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by Uikri at 3:40 PM EDT on June 16, 2020
hcs, is IPFS the "InterPlanetary File System"?

edited 3:39 PM EDT June 16, 2020
by hcs at 7:35 PM EDT on June 16, 2020
Yes. You can get the file via that hash with a local IPFS client, or you can try using a gateway like,, etc, just stick the hash on the end of the URL. You'll need a downloader that supports resuming, because a gateway is almost certainly going to timeout several times before finishing a file that large. (This is a generic "you", I know you don't need this, Uikri)

The idea is that anyone can host it, then, and a client with the hash will find available sources. If you're running a client daemon it automatically caches and makes available stuff you've downloaded. It's like a trackerless torrent via a magnet link in some ways.

Or there's this http link, but I make no promises about availability. (Really no promises about IPFS availability, either, but at least someone else could mirror it.)

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by LusciousCloud at 5:52 AM EDT on August 22, 2023
I'm interested in the rips that are in Renoise's .xms format, but the link for them is dead. Would anyone happen to still have those?
by hcs at 10:32 AM EDT on August 23, 2023
I wasn't able to find a copy, but fortunately the converter source code is still up at the GitHub link, so it should be possible to convert them again.
by LusciousCloud at 12:22 PM EDT on August 24, 2023
Hah, I completely blanked on the github, didn't even notice the link to it in the OP, that's silly. Thanks for pointing it out :-)

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