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forum fixes by hcs at 6:47 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
Cleared up a few more longstanding issues with the forum today:

* Search can be ordered chronologically or reverse chronologically!

* Creating a new thread is now a new page, hopefully there will be fewer accidental thread creations.

And some little things: the search form is a little easier to use now (better defaults, you can now click on the labels instead of trying to hit the radio button), you can search easily for a user's posts from the user info page.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 8:49 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
I can't count the number of times I've intended to 'search', and accidentally create a thread :P

Actually it's probably only about 5 times, but still.
by 54634564 at 9:01 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
Love the new search options. It was quite a pain to search for things in the past.
by peronmls at 9:09 PM EDT on March 22, 2016
Nice! Glad the instrument source thread is pinned.
by hcs at 12:09 AM EDT on March 23, 2016
Is anyone having trouble staying logged in (I know at least Kurausukun reported an issue). What browser are you using?

I suspect the issue might be due to the login cookies being https-only, make sure when you go to the site you use https://, otherwise your browser won't send cookies that it has. When you log in you get shunted over to https, but if you're visiting from an old bookmark or otherwise saved URL you might be going back to http://

I might just need to make this redirect every http request over to https.
by dj4uk6cjm at 12:45 AM EDT on March 23, 2016
"pin'd" aka sticky'd? Looks like a real forum now! Good job.
by Kurausukun at 12:56 AM EDT on March 23, 2016
Sorry for the off-topic post in the other thread. It also looks to be solved now; the problem was that I was using an old Chrome shortcut, and it was keeping me from visiting using https. Sorry, my bad.
by hcs at 1:01 AM EDT on March 23, 2016
No prob, it's a bad design that lets that be an issue.
by JILost at 4:10 PM EDT on March 23, 2016
Could the "last update" field also include the username of the last post? It would be useful in checking for replies to posts when one doesn't remember the exact time he posted or keep track of post counts.

edited 4:13 PM EDT March 23, 2016
Thanks! by robotortoise at 4:39 PM EDT on March 23, 2016
I just wanted to thank you for the new UI! It looks a lot cleaner, and the pinning is nice.

Though if you're looking for ideas, on a high-resolution (1080p)display, there's a TON of empty space.

It'd be cool if you could make an option to choose the size of the text, links, and maybe have a few more links on the front page.

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