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by starerik at 4:40 PM EST on March 12, 2016
I googled and found some Dolphin thread where they say that the hardware only outputs 32khz. Also, this is in no way proof.. but the audio engine Wwise outputs 48khz on all consoles except Wii (and 3DS): hello
[Pokkén Tournament] by Vector Harbor at 4:50 PM EDT on March 13, 2016
I know it's a bit too early but it is possible to get pokkén tournament rip this week pretty please...?

I'm conscious that video game still cost money
by hcs at 6:23 PM EDT on March 13, 2016
According to Nintendo, the GC does 48 KHz. That's also the sample rate of the hardware disc streaming (DTK/ADP files), which is used in a few games.

So unlike N64 where you could just set the sample rate to anything, if you're decoding 32 KHz samples you'll have to resample that (probably on the dedicated DSP), but that's still probably cheaper than mixing everything at 48 KHz if you have more than a few samples going at once.
by Kurausukun at 6:53 PM EDT on March 13, 2016
And I'm assuming the Wii uses the same DSP as the GC, right (in fact, I'm almost positive)? So both the Wii and GC DSP output at 48KHz... that's good to know.
by nothingtosay at 2:51 AM EDT on March 15, 2016
I don't know if you might have run into a thread I made on the Dolphin forums back in November of 2013, but tueidj explained"DSP output is 32KHz for nearly all retail/SDK apps, a couple of games (Aggressive Inline, BMX XXX) and some homebrew uses 48KHz. DTK audio is always 48KHz (48043 according to documentation), the hardware *may* support 32KHz but I haven't ever seen it used.
However the DAC is fixed at 48KHz, with a hardware resampler before it controlled by bit 6 (DSP) and bit 1 (DTK) of the AI control register."

I recorded from my Wii music that is a 48 kHz stream on disc, with frequencies going all the way up to the Nyquist rate, and what I got back had frequencies going up no higher than 18 kHz. I guess the resampling uses either sinc interpolation or a very steep low-pass filter.

This example is from Shiren the Wanderer. Obviously, the top is recorded from the Wii in-game and the bottom is the original stream file converted with vgmstream.

Not really sure why Nintendo would put anything higher than 32 kHz on their own games when their sound staff would presumably know it was gonna get downsampled. I'm certainly not complaining, though!

EDIT: Whoa, sorry about how huge that picture is. Don't know if there's an easy way to do thumbnails on this forum.

edited 2:54 AM EDT March 15, 2016
by hcs at 3:12 AM EDT on March 15, 2016
Hm, very interesting to see the recording vs. directly decoding the stream. Are you sure that your setup will properly record those higher frequencies?

It might be possible (dumb as it would be) that they are using the 32Khz mode and resampling all their 48khz stuff down.

Might be interesting to look at a game that uses 48KHz PCM, though I can't think of one, to see if that gets lowpassed as well...

Here's YAGCD for the AI register as tueidj mentioned.
by nothingtosay at 3:10 PM EDT on March 15, 2016
Yeah, my setup can record at 192 kHz and does indeed capture frequencies all the way up to 96 kHz, albeit with an ever-increasing noise floor starting at about half that; still well out of the range of what we're dealing with here.
by Moonboy65 at 3:18 PM EDT on March 18, 2016
can't wait for a rip of Pokkén Tournament, the music is so good
by MurraySkull at 10:41 PM EDT on March 19, 2016
Also want Pokkén Tournament.
by Zoruyami at 11:19 PM EDT on March 19, 2016
Any luck with Twilight Princess HD?

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