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by Uikri at 3:40 PM EDT on June 16, 2020
hcs, is IPFS the "InterPlanetary File System"?

edited 3:39 PM EDT June 16, 2020
by hcs at 7:35 PM EDT on June 16, 2020
Yes. You can get the file via that hash with a local IPFS client, or you can try using a gateway like,, etc, just stick the hash on the end of the URL. You'll need a downloader that supports resuming, because a gateway is almost certainly going to timeout several times before finishing a file that large. (This is a generic "you", I know you don't need this, Uikri)

The idea is that anyone can host it, then, and a client with the hash will find available sources. If you're running a client daemon it automatically caches and makes available stuff you've downloaded. It's like a trackerless torrent via a magnet link in some ways.

Or there's this http link, but I make no promises about availability. (Really no promises about IPFS availability, either, but at least someone else could mirror it.)

edited 7:36 PM EDT June 16, 2020

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