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by vajuvaju at 4:42 PM EST on January 31, 2017
@Subdrag I downloaded your .xlsx and you have Toy Story 2 listed as N64WavePtrTableV2, while, in fact, it does use midi. I had told you about it in a previous post on this thread, because the tunings on the midis are all wrong when exported with N64 Midi Tool, and you responded that it must be some sort of custom format.
by SubDrag at 9:53 AM EST on February 3, 2017
Toy Story 2 uses Sng. You're looking at the wrong column, that is the sound, the other one is the music.

Bu the tuning is in the N64WavePtrTableV2, which I thought got right...not much there.
by LuigiBlood at 7:38 PM EST on February 16, 2018
I just want to indicate that I found the music data in Mario Artist Talent Studio, I don't know where it exactly begins, but I'm 99% sure that the start of the music data for either the title screen or main menu is at 0x14B5420 in the Disk File.

Mario Artist Talent Studio (DMTJ):
0x134380 - AudioCtl Index / RAM 801C0AD0
0x1464870:0x149BF80 - AudioCtl

0x134990 - AudioTbl Index / RAM 801C10E0
0x14E6848:0x1938EB8 - AudioTbl

0x134CE0 - AudioSeq Index / RAM 801C1430
0x14A3480:0x14E1760 - AudioSeq

0x135150 - Instrument Set Index / RAM 801C1890

Okay this time this is all right.

I've managed to extract MIDIs but the soundfont is where I have issues figuring out. I keep getting "Handle bank > 1".

Okay editing this one last time to include this.

Mario Artist Polygon Studio (DMGJ):
0x0EB940 - AudioCtl Index
0x1205E80:0x121B030 - AudioCtl

0x0EBDA0 - AudioSeq Index
0x12DDBA0:0x12F5830 - AudioSeq

0x0EBBD0 - AudioTbl Index
0x13B58C0:0x158B780?- AudioTbl

0x0EBFA0 - Instrument Set Index

I have also succeeded in exporting MIDI files for this one.

Mario Artist Communication Kit (DMBJ):
0xDDD20 - AudioCtl Index
0x17796F0:0x177C380 - AudioCtl

0xDDE00 - AudioSeq Index
0x178B5D0:0x17910B0 - AudioSeq

0xDDF10 - AudioTbl Index
0x17B8300:0x17FF570 - AudioTbl

0xDDDB0 - Instrument Set Index

This one I'm not too sure about but it's what it looks like.

edited 3:36 PM EST February 17, 2018
by SubDrag at 3:27 PM EST on February 22, 2018
Figured it out, the flags meant IPL bank. Added to Sound Tool properly now.

edited 3:27 PM EST February 22, 2018
by mariofan12ify at 12:14 PM EDT on April 15, 2019
Sorry to bump an old thread but I was wondering if there's a way I could extract midis from ROM hacks? Or is that not implemented yet?
info by InfernoNemesis at 7:18 AM EDT on April 21, 2019
just a little info
This make the conversor for sf2

some one tracks without sound is a effect for guitars or chord instruments
the modulation make more realistic the sound

by InfernoNemesis at 7:28 AM EDT on April 21, 2019
In what programming language do the applications to transform the sounds of the games, is that I want to learn to do what you do and what you need to know as a basis in that language.
by braun at 12:28 PM EDT on May 4, 2023
Could I get some info on the N64 tremolo and vibrato so I could recreate them myself? I've been using SFZ to make instruments from GoldenEye and Jet Force Gemini, as SFZ includes support for pitch bend range, linear envelopes, more precise contol for envelopes than soundfonts, and tremolo and vibrato; but I don't know how to translate those to numbers I can use.
by SubDrag at 6:11 PM EDT on May 9, 2023
I'm not really sure, you'll have to use your ear and compare something known to values (maybe keep adjusting test ingame and compare?)

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