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by punk7890-2 at 1:28 AM EDT on May 15, 2016
Woah that's really weird. There is no tune info at all for regular instruments in their respective banks for that game! All SFX are minus 5 coarse tune for some reason which I find odd as well. They must do some sort of unique RAM look up. Very odd. Good catch! I guess we'll have to look into that. The midi's are correct, however. Depending on how many instruments lookups there is for a sequence, it can throw out additional parts. That isn't a error.

edited 1:29 AM EDT May 15, 2016
by vajuvaju at 11:52 AM EDT on May 15, 2016
Thanks for looking into it!

I was just referring to how the MIDI tool extracted the midis before and after the latest update. The previous update had thrown out 44 mid files, with some of the instruments broken up as "additional parts", while the latest update exports 22 files, all correct and no additional parts. Just so you know!
by SubDrag at 2:11 PM EDT on May 15, 2016
The Separate by Instruments was on by default before, but I turned it off by default. That is why you are using less tracks in current exports, though it may be harder to edit if your goal is that. But the reason for these additional midis is that these formats can go above 16 channels and alas each midi is limited to 16.
by dj4uk6cjm at 7:06 PM EDT on May 15, 2016
Does that mean all percussive tracks are somewhat fused together as one now in this new update? That's great if so and it doesn't really hinder any editing process since most of us know how to split them back into separate tracks in our DAW's if needed but this is helpful! Thanks.
by punk7890-2 at 7:35 PM EDT on May 15, 2016
Games that have the "Separate by Instrument" check box is a work around to sorting instruments by their patch number. The reason for this is there are a ton of instrument changes in Sng/Konami channels. A small section can be a flute, while another note/section can be a drum. This gets really confusing for people to work with. It would ultimately be a nightmare sorting through all of those different patch and event changes. The whole idea behind "Separate by Instrument" is to sort through that mess and put all notes on their respective channels for that patch number. As such, this creates bigger midi files and more than 16 channels most of the time (hence the need for "additional" parts).

@dj4uk6cjm Drum tracks for these types of sequences won't be on one channel as all drums are different instruments and do not have instrument splits.

edited 7:39 PM EDT May 15, 2016
by SubDrag at 6:43 PM EDT on May 17, 2016
There was a mixup with detune, it should be applying it now as finetune again for these games, such as Banjo.
by LuigiBlood at 4:15 PM EDT on May 27, 2016
I'm pretty confused about "NUD-DSCJ-JPN - With Copying IPL ROM from 0x140000 to 0x3F4000 to this"

Zoinkity told me that I have to take IPL ROM from 0x140000 to end, and copy it to 0x3F4000 in the disk file.
That doesn't seem to work, I only get garbage sounds. Can I know what I did wrong?
by SubDrag at 4:52 PM EDT on May 27, 2016
That should be all you need to do. Overwrite, don't append the bytes. Also, make sure you use a non-byteflipped ROM.
by LuigiBlood at 5:25 PM EDT on May 27, 2016
That's what I exactly did and all the soundfonts I've listened to have garbage sounds.

edited 5:26 PM EDT May 27, 2016
by kode54 at 9:29 PM EDT on May 29, 2016
Regarding the Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon rip in this topic, it appears a SoundFont or DLS converted from this game will need to be assembled by concatenating all six of the banks from the ROM. Two from each numbered bank in the game.

Plus, for compatibility with SoundFonts, the bank numbers will need to be in the MSB control, not the LSB. For instance, the two vocal tracks from Gorgeous My Stage, bank #02-1 or #5, instruments 93 and 94.

Yup, vocal songs, consisting of 20 kHz pieces, assembled at the right spots in the sequences.

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