Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06 (Xbox 360) - .ast files by AnonRunzes at 12:19 PM EDT on March 16, 2017
So, I just extracted audiostm.ast from the game by using the tiger_woods_ast.bms script by aluigi(I just had to modify it for the filenames). However, their structure is quite different, and there is no clue as to what format did this game use other than "DECEAXMA.CPP" and "ambientStreamer" on the decrypted executable of the Xbox 360 version of the game(the notes are here). Oh, and there`s no "SCHl" headers either.

So if anyone feels like handling this format better than me, feel free:

Or should I leave it to the experts at ffmpeg?

edited 12:24 PM EDT March 16, 2017

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