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by punk7890-2 at 6:32 PM EDT on March 23, 2017
Neat. I remember doing some Diamond/Pearl. Here is what I've done. This was a awhile ago.

Other stuff:
Aerofighters Assault Remastered
Mario Kart 64 Remastered - not complete
Pokemon Stadium Remaster - not complete
Pokemon Stadium 2 Battle Theme Remaster

Miscellaneous remix:
Castlevania 64 imports. - Imported this music into the game so it has its reverb effects. Contains Death Mountain, Cave, Dark World themes from A Link to the Past as well as Mystic Forest from Tales of Phantasia.
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes - Imported this music into the game so it has its reverb effects. Contains the Airship theme from Super Mario Bros and Versus from Star Fox 64. The Airship theme ended up using 28 total polyphony at one point which is pretty high for a N64 game.
Jet Force Gemini - Imported this music into the game so it has its reverb effects. Contains Mid Galds from Tales of Phantasia and Pirates' Fortress from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon - Imported this music into the game so it has its reverb effects. Contains Run Faster! from Ganbare Goemon 3 and Boss B from Star Fox 64.

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by Hexagon12 at 11:00 AM EDT on March 24, 2017

When do you say "neat", does it mean that it's a good remaster? I mean, is there no errors?

I am working on FL Studio and program change events are hard to do there. If you see any octave misplacements or bad cuts on ProgramChange events, tell me.

I will also keep this remaster project up-to-date and keep uploading new ones.
by punk7890-2 at 7:12 PM EDT on March 24, 2017
I meant "neat" as in "cool, someone else has done this game". However, I am not familiar with the game's music that much so I can't be much help in determining errors. The song DpCanalaveDay isn't quite right though. A lot of the instruments are wrong such the harp and piano at the start. I don't think the strings and drum kits are quite right either. My advice would be to listen to the midi paired with the in-game soundfont, or listen to the individual samples. My version of that song is named CITY02 D in the link above for comparison sake.
by G-Boy at 7:50 AM EDT on March 25, 2017
I think I'm gonna remaster the Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire soundtrack with the Roland ED SC-8820. I'll put the songs in this folder if anyone's interested:

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by Hexagon12 at 11:47 AM EDT on March 27, 2017
Here's my attempt to recreate Ragged Mountain from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinty. Used Kontakt Factory Library and EWQL Colossus.

GDrive link

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by Hexagon12 at 11:58 AM EDT on March 28, 2017
I also noticed that the flute in Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, the Partner's theme uses a flute called "Bansuri" from Kontakt Factory Library.

P.S. I couldn't find a real MIDI for this, so I just copied a part from a sheet music. Also sorry for some parts with incorrect/no notes.

Another link for GDrive
Decisive - Tales of Phantasia by RetroFanatic at 10:38 PM EDT on April 14, 2017
Damn, that was a good remake.
by G-Boy at 8:18 AM EDT on April 16, 2017
Roland Sound Canvas remake of Battle 2 - Chrono Trigger

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