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by DavisOlivier at 5:10 PM EST on December 14, 2016
I got to mess with DW2 and i could make some psfs using Squaresoft74's directions, and as i noticed some songs were missing(Dungeons and Battle victory music), i tried splitting the .sep files, and i found out they were inside other songs, like the battle victory is inside the own battle .sep file. Maybe the DW3 missing songs are inside others too!

And sorry for the bad english~!
Digimon by lucasdiaskun at 4:17 PM EDT on July 12, 2020
hi folks,
by lucasdiaskun at 4:21 PM EDT on July 12, 2020

you are excellent, I researched a lot on the internet in order to exchange the audio files of the DW3 game but without success, the intention came because this guy: HD4C5XDcFs1Y, simply remade the entire soundtrack of the game in a great quality, so I thought I could replace it, but during the research it became more and more difficult, I would like to know if you would be interested in replacing them.
by giftheck at 5:24 AM EST on February 3, 2022
Hi! I'm the guy who originally dumped Digimon World 3's BIN files. I recently decided to revisit the music. I have the PSF files that were already extracted but as said above, it seems that the victory and game over themes couldn't be found.

Somebody above mentioned that they found a BIN file with two sequences and it got me thinking. The BIN files in the COMMON folder (MPCOMMON.BIN and MVCOMMON.BIN) are quite a bit larger than the other BIN files. I wonder if this is where they might be.

EDIT: No, seems to be the game's sound effects. Will go back to the drawing board.

EDIT 2: The soundfont contains a ton of instruments too. So maybe something is in there?

As for how I got these files in the first place, I mentioned this over on ZenHax when I was asked years ago: my copy (Digimon World 2003) is the exact same as everybody else's: put it in the CD drive and all you see are dummy files. I had to download an ISO rip to find the music files.

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Working with PSF, BIN and VAB by Lakster at 5:45 PM EDT on October 1, 2022
Hi everyone!

Would any of you please help me in person/live in a call with actually getting music from CD Mage folders which contain VABs, SSDs and BINs? I'd throw you a tip. I can't get around all this no matter how many times I read and cause bin2seq doesn't seem to start on my PC.

Please write to or IG laki_sbk

If I can learn this, I will contribute to many many many games... Thank you so much!

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