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update by almendaz at 6:21 PM EST on February 18, 2020
I have been busy offline, now I take the time to post.
An important note: the above code only works on the GAME.DAT file that OP uploaded (certainly NOT the NTSC versions from redump).

For these versions, the MUSSTART and MUSEND lines should be:

set MUSSTART long 0x1c78b000
set MUSEND long 0x24d06000

set MUSSTART long 0x1cdb9000
set MUSEND long 0x24454000


In any case, anyone with the game files can manually obtain those offset pretty easily:
MUSSTART: offset of the FIRST ocurrence of [78 00 00 00 00 10 00 00] qword. ## 2 words, to avoid FalsePstv.
MUSEND: offset of byte-array [00 00 02 00 48 49 54 20 11 00 00 00 30 01 00 00], minus 0x1800 (decimal 6144).

Or if one wants an all-version .BMS script, just replace these lines of the script

set MUSSTART long 0x1ce7f800
set MUSEND long 0x253fa800

with these

findloc MUSSTART binary \x78\x00\x00\x00\x00\x10\x00\x00
findloc MUSEND binary \x00\x00\x02\x00\x48\x49\x54\x20\x11\x00\x00\x00\x30\x01\x00\x00
math MUSEND - 6144

This new code should work on any .DAT version, assuming the last CHUNK of music is the same for all versions (by manual examination of .DAT file; the size of that chunk is 6144 bytes). Because of the search process, now the .bms will run slower, so it's preferred to obtain those values from hex editor and manually modify them on the original script.

The track names are in the main PS2 executables, the first being "sqm/sel_in.ams". Even better, they give hint of VFS, so the names corresponding to the tracks should be sorted already. A simple rename's script and the extracts are in their correct names. I appended .pcm to the .ams in order to be playable with vgmstream and the included (corrected) .txth:

codec = PSX
channels = 2
interleave = 0x8000
sample_rate = (@0x4$4)*48000/4096 ## from so called DVD "pitch"
start_offset = 0x800 ## after header
data_size = 2*(@0x8$4) ## using header info
num_samples = data_size

The two rip versions share almost the same tracks, except for exclusives, 4 in the JP-ver, 2 (one repeated 5 times) for US-ver. In fact, the many JP-exclusives are replaced with 2 exclusives for the US release.

There is also a stray se130.ams extract, that should belong to sound effects. I left it because it was in the extraction output, and also in the \sqm folder in the filesystem.

I used vgmt video demultiplexer for the MOVIE intros.
I now upload the two sets.

I do not call these rips "proper", because I did a data transformation (the "de-scrambling" process), even if it's lossless. I wonder if there are other PS2 games where music has this manner of binary reorganization/scrambling.


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