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by dkbk64 at 6:47 PM EDT on September 24, 2018
I appreciate all the hard work you've put into this, jackoalan! It appears that Wario Ware, Inc. Mega Party Games uses MusyX as well, but amuse doesn't recognize the sequences in the 'sound_data.bin' file. I've been using the amuse tools a lot with the Star Fox Adventures soundtrack. Is there any way to get the ADSR controls in the MIDI files to work with a Sound Font?
Star Fox Adventures Tracklist by EskimoWolf at 3:27 PM EDT on September 25, 2018
Here is an ongoing tracklist for each song in Star Fox Adventures. It includes the order the songs appear in the game as well as the header name pulled from Dolphin. Some songs don't appear in the game from what I could find.

If anyone finds something off or has a change, let me know.

by mich-al0 at 8:27 PM EDT on September 27, 2018
The link is broken


(the amuse release)

But those updates sound really awesome :D

edited 8:30 PM EDT September 27, 2018
by jackoalan at 2:16 AM EDT on October 1, 2018
Link is back up. It was inadvertently disabled by our repository mirroring system.
more samples by jurassicPieter at 3:44 PM EDT on October 10, 2018
first: amazing work so far. i've been trying to compile it myself and see if I can help, but i still have trouble with it. Would be nice to have a fooplayer/winamp/xmplay plugin of amuserender. With the common setting of loop twice and then a 10 second fade out.... Is the output of amuserender determinstic: so will a rerender always return the exact same file? I'd love to see if there are regional changes or changes between demo and the final games.

I tried it on pokemon colosseum and it worked once the lz77 compression was decoded. The tool on hcs64 is not enough, but a quickbms script exist to decompress it. Would be nice if it would work too as a custom format. Something like amuserender bgm.fsys common.fsys to play them. I have no idea which midi setup links to which song though.

i should check the last version, the version I checked now seems to have issues with percussion changing volume. I hear the percussion again instead of changing the volume or maybe it's just me. I heard it in the songs of the Peach's Castle tech demo, but also in some songs of pokemon colosseum. There are also unused songs on the gamecube service disc that have this issue. It contains a 6 minutes song that looks like a Musyx sequenced song sample with lots of music style changes....

The only game I still wish as a clean rip of Geist, but the game has no slib. If I check dolphin it loads fear.m3d fear.mmf and fear.samp. Some debug content in geist refers to a fear.slib and there is also a fear.swhat which is not being used.

I just ripped all the musyx related games I own to see what plays and what doesn't
Rogue Squadron 2 by CosmicDreams at 10:17 AM EDT on May 9, 2020
A bunch of tracks just don't play in amuse for some reason. Seems like just ones not in GroupFile20 though.

Some of the midi's have big areas of nothing where i'm assuming streamed audio of movie music is meant to go, but that doesn't play. In fact they don't seem to be samples so i'm wondering where they are stored. Probably the VSP files in the root of the game files.

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