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by Squaresoft74 at 10:38 PM EDT on March 27, 2021
After a long break i resumed my work on MML2 earlier this month and here's a complete PSF rip using original driver.

Many thanks to Kode54 for the ending credits rip and AceK for the timings. :)

edited 9:36 PM EDT March 28, 2021
by Eliskuya at 11:47 PM EDT on March 29, 2021
you did a good job :)
by djDarkX at 6:47 PM EDT on April 10, 2021
You are AMAZING! I've been patiently waiting for this to come out! Listening to it now and I couldn't be happier. Now if only someone could do Valkyrie Profile 2. If this can be done, I'm sure VP2 can as well. One day!

NEVERMIND! It's already been done! Downloading now.

edited 7:00 PM EDT April 10, 2021
by Mouser X at 3:09 AM EDT on April 12, 2021
WOW!!!! I've been waiting for this for decades (actually, I'm not sure the PSF format existed 20 years ago [I know it was in development that long ago, but I don't remember what stage the format was at, or what rips were available], so that might not be 100% accurate. But it sure feels like it!)! THANK YOU!!!! You have no idea how excited I am that this game finally got ripped! YAY!!!!

My only complaint now, is that The Misadventures Of Tron Bonne hasn't been timed... But that's a minor thing! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
by Eliskuya at 4:19 AM EDT on April 12, 2021
you got a few tracks mixed up Elysium - Residential Area (Reaverbots) with defense zone, the defense zone plays when Reaverbots show up on Elysium. just wanted to point that out and I agree with Mouser X with Tron bonne :)
by Squaresoft74 at 5:51 AM EDT on April 12, 2021
Glad you like the rip, this one wasn't easy.
It's now mirrored on the main server in case my link goes down at some point.

A few tracks are re-used in different area, choice had to be made for titles since atm, no official OST exists.
I mostly followed this walktrough and then set breakpoints in game to get corresponding bgm IDs to pair the titles:

Elysium - Residential Area

Elysium - Residential Area (Reaverbots)

@Mouser X
I also have a complete re-rip for Tron ni Kobun using original driver now.
So no more tempo issue on some tracks unlike the currently available set (which is using a generic driver).
It's untitled/untimed and i'm looking for someone who could cover this part to release it.
If anyone is interested to give a hand, reach me over HCS discord server. :)
by Eliskuya at 7:55 AM EDT on April 12, 2021
that is fascinating Squaresoft74, also I made a new discord, sadly I can't join but if you need my help like old times I'll try keep you updated :)
by MusashiAA at 5:08 AM EDT on April 14, 2021
Thank you for the MML2 rip Squaresoft74, can't believe its been almost 5 years since I made this thread. Well worth the wait.

I'd offer to time and tag the Tron ni Kobun tracks, but I've forgotten what little I learned here lol

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