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by Nisto at 9:21 PM EDT on September 24, 2017
I think he just removed the ADPCM caching in the code. And yeah, I also think that's what プチノイス refers to. I honestly don't think it's all that noticeable in Ordinary Vanity though. More so in BGM50011. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up either way.
by mogikihei at 2:13 AM EDT on September 25, 2017
According to viopsf author (anonymous),
BGM50016 has 18 seconds of silence, that is, music is played back after 18 seconds.

Please set "Detect Silence" to 20 seconds.
by Nisto at 2:32 AM EDT on September 25, 2017
@mogikihei: I am aware of that. How come you are mentioning it? That shouldn't be related to the noise issues.
by mogikihei at 2:43 AM EDT on September 25, 2017
I translated what the author mentioned, Ignore if you know it.

(I misunderstood from the lack of understanding.)

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by Nisto at 3:19 AM EDT on September 25, 2017
Ah, okay. I guess he thought that I thought that it was silent? Anyway, I didn't mean to sound disrespectful.
by Kirishima at 12:57 AM EDT on September 28, 2017
I just remembered something. Isn't Kode54's aopsf based on mame's emulation? Because I was testing out the foo_psf plugin included with viopsf, and I'm sorta reminded of this bug in mame when playing the mgs psf's with it:

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by Mouser X at 5:55 PM EDT on October 11, 2017
I was trying to listen to Mega Man Battle and Chase, but the PSFs wouldn't play on Winamp, and crashed Foobar2000. I quickly realized that Winamp wouldn't play because it couldn't find the "DRIVER" file (that's the full file name), due the combination of in_zip.dll (archive reading plugin for Winamp), and the lack of a file extension (in_zip will extract PSF, miniPSF, and PSFLIB files. But without an extension, it doesn't know that "DRIVER" needs to be extracted). As for FB2k, it's a separate component that's crashing (foo_wave_seekbar), and there's no update for it.

I extracted the PSFs (with the "DRIVER" of course), and they play in Winamp (it can find "DRIVER" now), but only if I disable "suppress opening silence." Doing that, though, results in "PRE_SND0_1.PSF" only playing for 8 seconds, even though it's timed for 1:21 (including fade time). By forcing the files to play indefinitely, it plays much past the 8 seconds mark (about 2:30 for a full two loops). Apparently, the silence at the beginning of the file is counted against the overall playtime (aka, the playtime as defined by the tags).

As for FB2k, even when extracted, they still don't play. It throws the error "Decoding failure at 0:00.000 (Unsupported format or corrupted file):
"N:\VGM PP rips\PS1\M\Mega Man Battle & Chase [RockMan Battle & Chase] (1997-03-20)(Capcom)\PRE_SND0_1.PSF"" This implies that the PSF might be built incorrectly. I *did* rename "DRIVER" to "DRIVER.psflib" and I updated the tags accordingly (using Winamp, because I can't for the life of me figure out how to alter tags in FB2k. Really? Why is it so hard to do something that should be really easy?). The altered files still play in Winamp, and still fail in FB2k.

If someone wouldn't mind looking into this, and figuring out if it's a plugin problem, or if its a PSF problem, I'd really appreciate it. For Winamp, I *could* just alter the time tags, adding on the appropriate amount of time to get past the opening silence (it'd add about 1:20 to the current time, all of which is silence), but considering that they don't work in FB2k either, I think it'd be ideal to figure out where the problem lies, so that they're playable on more than one program.

Thanks in advance for anyone who's willing and able to look into this. Mouser X over and out.

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by Kirishima at 8:52 PM EDT on October 11, 2017
@Mouser X
I just tested those in foobar with viopsf. They work but have an absurdly long starting silence, like 1 minute or so. I didn't rename the driver or anything. Because of this, songs take forever to startup.

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by Mouser X at 11:54 PM EDT on October 11, 2017
I'm aware of the excessive silence at the beginning of the songs. It's why (as I already mentioned), in Winamp, I disabled the "suppress opening silence" in the Highly Experimental preferences. That doesn't explain why they don't play in FB2k. I'm using Highly Experimental in FB2k, not vio_psf. That implies that there's something wrong with HE in FB2k. It also doesn't explain why the files have the silence at the beginning, especially when the silence is counted against the overall play time. It'd be one thing if the original tagger took into account the excessive silence, and planned for it. They obviously didn't (since most of the songs play for less than ten seconds as a result, when they should play for about a minute).

Outputting the PSFs as WAVs shows that there's an average of 1:19.5 of silence at the beginning of each song (as I guessed when I said "(it'd add about 1:20 to the current time, all of which is silence)"). So, if they had accounted for the silence each file should be about 1:20 longer. Specifically, (to accommodate the extra silence, which is counted against the overall play time) "PRE_SND0_1.PSF" should be 2:24, "PRE_SND0_2.PSF" should be 1:55, "PRE_SND0_3.PSF" should be 2:27, "PRE_SND1_1.PSF" should be 2:38, "PRE_SND1_2.PSF" should be 1:55, "PRE_SND2_1.PSF" should be 2:03, and "PRE_SND2_2.PSF" should be 2:22. But they're not. That implies that either the player they used to time the files doesn't count the leading silence against the overall play time, or the tagger (incorrectly?) assumed that it wouldn't.

Regardless, Highly Experimental is failing to play the PSFs in FB2K (but plays them mostly fine in Winamp. I noticed a few pops/clicks, and one oddly high-pitched beep, which I assume might be emulation errors). And, while re-timing the PSFs (to make up for the leading silence) is a work-around, it doesn't seem to me to be the best method. But since I've never actually ripped a PSF, I don't know if there's a way to fix it either. Though, it looks like this set was created using Mark Grass's generic driver, so theoretically, perhaps, if his tools (and driver) have been updated since this set was ripped, maybe it'd fix the silence problem? Anyone know how to use Mark Grass's generic driver to rip PSFs? I have the physical disc for this game (somewhere.... I know bought it on eBay years ago and I played it on an emulator), so I could probably do it. If I had any idea how to, of course. Mouser X over and out.
by Kirishima at 12:18 AM EDT on October 12, 2017
You could use vgmtoolbox. It uses the latest MarkGrass driver as well as Davironica's driver. Markgrass also share a tool for making psf's with the latest driver's here.

Now that I think of it, or you using kode54's aopsf plugin by any chance? There are issues with it that make MarkGrass's older generic drivers not work on that, and he released another tool to automatically update the driver. I think it's still here somewhere.

EDIT: Forget about the update tool for this one, it didn't work. I ended up updating one of the psf's manually, and it did fix the issue. I didn't have get a strange noise while testing it with winamp, but that maybe because I had to manually rip out the vb file from the psf(probably that high pitched beep you were hearing). Didn't hear it in foobar, though.

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