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by Franpa at 2:12 AM EST on November 29, 2014
True, I haven't really been tracking the progress of that tool (Or WinZip) so wasn't really aware of how new Winrar v5.x is. I figured it was just mentioning the version when Deflation compression stuff that Winzip developed, got supported by Winrar.
by Franpa at 5:37 AM EST on November 29, 2014
Yep, Winrar 5.xx worked fine.
by Kirishima at 8:10 AM EST on November 29, 2014
For those who don't want to purchase winrar or use a trial version, Unrar supports these... and is free. Problem is it's a command line tool.
files by ryanrocks462 at 5:15 PM EST on November 29, 2014
Anyone know how to play the .FSEQ, .FSAR, or .Bars files?
by bxaimc at 8:07 PM EST on November 29, 2014
You can't play the FSEQs directly as they're just midi files for Wii U, BARS and FSARS are just archive with potential FWAVS and other data inside of them.
by ryanrocks462 at 5:50 AM EST on November 30, 2014
@bxaimc do you know how you would go about extracting the .bars and .fsars ?
by Splashman at 1:38 AM EST on December 2, 2014
* Have not been to this forum in years.
* Beginning to lose hope of ever seeing 3DS/WiiU source files.
* Smash 4 is finally out. No full rip out yet on GH.
* Decide to visit here again on a whim.
* See first 3DS/WiiU files ripped and playable.

You guys deserve all my love.
by Franpa at 6:01 AM EST on December 2, 2014
How do I use VGMStream's test.exe program to create stereo WAV files of surround sound songs, without missing audio tracks? Or does it not support downmixing?

I know it has the option to output Nth set of stereo channels, but that doesn't sound like it will do what I want.

edited 11:09 AM EST December 2, 2014
by starerik at 6:10 AM EST on December 2, 2014
Question is, why do you want all channels to be downmixed to 2 channels? It's just messy with everything playing at the same time.

But if you want that, export it to a surround file, open it in an audio editing software of your choosing and in there downmix it to stereo.
by WowZipZipBoomBoomWow at 8:57 AM EST on December 2, 2014
For automated stereo conversion, you can pipe it into FFMPEG and use pan.

test -p infile | FFMPEG -i pipe:0 pan=stereo|c0<c0+c2+c4+c6+c8+c10|c1<c1+c3+c5+c7+c9+c11

Using c0< and c1< (instead of c0= and c1=) will normalize the channels and avoid clipping.
Specifying c0 through c11 will allow you to mux in up to 12 channels. It will still work if there are less than 12 channels.

You can then have FFMPEG output to whatever format you want, with whatever options you want.

You don't always want all the channels, though. Some channels are effects that are added in in certain conditions, some are alternate versions of the track that fade in and out dynamically, etc. Manual mixing is required if you want to handle any of that. Mario Kart 8 has a drum track added when you're in first place, and it's LOUD in the source files but much quieter when the game mixes the track dynamically. Nintendoland has 2 versions of the main themes - the first pair of channels is an orchestral version of the song and the second pair is a chiptunes version. You may want one, the other, both, or both but dynamically faded in and out. For the last scenario manual mixing is required. For the other scenarios you can simply adjust your pan string in FFMPEG to pick and choose what channels you want and at what volumes (e.g., c0+0.5*c2).

Depending on how you're using this (interactive or batch) and how you're declaring your pan string and calling the command, you may have to escape the | and < characters in the pan string (with ^ for DOS) or enable delayed expansion for your pan variable (and refer to it as !pan! instead of %pan%).

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