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by Nisto at 4:00 PM EDT on September 4, 2017
Hi mogikihei. I uploaded the PSF set this morning.

Metal Gear Solid (1998-09-03)(KCE Japan)(Konami).7z

Please let me know if there is a problem with any of my code. I have only changed the code of the main function (800148B4). I have an IDA database with lots of notes and named functions also, if he wants it.

Thank you for helping.
by Kirishima at 4:08 PM EDT on September 4, 2017
This likely won't be helpful, but could the issues be related to this one:
by bxaimc at 6:50 PM EDT on September 4, 2017
At least MGS is getting some love this late in the game. Other games like FFXII's psf2s are still broken with missing instruments and side-hacks like Xenosaga II's Suzuki sound driver hack are still nowhere near fully playable except for like the first couple seconds (if even that). And then Xenosaga I is completely out of the question with that Procyon studio SMD/SED/SWD combination of sequences.
by zubren at 6:13 AM EDT on September 13, 2017
Nisto, this is probably a stretch, but you wouldn't happen to have the early MGS pilot demo discs would you? There is a bunch of early / unreleased tracks on those, likely in the same format as the final MGS release.

There are three MGS Pilot discs:

I'm very curious to see what audio is on those, I've seen some videos of unused content being played back via memory editing an emulator.
by Nisto at 6:38 PM EDT on September 13, 2017
The only thing I found on SLPM-86098 was an early version of REX'S LAIR. It has less percussion mostly, that's all.


I use a script to automate creating PSFs for MGS -- the PSFs generated from PAPX-90044 are identical to the ones generated from SLPM-86098, and there are no additional tracks. So nothing new there. SLPM-80254 have less tracks, but that's it, nothing is different as far as the music goes.

edited 8:13 PM EDT September 13, 2017
by zubren at 12:49 AM EDT on September 14, 2017
Huh, I wonder if the videos I saw with the memory editing were just offsetting instruments or something, interesting nonetheless.

Thank you for looking into it for me! This is really cool!
by zubren at 6:01 AM EDT on September 14, 2017
Any chance this also works on MGS: VR Missions?
by Nisto at 11:31 PM EDT on September 14, 2017
Wow, I did actually manage to patch the original MGS executable to work with MGS Integral as well (there was an issue with the instruments). I had a theory to fix it, and it was quite a long shot, but it was quick and easy enough to do, and seems to have fixed it for all tracks.

I haven't yet checked through these PSFs, so I'll let you guys do it. Let me know if you find anything that sounds strange.

Note that the unpacked size is rather large (>500MB) ... I'm too lazy to do minipsfs for this game, I guess.
by zubren at 5:17 AM EDT on September 15, 2017
First off, I want to thank you so much. I have been waiting for YEARS for movement on the MGS1 audio format. This is like a gold mine for me. Forgive the wall of text! :)

I did not find The Best Is Yet To Come (Unused) in the MGS Integral PSF archive. I used an application to sort through dupes and went through every unique file. Maybe the different discs have different file contents, despite the names being the same? (It looks like it just appends numbers to the end of the stage name, so perhaps the number of files are the same?)

Would you be willing to post full PSF archives of MGS1 Standalone, VR Missions Standalone and the three pilot discs just for giggles? (Or, are you comfortable sharing your script in it's current state?)

MGS Integral is a different build than the standalone versions, alternate skins for Snake, Meryl, Cyborg Ninga, First Person Mode, Very Easy Mode + MP5 Silenced SMG, PocketStation support, etc. Likely a lot of changes and they probably slimmed down their build in the process.

Anyway, here are my finds from the MGS Integral archive you just uploaded.

***Neat Finds***
s05a_03.psf - 140.66 Integral Hidden Frequency - Theme of Solid Snake (from Metal Gear 2) in MGS1 style. Very cool.

s12a_03.psf / s12c_03 - 140.66 Integral Hidden Frequency - Zanzibar Breeze (from Metal Gear 2) in MGS1 style.

s10ar_03.psf / s10a_03 - 140.66 Integral Hidden Frequency - Full Discovery track, the compiled Metal Gear Solid (1998-09-03)(KCE Japan)(Konami).7z file uses brf_01.psf which is the Briefing menu track, which is a short into on the OST track. I always wondered where the full Discovery track came from, it never played in the original game. I never knew Integral had a hidden frequency with hidden tracks.

s09ar_01.psf - Wolf Cavern track with some light ambience.

VR Missions:
vrtitle_03.psf / vrsave_03.psf - Unused Theme of Solid Snake variant meant for title screen. Different from Integral's hidden frequency version.

***Broken Stuff***
I am playing these back in mednafen, so the results below are from mednafen-0.9.47-win64.

I suspect these are Rex's Lair, given that s16a_01 from SLPM-86098 was a variation of Rex's Lair. I did not find a working version of Rex's Lair in any of the other files in the archive.
s16a_01.psf - No Audio
s16b_01.psf - No Audio
s16c_01.psf - No Audio
s16d_01.psf - No Audio
d16e_01.psf - No Audio
s16a_02.psf - No Audio
s16b_02.psf - No Audio
s16c_02.psf - No Audio
s16d_02.psf - No Audio
d16e_02.psf - No Audio
s16a_03.psf - No Audio
s16b_03.psf - No Audio
s16c_03.psf - No Audio
s16d_03.psf - No Audio
d16e_03.psf - No Audio

VR Missions:
vrtitle_01.psf - Strange sound in right channel in loop after intro. Perhaps this is just how the file is? This is clearly a variation of the Introduction track, but I don't believe Introduction was ever used on the title screen for VR Missions as it had it's own: vrtitle_02.psf

I suspect these are the Genola (Giant MGS Guards) tracks. I didn't find a working version of the Genola tracks in any other files in the archive.
vcd_n05_01.psf - No Audio
vcd_n05_02.psf - No Audio
vcd_n05_03.psf - No Audio
vcd_n05_04.psf - No Audio
vcd_n05_05.psf - No Audio
vcd_n05_06.psf - No Audio
vcd_n05_07.psf - No Audio

***Final Note***
I can't seem to find the Evasion track that occurs when you escape line of sight of the guards. Example:

It seems to fade out from the Encounter track. Maybe hidden behind an optional loop point somewhere?

edited 5:18 AM EDT September 15, 2017

edited 5:19 AM EDT September 15, 2017
by Nisto at 12:53 AM EDT on September 16, 2017
Well, I'm glad there's some interest in this. Makes me feel like a month of reverse engineering wasn't a complete waste. Thanks for sharing your finds.

The track numbers for each stage between the various releases doesn't necessarily match the same song. The song numbers are added automatically by my script; it just loops through the amount of tracks specified in the MDX header. The unused version of The Best Is Yet To Come is also not present in any release prior to the final release (SLPM-86111) as far as I remember. So they probably removed it by the release of MGS Integral, making it exclusive to SLPM-86111 (and maybe the US equivalent).

If I had to guess, the problem with the PSFs with no audio / bad instruments is probably due to one of the following reasons:

A: The driver requires more patching to be compatible with MGS Integral's data. I'm out of creative ideas here, though. Maybe at this point it would be easier to just rip the original MGS Integral driver... provided that most of the code looks the same, otherwise I'm honestly not up for ripping it.

B: The tracks are muted, so the track volumes must be manually adjusted (see Silent Hill). Although, I did convert them to MIDI using the tools by SECA Project, and at least it doesn't seem like they're muted. But then, maybe the converter isn't processing all volume-related commands? I don't know...

C: An emulation bug in Mednafen?

As for ripping "VR Missions Standalone" -- do you mean the US release? Isn't disc 3 of MGS Integral supposed to be the same? I don't actually have any of the US releases of MGS1, so I can't help in that case. I'm okay with sharing my script (more of a kit, really), but I'll assume you have some basic knowledge with programming as you'll need to configure the script for your own needs. And you'll need Python 3.

About the Encounter track: there's a special music mode called Kaihi Mode (which of course translates to "evasion mode") which is triggered specifically for that track. I think they just adjust the volume of some of the sub-tracks to get that effect. It's not a separate song. That's not to say it's impossible to rip it, if you really wanted it. However, does it have to have the normal variation playing at the beginning? Because frankly, I think I'd have a hard time figuring out how to time it.

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