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by iloveyou at 8:27 AM EDT on July 12, 2009
Thank you v^(00)^v Thank you

edited 8:46 AM EDT July 12, 2009
by Lunar at 10:57 AM EDT on July 12, 2009
*scratches head*
dynamic tracks 2sf by jurassicPieter at 4:46 AM EDT on July 17, 2009
Hey, I found a way to split tracks for dynamic tracks with 2sfs. You don't need to know assembler, only the generic rip kit and tools to edit the sdat file.

Here's the example where I split the museum track from Animal Crossing Wild World.

Software I used:
some kiwi.ds software i found on a forum that allows you to convert a directory into a sdat file. I have to google it again to find it.
vgmtoolbox and testpack.nds

1. extract sdat from the nintendo ds rom
2. open the kiwi.ds editor and extract the sdat
3. open a hex editor and load the sseq you want to split. Look at offset 0x40 where you see FE followed by 2 bytes telling which channels it uses. If you change these 2 bytes you can mute channels.
4. with the kiwi.ds editor recreate the sdat file
5. and use the generic rip creator to build the 2sf again.
by snakemeat at 1:52 PM EDT on July 17, 2009
moved here

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by hcs at 2:24 PM EDT on July 17, 2009
As snakemeat mentions, there is another thread for 2sf discussion.
VGMToolbox r440 Released by snakemeat at 12:30 PM EDT on July 18, 2009
You can get it on Sourceforge.

-= NEW =-
[VGMTAGGER] Added a Tag Editor for VGM format files. Works just like the xSF Tag Editor.
[2SFTAGCOPY] Add V1 to V2 2sf tag copier. Good for migrating your tags from the old format to the new format.
[ZLIB] Added zlib compressor/decompressor for use in experiments or whatever. Gzip coming soon.

- Update to allow volume adjustments. Just click the volume box in the list and alter it.
- Added duplicate checking. Duplicates will be marked red and unchecked from the list for ripping. The first instance will be kept of course.
[CDXAEXTRACTOR] Large overhaul of CD-XA extraction code. Now checks for silent blocks and filters nonmusic data. Also added configurable silence detection for files that use very few silent frames to delimit files. May be a little slower because of silent block detection, but it also skips processing of non-music blocks which speeds things up.
- Updated to work with S98v3 tags since they use the same format. This also affects the Tag/Info Viewer, so you can now update S98v3 tags there too.
- Added "Generate Tag from Filename" functionality, similar to the "-tf" option with psfpoint.exe
[SIMPLECUTTER] Added Batch Mode to allow multiple files to be dropped. Great for trimming headers off a bunch of files or any other bincut batch type activity.
[HOOTAUDITOR] Updated to properly parse the incoming UTF8 xml and to output the file and display results in UTF16 for proper handling of international symbols.
- Updated the look of most, if not all, Drag and Drop style forms to have a much larger "Drop" area.
- Added right-click refreshing to GENH Builder, xSF Tag Editor, and VGM Tag Editor
- Added file filter for GENH Builder.

-= FIXED =-
[PSF2TIMER] Fixed bug where it was not checking that an .ini existed before scanning it. Usually caused errors when trying to time .psf2lib files.

edited 12:32 PM EDT July 18, 2009
VGMToolbox r491 Released by snakemeat at 10:02 PM EDT on August 3, 2009
Grab the latest version at Sourceforge

-= NEW =-
- Add .nds to 2SF converter. Drag and drop your NDS file(s) and wait for the 2SFs to be created and STRMs to be extracted. Any other stream formats will not be extracted (SWAV, ADX, etc...). Files will be optimized and duplicates removed.
- Add NDS class for simple file parsing and serial number generation.
[PSFSTUBCREATOR] Added a PSF stub creator to build driver stubs. Not perfect, but working ok.
[MIDIEXTRACTOR] Added a MIDI class and a MIDI extractor to extract MIDI from other files.
[VABSPLITTER] Added a PSX .VAB file splitter. Splits .VAB files into .VH and .VB files.
[GZIP] Added gzip compression tool for experiments or whatever.

[TAG/INFOVIEWER] Added right-click edit option for VGM/GD3 format tags.
- Renamed bin2psfFE
- Added ability to use zero length SEQ files.
[ADVANCEDCUTTER] Added starting offset to the Advanced Cutter so you can skip large chunks at the start of a file of you want.
[GENH] Update version bytes so as not to conflict with manakoAT's implementation.
[GUI] Increased size of Drag and Drop area on some more tools.
[MANUAL] More info added to the "manual" .html file. Still incomplete.

-= FIX =-
[SPC] Fix OST Track Number tag parsing.

edited 10:15 PM EDT August 3, 2009
VGMToolbox r535 Released by snakemeat at 11:55 AM EDT on August 23, 2009
Grab it at Sourceforge.

-= NEW =-
- Add tool to extract SEQ/VH/VB data from files for making PSF sets.
- Not perfect yet (but "pretty damn good") and need to add proper SEP extraction. VB extraction is very slow.
- Add tool to extract SQ/HD/BD data from files for making PSF2 sets.
- Not perfect yet (but "pretty damn good"). BD extraction is very slow.
[EASY PSF DRIVER EXTRACTOR] Add tool to extract SEQ/VH/VB from Easy PSF Driver sets. This should make updating sets with the original driver easier.
[DATAFILE EDITOR (WIP)] Incomplete tool to allow editing of Datafiles, currently only Delete works.

- Now properly makes .minipsfs. Driver must use default offsets from the stub creator (see drop down) since the .minipsf .exe file uses these same offsets.
- Add option to make all possible combinations of SEQ and VH/VB. This allows you to find matching pairs for proper creation.
[MKPSF2 FRONT END] Add option to make all possible combinations of SQ and HD/BD. This allows you to find matching pairs for proper creation.
- Add ability to save/load/create settings via .xml files. See OffsetFinder.xsd for schema, or save from inside VGMToolbox.
- Add PlayStation VAB format.
[CHECKSUM CALCULATOR] Added duplicate checking to checksums. Duplicates will be listed at the end of the output if the option is checked.
- Add code to predict code page of existing tags (Shift_JIS vs. Latin). This makes output more likely to be accurate for tags not using UTF8 encoding.
- Add option to output operations to a psfpoint.exe batch file for sharing. Because batch files do not handle UTF8, special chars may not appear as you would hope.
[PSF TIMER] Add loop points to output batch file as REM statements.
[2SF TAG MIGRATOR] Added warning for duplicate track ID entries, since the tool cannot tell which track will match.
[DAT CREATOR] Added option to use normal, non-VGMT method checksums.

-= FIXED =-
[GENH CREATOR] Fix issue where loop end was not added for non-looping files. Loop end still needs to be present.
[2SF TAG MIGRATOR] Fix bug where zlib decompressor was looking at the wrong offset, breaking the entire tool.
[SDAT FINDER] Fixed to increment a single byte after finding an SDAT. This will prevent "fake/bad" SDATs from causing the finder to skip over good SDATs.
[ADVANCED CUTTER] Fixed cut type radio buttons to force a selection.
VGMToolbox r581 Released by snakemeat at 3:34 PM EDT on September 27, 2009
Grab it at Sourceforge

-= NEW =-

[PSX SEP SPLITTER] Add PSX SEP splitter, it splits PSX SEP tracks into SEQ files. Mostly preparation for SEP timing, since splitting SEPs isn't too useful for proper original driver rips. Would be good for files that will use generic drivers when original drivers are just too tricky.


- Add plugins from bxaimc and manakoAT. Lots of good ones here, thanks!
- Add offset modulo to allow you to target search strings and terminators with specific offset modulo values (i.e., for a PS/PS2 ADPCM loop, look for value 0x03 where offset % 0x10 = 1).
- Add minimum cut size parameter to help avoid false positives, sfx, or any other small chunks you may not want.
- Add optional output folder argument if you'd like to use an output folder other than the default..
- Modified to only increment chunk number if a file is cut.
- Multiple minor GUI changes to better handle current and future updates.

- Fix block ID filter. May have filtered out valid music before. Worth a recheck if you couldn't find that song you were looking for.
- Add option to turn block ID filter on/off. This can help find music using the nonstandard block IDs. Previously, this was always set to "On", and may have missed some music.
- Adjust number of silent blocks to 1 as default.

- Update GUI to show loop points in realtime when it has enough information to do so.
- Fix and improve some other GUI elements.

- Add SEP searching.
- Some VB searching improvements.

- Add SEP support. SEPs will be detected and .psflibs will be created automatically if the SEP has more than 1 sequence. For SEPs that only have one useful track, you can use the "Force SEP Track Number" to make a single PSF with only that track. You can also use SEPs with VH/VB .psflibs. "_lib" and "_lib2" tags will be properly added to your minipsfs.
- Add proper minipsf handling for any input offsets. This means that rips that didn't use the default VGMToolbox stub values will now work correctly with .minipsfs. Should've been like this all along, sorry!
- Add ability to copy offset values from the Stub Creator form so you don't have to type the same numbers in both places.
- Add drag and drop functionality for the "Driver" and "Source Files" text areas. Saves time and hassle of browsing.

- Add ability to make proper stub files for SEP sequences sets. SEPs can now be played in their native format without trimming files!
- Update to allow for offset and size modifications. See the output source code to better understand what you are doing.
- Now that offsets can be altered, I've added an option to relax the PSX Driver Load Address restrictions that were present in the past. Check the "Allow driver with load address > 0x80100000" box to work with PSX-EXEs that have text areas that start at offsets greater than 0x80100000. Try this option if you ever received the message like: "Error processing <foo.exe>. Error received: Text Area + Size is greater than 0x80100000, this is not supported."

- Add timing for PSFs that use SEP style sequences. Should handle all filetypes (PSF/PSFLIB).
- WARNING!!! Because .psflibs can contain SEP files, the timer will "time" the lib files. Be sure to check the output scripts to avoid adding unneeded tag data to your libs. Or just don't drag and drop them onto the timer :P

-= FIXED =-

[ADVANCED CUTTER] Fixed the Preset refresh to clear list before refreshing and avoid dupes.
[GENH CREATOR] Fix MS 4-bit ADPCM loop end.
[PSF DATA FINDER] Fix case for SEQ without end found.
[PSF2 UNPACKER] Fix PSF2 unpacker to properly handle subdirectories.

-= THANKS =-

Many thanks to manakoAT for helping me understand all of the PSF stuff. Without him, the PSF tools could not exist!
Many thanks to bxaimc for contributing his many plugins. Almost all of the plugins that come with VGMToolbox are thanks to him!

edited 6:12 PM EDT September 27, 2009
by SmartOne at 11:11 PM EDT on October 4, 2009
I read somewhere that Rogue Galaxy (JP) used sequenced music. True? PSF2?

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