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Pokémon GO Music Extraction? by ArcticJaguar725 at 1:25 AM EDT on July 13, 2016
I took a look at the payload for the game, and it didn't look very friendly. I had assumed the music would consist of simple mp3 files considering the cringeworthiness of the loops in the game, but they are more complicated than that, unfortunately. Apparently, the music doesn't even loop back to the beginning, so I believe they had the capabilities of doing a better looping job, and I am, therefore, rather ashamed of the developers.

Anyway, has anybody looked into this yet?

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by ifrit05 at 2:03 AM EDT on July 13, 2016
Seems like it's a Unity Engine game, with all assets tied into the 'pokemongo" file, at least on iOS ("/var/mobile/Containers/Bundle/Application/A2460145-635E-4AED-9263-94FC6E5A7B23/" - 67,509,328/64.4 bytes/mb), seems to be the biggest file in the Bundle.

Wonder if someone made an extractor for it yet.

EDIT: Nvm, found more asset files in the /Data sub-directory (.assets) ranging from 2.2-46.6 mb. Looking into it.

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by Infernus Animositas at 9:39 AM EDT on July 13, 2016
Here's everything I could find.

They are FSB5 with vorbis encoding.

Pokemon Go (Original Streams)

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 2:44 PM EDT on July 13, 2016
Sweet, now I just need to find a way to play these back. I've done a little bit of research on this format to no avail. Is there any way to either play these back, convert them, or better yet, has anybody considered adding vgmstream support?
by Infernus Animositas at 5:00 PM EDT on July 13, 2016
This tool will convert them just fine :)

FMOD Extractor
by ArcticJaguar725 at 8:20 PM EDT on July 13, 2016
Awesome, thank you guys for the help!
by hcs at 12:50 AM EDT on July 14, 2016
If you want to get the original Vorbis back, there's fsb-vorbis-extractor.

Since it's a pain to build fsb-vorbis-extractor, I'll do it:
Pokemon Go [Rebuilt Streams].zip

And, since I don't trust Zippyshare, also via IPFS:
Pokemon Go [Original Streams].rar

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 7:18 AM EDT on July 14, 2016
Ah, thank you hcs; I appreciate it. :)
by Knurek at 2:50 PM EST on December 21, 2016
@hcs: could you provide a build for the fsb-vorbis-extractor as well? I have a rip using FSB5+OGG, and would prefer to upload original files, instead of WAV decodes.
by hcs at 11:03 PM EST on December 21, 2016
I never built it for Windows, don't know how exactly to approach that.

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