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by MurraySkull at 1:36 AM EDT on June 25, 2018
How exactly do you run Caesar?
by kr3nshaw at 1:34 PM EDT on June 25, 2018
Drag a BCSAR file on to the executable.
by kr3nshaw at 12:41 AM EDT on June 26, 2018
Nintendo eShop

Now that the program is capable of converting CWAV files without any external help, I can finally convert the eShop audio!

edited August 18, 2022
by Krisss at 6:41 PM EST on November 21, 2018

Can someone re-upload the link of the midis of streetpass and Activity Log? I just discovered this thread, lol
by kr3nshaw at 7:26 PM EDT on March 26, 2019
I'm a little wary of hosting copyrighted material, but if you download the BCSAR on page 3, you can extract it with Caesar.
by icecream at 8:54 PM EDT on March 26, 2019
Yeah same, I realize that this site doesn't really have any rules against piracy (hell I literally asked for an SDK tool a while ago)....but stuff like the processed and extracted files? Unless Josh wants to host them, I say let people get them themselves. Otherwise there's no point in hosting a tool to fetch them lol

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by ShadowBlue9109 at 5:53 AM EST on December 9, 2020
I would be interested in the midi and the sf2 of the 3ds camera how could I do to extract them all in an optimal way or ask even better if someone already has the bcsar?
I have already tried to translate the bcsar, but I was able to extract only the midi with cseq2midi.

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by icecream at 9:38 PM EST on December 25, 2020
Sounds like you could probably use caesar on the .BCSAR.
by ptto911 at 8:08 PM EDT on August 20, 2023
Hello! I am coming back to this to see if we were ever able to figure out how to play the music from Flower Town? This was one of my favorite soundtracks on the 3DS and it would make me so happy to be able to play it in the original quality!

Edit: Looks like yes, but the link to download the StreetPass rips are down. Anyone have them somewhere?

edited 8:13 PM EDT August 20, 2023
by hcs at 1:30 PM EDT on August 24, 2023
I have the original files you uploaded here: Streetpass DLC Music.rar

It looks like you convert the CSAR by dropping the StreetPassSound\Garden\sound\csar\0x0.CSAR onto ceasar.exe. Then the SF2 and MIDIs in 0x\BANK_SOUNDLIST seem to basically work!

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