7z
Reptilian Rebellion (2016-07-14)(Herrero).7z
Retro Road Rumble (2016-10-20)(Sketchy Coyote).7z
Rivers of Alice - Extended Version, The (2015-10-01)(Delirium).7z
Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX (2015-09-17)(EnjoyUp).7z
Rock Zombie (2014-10-30)(EnjoyUp).7z
Rodea the Sky Soldier [Tenkuu no Kishi Rodea](2015-11-10)(Prope, Kadokawa)(NIS America).7z
Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 [Sangokushi 12] (2012-12-13)(Koei Tecmo).7z
Rorrim (2016-09-08)(Nitrolic, Matthew Flewelling, Ezekiel Rage).7z
Roving Rogue (2015-07-02)(PadaOne).7z
Rubik's Cube (2016-06-23)(Cypronia).7z
Run Run and Die (2016-06-16)(EnjoyUp).7z
Runbow (2015-09-27)(13AM).7z
Ryu Ga Gotoku 1&2 HD for Wii U [Yakuza 1&2 HD for Wii U] (2013-08-08)(SEGA).7z
Sanatory Hallways (2015-09-06)(Wegenbartho).7z
Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails (2014-05-15)(Dakko Dakko).7z
Scribble (2016-12-15)(Bear Box).7z
SDK Paint (2014-11-06)(HullBreach).7z
SDK Spriter (2016-12-15)(HullBreach).7z
Shadow Archery (2018-04-12)(Ultra Dolphin).7z
Shadow Puppeteer (2016-01-28)(Sarepta)(Snow Cannon).7z
Shiny The Firefly (2014-11-27)(PadaOne, Stage Clear).7z
SHOOT THE BALL (2016-12-01)(RCMADIAX).7z
SHOOTY SPACE (2016-09-15)(RCMADIAX).7z
Shut the Box (2014-08-07)(RCMADIAX).7z
Shutshimi (2016-02-04)(Neon Deity)(Choice).7z
Shuttle Rush (2014-11-06)(Takusan).7z
Six Sides of the World (2017-03-23)(Dolores).7z
SKEASY (2016-01-21)(RCMADIAX).7z
Sky Force Anniversary (2017-03-16)(Infinite Dreams).7z
Skylanders SuperChargers (2015-09-20)(Vicarious Visions)(Activision).7z
Skylanders SWAP Force (2013-10-13)(Vicarious Visions)(Activision).7z
Skylanders Trap Team (2014-10-05)(Toys for Bob, Beenox)(Activision).7z
Slots - Pharaoh's Riches (2016-04-14)(Skunk).7z
Smurfs 2, The (2013-07-23)(Wayforward)(Ubisoft).7z
Soul Axiom (2016-09-29)(Wales).7z
Space Hulk (2016-01-14)(Hoplite, Full Control, Plunge).7z
Space Hunted (2017-07-06)(Ultra Dolphin).7z
Spellcaster's Assistant (2018-03-29)(Ultra Dolphin).7z
SphereZor (2016-09-08)(James Guard).7z
Spheroids (2017-01-05)(Eclipse).7z
SPLASHY DUCK (2016-06-23)(RCMADIAX).7z
SpongeBob SquarePants - Plankton’s Robotic Revenge (2013-10-22)(Behaviour)(Activision).7z
Sportsball (2014-11-06)(Just Clicks).7z
Spot The Differences - Party! (2013-09-05)(Sanuk).7z
Spy Chameleon (2014-12-25)(EnjoyUp).7z
Squids Odyssey (2014-05-22)(The Game Bakers).7z
Star Ghost (2016-03-10)(Squarehead Studios).7z
Star Sky (2015-09-10)(JMJ).7z
Star Sky 2 (2015-06-23)(JMJ).7z
Star Splash - Shattered Star (2017-02-02)(Snails).7z
STARWHAL (2015-09-24)(Breakfall).7z
STEEL LORDS (2016-07-07)(nuGAME).7z
STEEL RIVALS (2016-03-03)(nuGAME).7z
Stick It To The Man (2014-05-01)(Zoink!)(Ripstone).7z
Stone Shire (2015-05-21)(Finger Gun).7z
Stonecutter, The (2015-06-04)(Brave Rock).7z
Sudoku and Permudoku (2016-05-05)(Sebastian Küpper, Tosha Küpper)(Diplodocus).7z
Sudoku Party (2017-03-16)(Lightwood).7z
Super Destronaut (2015-03-19)(Vilmos Gyokeres)(Petite).7z
Super Destronaut 2 - Go Duck Yourself (2016-10-20)(Petite).7z
Super Toy Cars (2014-07-24)(Eclipse).7z
Super Ultra Star Shooter (2017-09-28)(Ultra Dolphin).7z
SWAP BLOCKS (2017-06-01)(WizByte).7z
Swap Fire (2016-11-18)(Midnight Status).7z
Swapper, The (2014-11-06)(Curve, Facepalm).7z
Sweetest Thing (2016-05-19)(Seven Sails, Joindots).7z
Swindle, The (2015-09-10)(Dan Marshall)(Curve).7z
Swords & Soldiers (2014-05-22)(Two Tribes, Ronimo).7z
Swords & Soldiers 2 (2015-05-21)(Ronimo).7z
Tachyon Project (2016-05-12)(Eclipse).7z
Tadpole Treble (2016-08-11)(BitFinity).7z
Taiko no Tatsujin - Atsumete★Tomodachi Daisakusen! (2015-11-26)(Bandai Namco).7z
Taiko no Tatsujin - Tokumori! (2014-11-20)(Bandai Namco).7z
Taiko no Tatsujin - Wii U Version (2013-11-21)(Bandai Namco).7z
Tallowmere (2016-09-01)(Chris McFarland).7z
TAP TAP ARCADE (2016-02-18)(RCMADIAX).7z
TAP TAP ARCADE 2 (2016-07-07)(RCMADIAX).7z
TEMPLE OF YOG (2015-12-16)(CHUDCHUD).7z
Teslapunk (2016-12-08)(klutzGames).7z
Test Your Mind (2015-11-12)(XenoHorizon).7z
Tested with Robots! (2014-12-11)(M.R.).7z
TETRAMINOS (2016-09-08)(Sanuk).7z
Tetrobot & Co. (2014-10-30)(Swing Swing Submarine)(Neko).7z
Thomas Was Alone (2014-11-25)(Curve, Mike Bithell).7z
TITANS TOWER (2016-09-22)(RCMADIAX).7z
Toby - The Secret Mine (2017-01-19)(Lukas Navratil)(Headup).7z
Toon Tanks (2014-12-25)(Vilmos Gyokeres)(Petite).7z
TOSS N GO (2014-12-18)(RCMADIAX).7z
Toto Temple Deluxe (2015-10-01)(Juicy Beast).7z
Triple Breakout (2017-05-04)(nuGAME).7z
Tumblestone (2016-07-12)(The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild).7z
Twin Robots (2016-06-16)(Ratalaika).7z
Twisted Fusion (2016-11-03)(Leuvsion).7z
Ultratron (2015-05-14)(Carbon, Puppygames)(Curve).7z
Unalive (2018-04-26)(RandomSpin).7z
Unepic (2014-01-16)(EnjoyUp).7z
uWordsmith (2015-01-15)(CHUDCHUD).7z
Vaccine (2017-02-23)(Rainy Night).7z
Vektor Wars (2016-07-28)(Super Icon).7z
VoxelMaker (2015-10-01)(Nostatic).7z
VRog (2017-03-16)(ByteRockers).7z
Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper [Musou Orochi 2 Hyper](2012-11-18)(Koei Tecmo).7z
Wii Fit U (2013-11-01)(Nintendo, Ganbarion).7z
WinKings (2017-05-04)(Lemondo).7z
Wooden Sen'SeY (2014-07-24)(Upper Byte)(Neko).7z
Xeodrifter (2015-07-30)(Renegade Kid)(Atooi).7z
XType Plus (2014-08-14)(PhobosLab).7z
Y.A.S.G (2017-02-09)(LSA).7z
Year Walk (2015-09-17)(Simogo, Dakko Dakko).7z
ZaciSa's Last Stand (2014-07-03)(ZeNfA).7z
Ziggurat (2016-08-18)(Milkstone).7z
Zombie Brigade - No Brain No Gain (2017-01-05)(Cypron)(Cypronia).7z
Zombie Defense (2015-09-17)(Teyon).7z

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