Strange NDS Archive .FIB by TheMygoshi at 11:22 AM EST on November 21, 2014
StarWars.fib is an archive for the LEGO Star Wars II The Original trilogy DS game. This archive contains the musics.

I tried all to open/or convert the file.

Here's the file:!1Rg13RCB!c3FpNzjFRDpOM3W0-RRJYzTMsGl3LSWFNVI_IvYqY2s
by bobbyK at 2:52 PM EST on November 21, 2014
I saw that archive in other lego games too, I am also interested how to extract that.
by kapodamy at 2:58 PM EST on November 23, 2014
this file is very strange, try extract the streams
using audio RAM dumps (from ARM7 RAM) with emulator.
maybe a hint? by elburg at 5:27 PM EDT on May 16, 2022
the first four characters of StarWars.fib (from the complete saga ver) are "FUSE".

maybe this indicates a special kind of archive?

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