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by kode54 at 6:34 PM EDT on September 8, 2017
Use decimal points for milliseconds. And I don't think I support localized fraction separator characters, so you'll have to use periods.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 7:12 PM EDT on September 8, 2017
Does the "subsong" refer to GBS and NSF files, where all the songs are in a single file, rather than separate files, like SPC, etc?
by kode54 at 7:45 PM EDT on September 8, 2017
Correct. Subsong refers to multi-song formats.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 1:33 PM EDT on September 11, 2017
How do you set the length of the dumps?

All GBS files for example, have a default length of 3:08

Also, is it possible to batch dump all files on a GBS set?

edited 1:43 PM EDT September 11, 2017
by Volkov73 at 7:11 AM EDT on September 12, 2017
15.99 logs the same as 15, only giving 15 seconds of audio. I can just set it longer and manually add cut/fade to the song. I likely wouldn't be able to find the exact value I need (not sure how other people have managed to do it)


You can make a batch file to do this. The one I made created a folder for each subsong and put the relevant files in each folder. It helps if you know the song names beforehand as you can have the batch file name the folders for you as opposed to having just numbers.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 8:34 AM EDT on September 12, 2017
What about setting how long the dumped files are? Sometimes the 3 minutes aren't enough, as some tunes are longer than that.
by Volkov73 at 11:32 AM EDT on September 12, 2017

It would be nice to use the multidumper to set length, loops count, fade time of what gets logged

You could use Bleep! to log audio from .gbs files. This program allows you to choose song length and fade time. You could then write an autohotkey (.ahk) script that automatically logs each channel to WAV and puts them together into one folder for each song.

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by kode54 at 11:35 PM EDT on September 12, 2017
So, logging them one at a time? Isn't that what this tool was designed to avoid? Also, I'm not touching Bleep! because it's written in assembly language, the language of people who don't want other people to mess with their code.
by TheUltimateKoopa at 2:42 PM EDT on September 13, 2017
Logging multiple files at once, as opposed to manually logging each one separately, isn't so much of an issue. But having them log for longer than 3 minutes can be a big issue.
by Volkov73 at 7:18 AM EDT on September 14, 2017
True that. Give Bleep! and an AHK script a go. That's how I logged my gameboy music that is over 3mins.

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