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by Nisto at 11:50 PM EDT on March 16, 2016
I mostly used PSFPoint (pre-requisite) and VGMToolbox (Misc. Tools -> xSF Tools -> PSF -> PSF Timer) to time DW1.
by Reis at 10:27 AM EDT on March 17, 2016
You people are on fire!! :O I Looked soo much and couldnt fine anything on this game besides a dummy files and extra sfx

edited 10:28 AM EDT March 17, 2016
by MusashiAA at 12:54 PM EDT on March 17, 2016
All tracks timed (with some discrepancies, mind you, but still does the ol' 2 loop + 10 second fade), sound effects removed. Ambience tracks still not tagged, I'm edging towards tagging them as well: the most complete YouTube rip of the OST has tag information for most ambience tracks (missing 3 in comparison with PSF rip), which would greatly help identify them.

All that would need to be done, besides further revising the timing, is the reverb for each track, for which I kinda have some problems/opinions:

-My copy of the game plays songs at a increased tempo, for some reason.

-Some tracks have what I consider an accurate reverb right from the get go, while some don't. Namely, "Auction Theme" lacks some reverb, while "Main Lobby" sounds very close to its game counterpart...I suspect the game itself sets up a custom reverb effect based on certain locations (and thus, on certain tracks), which leads to some ripped tracks not having the in-game reverb effect. "Auction Theme" is used inside a cargo tower, so a reverb effect is expected...but 3 seconds of this track are reused for an specific jingle at the beginning of the game, and this jingle lacks the reverb effect.

I honestly looked a little bit into applying reverbs with PSF-o-Cycle, and the end result tracks sounded of worse quality to me. I got scared of fucking up the tracks, so I will refuse to tamper with reverbs for the moment.

On the subject of Digimon World 2, I am still expecting a reply from the DMW3 music data ripper for an explanation of the process he used to rip said data...I am still scratching my head around the fact he mentioned he got a "ROM dump" of the game...I don't believe there are ROM dumps for PS1 games, there are only ISO images.
by MarkGrass at 6:09 PM EDT on March 17, 2016
--I programmed my driver so that the tempo may be adjusted to user specification... use PSF-o-Cycle for that.

--I intentionally keep Reverb OFF when creating PSF/sets. Same games use global Reverb, others are track specific, etc... again, you'll want to use something like PSF-o-Cycle to play around with these settings.

--Missing tracks? No clue. I ran a batch conversion to convert everything to PSF and I kept all the data. I could have made a typo somewhere, I'll check when I can.

--For testing, a simple playback using the latest and greatest plugin(s) from Kode54 should suffice. If not, you can always extract the EXE from a PSF and figure a way to boot it in actual Sony hardware if you're overtly worried about accuracy/etc.

--ISO and ROM are interchangeable words, given the context. Therefore, "ROM Dump" is equivalent to "ISO".

I'm glad that the rip was a success! Please, do enjoy! :)

edited 6:15 PM EDT March 17, 2016
by MusashiAA at 6:44 PM EDT on March 17, 2016
When I was talking about tempo, I meant my copy of the PAL release of Digimon World 3 somehow plays back music at a faster tempo than normal on my PS2. The rips all have the correct tempo.

-I've been messing around with PSF-o-cycle, though I don't feel like I'd ever get track specific reverb just right. I'm glad with the current state of it.

-There's two songs missing, so maybe the original music data rip missed those songs, too?

-I just tested it on foobar, nothing out of the ordinary, so I guess it's gold.

-If that's the case, then whatever method that was used to inspect the ISO image let the original music data ripper to see more than pretty much everyone else that tried to look into the game before him.
by Nisto at 7:42 PM EDT on March 17, 2016
Regarding Digimon World 2; does the "AAA" folder show up in your disk image software? IsoBuster detects it, but shows a red plus sign next to it, which, according to its docs: "It means that IsoBuster felt the need to compensate or alter what the drive returned to get to the data. E.g. CD-i discs are often not correctly recognized by CD/DVD-ROM drives and IsoBuster tries to compensate for that (possibly assumes tracks at certain locations) to be able to give access to the data". So I would guess that some less robust/compatible software probably wouldn't detect the folder at all. My rip matches the Redump database for SLUS-01193, which should be about the most accurate rip you could get. Anyway, that's where all the sound files are.

EDIT: This is getting interesting. I only found 28 songs on the US release. I searched the entire image for "pQES" in a hex editor since I couldn't find this track anywhere. But I just got my hands on the Japanese release, which has some files not present in the US release, in the root directory, called *.DRV. There's 51 sequenced tracks in the A.DRV file. And then there's also the CITY, DUNG, VS and COMM stuff, which are present on the US release also. Anyway, not sure if that track will be in the A.DRV file, or if it's just hiding in some compressed format, or a different audio format altogether or something, but I'll have to figure out this *.DRV format I guess.

EDIT2: Err, okay, so it looks like those are just the BGMs for Digimon World Digital Card Battle? Well, I have no idea where Chaos Tower and the few other tracks are hiding then... :S

edited 1:44 PM EDT March 18, 2016
by MusashiAA at 10:44 AM EDT on March 19, 2016
That is precisely the reason why I'm still expecting a response from the Digimon World 3 music data ripper: these two games have their files hidden very well for some reason. I recall coincidentially reading up on another forum that some PS1 games tend to not follow the standard ISO rules, hide all the important files in a hidden partition that only the game's code refers to, and fill up the disc memory with DUMMY files.

How the DMW3 music data ripper got his hands on it, I still don't know. A program such as jpsxdec can list and display image and video files inside the game with no issues at all, but not all files.

EDIT: Now that you mentioned it, I recall seeing a ZZZ folder inside my disc image, not AAA.

edited 11:01 AM EDT March 19, 2016
by Nisto at 5:22 PM EDT on March 20, 2016
Well, I give up. Not finding those last tracks anywhere... Here's the stuff I did manage to find at least.
by MusashiAA at 8:00 PM EDT on March 20, 2016
Wow, now the three games' got some ground work for more tidy and official PSF sets. I'll have to admit, I am in no way familiar with Digimon World 2's soundtrack, so I can't tell if these rips are accurate to the game. The few tracks I am familiar with do sound accurate, though.
by Nisto at 1:59 AM EDT on March 21, 2016
I am not familiar with 2 or 3 myself. :P I do own the Digimon World Digital Card Battle soundtrack though, so that's how I recognized the tracks in the A.DRV file.

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