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by Kagemori at 4:42 AM EDT on April 22, 2017
Well granted, some furniture are just sound effects, but others have actual songs like the Music Box (, Pinball Machine or the Arwing (couldn't find these in YT).

In that case, maybe Bunny Day is an exception because it plays on top of the hourly songs (I don't know if this applies to other holidays like Festivale or Toy Day) ( Anyways, as you can see, it's a pretty nice tune that would be a great addition for the sake of completion.

Regarding the Museum, I think the current songs are wrongly tagged. Ideally I would actually play City Folk and go to the Museum to compare, but I'm far from home. Judging by Wild World however, which City Folk is a carbon copy of in terms of music, you can clearly differentiate between Bug and Fish:


It's only logical that in City Folk they were given the same treatment. Why wouldn't they? Every Museum room has its own variation, and I would find it very odd that they reused the same for Bug and Fish specially when WW has separate themes. Because they are very similar, I guess a lot of people didn't notice the difference and just named one of them as both.

List all the songs without loop? Yikes, well, listening here and there I spotted a couple of them, but I'll have to go through it in depth.

Thanks for the banner jingle!


Also, just so it's not a completely unrelated post, I made a comparison between MIDI+SF2 and direct dumping via Dolphin.

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 7:10 PM EDT on April 23, 2017
So I just decided to rip the notable ACCF sound effects straight from the BRSAR and now have access to those files. I now have the sounds like the Music Box, the Arwing, and Bunny Day. (However, I didn't dump the Pinball Machine because I'm pretty sure it's just a short sound effect.)

So I went to play Wild World to compare the museum sequences and came with an interesting conclusion. It turns out that Wild World's bug room actually DOES have the echoes you speak of, so there must be a mistake in the source (BTW the links you have provided are invalid links). A rule of thumb: always trust the games before somebody else's rips.

So to be completely honest, I don't exactly know what you mean when you say "Some songs also end before they loop." The reason I wanted the examples was mainly to grasp a better idea of what you meant by that because I don't recall looping songs that just end and stop before looping, unless they're songs that aren't meant to loop like the K.K. Slider stuff.

OKAY, back on topic. So I am currently aware that the MIDI+SF2 rips do support a higher sample rate than does the Dolphin rips. This is perhaps the main reason I say a Wii xsf format for these games would be perhaps the only way to improve the quality over Dolphin rips. See, even though MIDI+SF2 may be higher quality by sample rate, it's usually pretty inconsistent compared to what is heard while actually playing the games, which I find to be way more important most of the time. Ultimately it depends on whether or not the quality of the rip available is trash and the levels of inconsistency found in the MIDI+SF2 rips. (At least for ACCF, there is a pretty massive difference between the Dolphin rips and MIDI+SF2.)
by Kagemori at 5:45 AM EDT on April 24, 2017
That's great! Would it be possible for you to share those extra tunes please? :D

Oh absolutely, I've seen way worse mistakes naming songs. It still hurts when I see StickerbRush Symphony, it's STICKERBUSH for crying out loud!
Oh it appears that that site removes uploaded stuff in 24h if you don't have an account, oops. Well those were the fish and bug variations, but you have already played the game so nvm.

When I had your rip and the old mp3 one, I noticed some songs in the mp3 one were way longer. But nevermind, I've already deleted the mp3 one and can't spot them again.

Dolphin is on the right, forgot to mention. To be honest, the MIDI rip can have higher rates but it sounds nowhere as good as the Dolphin dump, so yeah.
I don't know if there's anything left to say regarding Smooth Moves at this point haha
by ArcticJaguar725 at 9:56 AM EDT on April 24, 2017
Okay, the sounds can be found here (for now anyway):

The archive is made up of RWAVs, which are dumped straight from the BRSAR. The two exceptions are the banner sound (.bns) and the Music Box, which I had to record and loop manually. I just decided to upload the ADPCM version of the Music Box for sake of uniformity, but I do have the lossless one finished already.

I will take this down once I finish converting all of the ACCF stuff to PCM16, which I will likely upload here somewhere else. At that point, an improvement of quality cannot happen without the introduction of xsf since it's a completely lossless dump at that point.

(This is probably not the best place to state this since I'm referencing a different thread, but the weird distortions I originally noticed with the WAVs are more than likely issues with the source sounds themselves than the actual Dolphin rips, meaning they would probably be there with xsf too. All I had to do to reach that conclusion was play Wild World for a few minutes. There were similar sounding distortions that were 10x as noticeable. Granted, it's a different game and the DS's sound is garbage, but I still feel like it holds significance for City Folk.)


Hmmm, we're getting way off topic to the point where we should probably be in a different thread altogether (but I don't feel like starting a new one though). I feel obligated to say something relevant so that we're not 100% unfocused from the main point of the thread, so I guess I will... are the Smooth Moves rips coming along? Do you plan on dumping everything from the game or just some things that matter more to you? Have you run into any major/minor difficulties recently? Will you need help looping the final products? (FWIW I could probably help with the looping since you have less experience, but I'm not overly familiar with the game so I'm worried I may accidentally loop something in the wrong place. I'm quite familiar with Animal Crossing, yet I nearly fell into the same trap ('s possible I actually did unknowingly). Some of the older MP3 loops definitely had looping issues.)

EDIT 1: Yup, just did a direct comparison with the MIDI+SF2. The distortions I was talking about are just as present in those as they are with the Dolphin rips. In all honesty, that's probably a bad thing because that means an xsf rip would certainly contain those too.

EDIT 2: Shoot, forgot to respond to the MP3 looping thing. I mean, it would make sense that the MP3s are longer because they aren't indefinite. Looping BRSTMs are, so a larger file size is nothing more than a waste of space at that point. Admittedly I do tend to loop things later than what could be seen as optimal more or less as a safety net in case there's a slight difference that could be easily overlooked before my set loop. Even more importantly, it's not good practice to loop the audio exactly at the repeating point (*cough* *cough* NIANTIC *cough*) because that's a fantastic recipe for a terrible loop. The worst part about doing this is that instruments tend to carry over into the repeating point, so looping right on it would cut them off and sound terrible. Pretty much the only exception to looping like this is if there is complete silence directly before both the starting and ending loop points.

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by Kagemori at 5:25 PM EDT on April 25, 2017
I have no idea what you mean by converting to PCM16 haha Is there any improvement than just converting the rwav to wav? Thanks for sharing! I'll try to open them with, uh, vgmstream perhaps?

Well there's 4000+ sound files within the brsar, from which 98% are just meaningless sound effects, so yeah, if anyone wants to tackle the whole thing, be my guest, but not me! Nah I'm just trying to do a selection of the songs I remember and like the most.

Now that you mention it, I recently found the first song that loops, and it was the E3 title screen theme (let's try this site instead then:, oh and it sounds much better on the PC btw, it seems it had to be downgraded in quality to be uploaded).

Oddly enough it had a silence gap in the moment of the loop (1:13), and I started to fear that all looping songs would have the same issue. Luckily I checked the final title theme and it loops fine, the other was from E3 after all...

I searched online on how to loop with Audacity and it recommended to use the "Find Zero Crossings" option for seamless looping. As you say, the only way for that to work best is if there is silence in between. I got lucky though, and while it may not be perfect, at least it turned out not noticeable I think. ^^''

Thanks! I'll have it in mind! Luckily so far it's the only song that had problems looping by itself. In any case, I uploaded it now to see if you find the loop good too. :)

Oh and I have found the reason of the freezing problem, it happened every time I used a save state. Now I have to start the viewer and load the brsar each time, but thankfully without (most part of) the error it's no big deal.
by ArcticJaguar725 at 2:11 PM EDT on April 28, 2017
Oh sorry, I should probably explain PCM16. So basically I am trying to create new BRSTMs that use a different encoding style (PCM16) than the first ones did (ADPCM). The reason for this is because PCM16 is lossless and does not degrade the quality of the audio whatsoever. However, the ADPCM encoding does, and although the loss is insignificant in most cases, it is somewhat noticeable for Animal Crossing. The typical standard for encoding BRSTMs is with ADPCM mainly because that's what most Nintendo games use and the file sizes are 3-4x smaller, but there are some instances where PCM16 will be seen (for example, Mario Kart Wii actually uses both). vgmstream should play these back no problem, so there's nothing to worry about there.

Dang, the quality of the audio you've provided is absolutely horrible. I'll assume the site is to blame, but when you're dumping, make sure you back up everything in its original WAV format. If for any reason you must convert to mp3, please at least set the bitrate to 320 kbps with Stereo and Constant Bit Rate if you can.

Anyway, my ears aren't able to pick up anything that stands out in the loop, but to be fair the quality of the mp3 is already terrible and it's just hard to pick up on in general, so that could be why. Could you try something like MediaFire to share it? I'm pretty sure it's free for up to 50 GB iirc.

What I did decide to do is write a rough tutorial in a Microsoft Word document over how I tend to create loops. I'll share it with you because it'll probably help you for these kinds of purposes.

Also here is the resulting BRSTM loop of that tutorial for reference, along with the original WAV file I used.

EDIT: For the RWAVs, you can just leave those files alone because vgmstream already supports them. Relooping those would only be useful for injecting into another game like Super Smash Brothers (or if seeing the .rwav extension just grinds your gears).

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by Kagemori at 5:30 PM EDT on April 28, 2017
Oh I see. Wow thanks for the guide! Very interesting method! The result is truly impeccable.

Yeah the quality is not that good, I wonder why that site does that? First time I used it actually, so good to know now. Anyways, here's a Mega link for the file itself:!pYsmGb5K!CzGhh9ASge3NGkrd7iMlMxh_xHnS33omCxdJqs7njn0

All of them are still in wav form, I'll most likely turn them into flac when I'm done recording. Truth is I'm kinda busy these days and haven't continued tbh.

Aaand not much else to add this time around I think.

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 8:16 PM EDT on April 28, 2017
To be honest, I do find that your loop does not stand out and that it would probably go undetected. However, I would still recommend trying the method I have provided for the sake of perfection. Through close investigation of the audio, I can tell exactly where you looped it, and it is (unsurprisingly) just a little off of the beat, which is capable of ruining the feel of the tune if it's a significant amount off. The tutorial should either get you perfectly on beat or so unbelievably close that it's almost negligible. It really depends on the consistency of the dumped audio since some of the instrument samples don't perfectly line up for some reason. (I think ordinary MIDIs run into this problem sometimes too iirc.)

On that note, I have some disgusting finals next week, so I may not be all that available for awhile. If you have a question, you can post it, but I can't say when/if I'll respond.

EDIT: Actually, are you even converting these to BRSTMs at all? If you aren't, then you don't even need to worry about looping at all; just keep playing it back through Dolphin until you think it's long enough and then fade it out for 10 seconds or so at the end. There is legitimately no reason to loop it manually unless you're creating looping files.

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by Kagemori at 9:23 AM EDT on April 30, 2017
No actually I just want to have them in flac or something lossless.

Yeah I know, I leave other looping songs play in Dolphin and stop recording after they loop enough, but in that very song the loop isn't properly encoded or something and it makes a fade out gap between the first and second loop as default.

Good luck with your finals! I have mine later haha
by Moonboy65 at 1:52 PM EDT on August 2, 2017
Any luck with WarioWare: Smooth Moves?

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