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by rubberfacefruit at 3:37 AM EDT on July 15, 2015
I noticed that musyx2midi vanished so here's a reupload MusyX2MidiSrc-120114

you have to save the page since puush breaks when uploading files

edited 8:47 AM EDT July 15, 2015
by jackskellinghog at 7:26 AM EDT on August 19, 2015
OMG! Thank you so much! I didn't realise you'd replied. Sorry for my lack of reply. I greatly appreciate this and will credit you appropriately
by fincs at 5:34 PM EDT on October 19, 2015
The MusyX2MidiSrc-120114.tar.gz download link above is broken too. Could somebody reupload it? Thanks in advance.
by rubberfacefruit at 8:27 PM EDT on October 19, 2015
by hcs at 12:26 AM EDT on October 20, 2015
IPFS mirror: MusyX2MidiSrc-120114.tar.gz

(hopefully longer lived than the puush)

edited 12:27 AM EDT October 20, 2015
by fincs at 6:31 AM EDT on October 20, 2015
Well, thank you both for reuploading the file, it is very much appreciated :)
by rins at 1:02 PM EDT on April 16, 2019
Hello Nisto.
I have a question about extracting from a bin file.
Do you know how to extract samp files etc from bin files?
I am searching for samp files etc. from some bin files but I can only find dsp files such as sound effects and voices.
I would appreciate it if you could answer my questions.

Here is bin file.
by Nisto at 4:01 PM EDT on April 16, 2019
@rins: What game is this from? There was another "add01dat.bin" posted on the previous page in this thread, but that only contained 464 DSP files and 16 MusyX files. This one contains 1600 files in total. The format is the same.

There could be more data hiding on the game disc with more information about the files contained. With only the bare BIN file, it's hard to automate the extraction as the formats are not easily recognizable. You have to look at the individual files in a hex editor to determine the formats/extensions, especially for the MusyX (.sdir, .samp, .pool, .proj, and maybe .song) files. Once you've figured out the latter though, you can pass the files to musyx-extract.

Nevertheless, I re-wrote a script to extract the individual sub-files in the BIN file.
You'll need Python 3. Download the script to the same folder as add01dat.bin and simply run it.

I think files 0-1565 are all DSP while the rest are MusyX files.
by rins at 5:27 PM EDT on April 16, 2019
Thank you very much for your answers!
This game is "Duel Masters Nettou! Battle Arena".
I do not know why the file name is the same, but it seems that the development company is probably the same.

I'm sorry for the bother.
I uploaded the data I extracted from the iso file, so please check it if you like.

Thank you very much for creating py file.
I ran that py file and was able to extract the bin file.
I will try to find the MusyX file with a hex editor.
If I have any problems/difficulties, I might have to contact you again.

Thank you for your help. I do appreciate it.

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