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I made some custom driver rips (PSF2) by Nisto at 12:51 AM EST on February 12, 2017
I decided to create a thread for these as I've spent quite some time with them now and thought some discussion may eventually arise.

Graffiti Kingdom [Rakugaki Oukoku 2 Maojo no Tatakai] (2004-09-22)(Taito).7z

Silent Hill 2 - Saigo no Uta (2002-07-04)(KCE Tokyo)(Konami).7z

Silent Hill 3 (2003-07-03)(KCE Tokyo)(Konami).7z

World Soccer Winning Eleven 5 [Pro Evolution Soccer] (2001-03-15)(KCE Tokyo)(Konami).7z

First off, none of the PSF2s will play in AOPSF (2.1.9 anyway; I didn't bother testing much in the latest version). But believe me, I tried to make them work, even though AOPSF itself is reportedly buggy. I guess it just isn't very compatible with custom drivers. So use a player based on Neill Corlett's core (Highly Experimental), which plays them all flawlessly in both of its modes.

Secondly, all of these sets are untagged, and except for Winning Eleven 5, untimed. So taggers/timers/organizers/whatevers would be appreciated!

Also, the KCET drivers (Silent Hill 2 and Winning Eleven 5) may work with other games that use the same format, so I want to encourage people to test using them. Make sure you read the usage instructions for my custom modules in the notes included in the sets though. I already did test the Silent Hill 2 driver with Genso Suikoden IV and Shadow of Memories (aka Shadow of Destiny), but unfortunately the former just comes out silent and the latter plays slightly too slow, if I remember correctly.

The latter is also further proof that the KCET drivers were probably not very forward/backward compatible, and kind of prevents making a universally accurate KDT1->MIDI converter. The driver of Winning Eleven 5 had a similar problem with the data from Silent Hill 2. Originally, I only ripped the WE5 driver because it contains debug symbols (which made things much easier), but the music played too fast. I tried fiddling with the driver's tick mode, but it didn't help much, and it seems they actually do use the same modes after all.

The Silent Hill 3 rip uses the Silent Hill 2 driver as it is thankfully compatible with the data from Silent Hill 3.

As for Winning Eleven 5: the game contains only one sequenced track - the menu theme. It switches sub-tracks manually as you navigate the menu, so there's kind of no "absolute" way to play it. What I've done is to hardcode a 20-second loop for each sub-track. It's probably not "perfect", but I hope it sounds okay at least.

Some other PS2 KCET games that use the KDT1 format for BGM:
- Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings
- Genso Suikoden III
- Genso Suikoden IV
- Shadow of Destiny / Shadow of Memories
- Tokimeki Memorial 3

There may be more. If the game doesn't use a Trigger Data container (.TD extension, "SdDt" header), it's pretty easy to add it with e.g. a hex editor.

Also, I've been contemplating writing a PSF2 ripping tutorial as I've learned quite a lot making these sets and it's been quite frustrating without any help. If it would encourage more people to rip PSF2s, I think maybe I would. So if you're ambitious about PSF2 rippping, post a comment to show your interest, I guess?

edited 12:51 AM EST February 12, 2017
by peronmls at 10:04 AM EST on February 12, 2017
awesome man! Never thought Id see the day! I appreciate your hard work. =]
by AnonRunzes at 10:38 AM EST on February 12, 2017
Uhh, how did you do that?
by snakemeat at 2:11 PM EST on February 12, 2017
Nice work! I'd read a tutorial if you wrote one.
by MusashiAA at 1:36 PM EST on February 13, 2017
Thank you for providing your time and effort into making Graffiti Kingdom's rip a reality.

I took it upon myself to at least help out by tagging the files: here they are.

Here's some stuff I noted:

-No timing yet, partial tagging.

-Tagging follows SBPS-0006, Hako no Niwa or "The Boxed Garden". Track names deviate between sources, so I used the translated tracklist from VGMdb. Nisto's original notes also follow this track naming convention.

-Hako no Niwa is not a literal rip of the in-game music nor is it complete. Track 18 of the album release is shorter than this rip's track 18, but it is nonetheless present in this rip: the version used in the Acryla tickle cutscene is just the in-game version. MAOU.minipsf2 is not present in the album release: it is the track used for pretty much the entire final stage of the game, so I'll name it after the subtitle that appears right after the cutscene that precedes it; because of this, the track numbers are slightly off after it.

-Why tracks 06 and 17 have clones, I don't know for sure. Maybe one is used in-game, while the other in cutscenes?

edited 2:11 PM EST February 13, 2017
by Kirishima at 6:40 PM EST on February 13, 2017
Confirmed these (or at least Silent Hill 3) don't work with foo_aopsf 2.2.2 just in case anyone was wondering.
by peronmls at 8:55 AM EST on February 14, 2017
It works. It's weird though. You have to drag the driver and the track on foobar together.
by mogikihei at 4:02 PM EST on February 15, 2017
Thanks! I was able to create PSF2!.
Tokimeki Memorial 3 Wip
If there is no problem make a pack of TM3(It will take some time).

I think that .TD files can be extracted with this.
by Nisto at 7:34 PM EST on February 16, 2017
@MushiAA: thanks for the contribution! If you are confident with your updates, maybe post it in the thread as well? I unfortunately don't have access to the FTP myself, so there isn't much I can do with your upload personally.

@peronmls: dragging the driver file in together with the minipsf2s doesn't help for me with AOPSF 2.2.2 .. ? I can't see why it would, either, because even as standard (not mini) PSF2 files, they won't play. You didn't happen to delete or move the driver file the first time you tried playing them? (I'm asking that specifically because I recall someone deleting the driver library from another set I made once).

@mogikihei: That's great! I'm happy people are making use of the drivers. The music is great, I'll look out for for the full rip! Also, I'm glad you spotted this thread as I remember you ripped the Genso Suikoden II driver and thought you may be able to do something with GS3 or GS4. (Thanks again for helping out back then with Silent Hill 1)
by Knurek at 11:29 AM EST on February 17, 2017
@Nisto: Wasn't Suikoden 2 driver done by Neill Corlett?

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