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by ArcticJaguar725 at 4:01 PM EDT on April 6, 2017
You may be forgetting to load the actual BRSAR file. Try pressing HOME, Down, A, A while in Sound Mode to see if anything loads.

To record, I strongly recommend dumping through Dolphin, mainly because it will experience the least amount of loss/static out of any other option, especially if Dolphin manages to run below 100% performance. To enable audio dumping, within Dolphin, find Movie/Dump Audio and select it. The dumps can be found wherever things like saves for Dolphin are (in my case, the Documents folder). The file containing the audio dump (should be named dspdump.wav) will be overwritten every single time you emulate something, so make sure to move it somewhere else as soon as you close the emulation. It is sampled at just 32000Hz, but it's not a big deal since the Wii downsamples to 32000Hz anyway, so recording with another software at a higher sample rate is pointless. The only reason to ever upsample would be if you're making MP3 conversions since iTunes doesn't play back 32kHz properly for some stupid reason.

The SoundArchivePlayer should contain all of the sounds and BGM. It may take a lot of scrolling to make it to the actual BGM, so it could require some patience.

When you reach the BGM, you can press A to start playing it and - to stop playing it. The SoundArchivePlayer must be highlighted for either of these to work.

The SoundInfoViewer contains all of the MIDI channels that can be enabled/disabled at any point. Select the menu with B, press Right on the D-Pad, and you should be there. You can scroll through the channels with Up and Down, and press A to toggle them on or off.

Finally, it is possible to change the window size of the menus to make them easier to work with (although it is somewhat difficult and confusing), and it can be useful for seeing all 16 MIDI channels simultaneously. While holding B for SoundInfoViewer, first press 1 so that the menu is always open even while not highlighted. Following that, while holding B, if you press +, you should be able to change the window size by moving the cursor around.

I know this is a lot of information to wrap your head around (and also especially irritating thanks to that error), but that's part of what makes this all super tedious (in addition to the fact that you have to listen to the entire track before moving onto another). As soon as you get playback results, I highly encourage you to set a save state because it will allow you to jump immediately to backing up the next BGM track without going through all of these annoying and tedious steps over and over again.

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by Kagemori at 3:59 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
Oh now it works. Yeah I wasn't loading the brsar :p

I already have near 100 songs exported with the SF2+MIDI method though, and I haven't tried myself yet but, is the quality improvement really worth it to re-record everything? ^^"

Thanks for the lengthy explanation btw

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 8:42 PM EDT on April 11, 2017
It ultimately depends on how much you care about quality. For a majority of things ripped to MIDI+SF2, certain sounds will sound very inconsistent from the originals or some will be missing data such as reverb or vibrato. That being said, if you are either an audiophile or plan on listening to the rips reasonably often, I would recommend doing it through Dolphin. However, if you simply don't have any time in your life, you're only curious to mess with the audio a little, or you care more about its sequenced data than you do about having streamed rips, then I'd recommend sticking with the MIDIs since it does take awhile to dump, plus it requires a fairly strong understanding of exactly where every track loops and how to seamlessly loop audio to the nearest exact sample in the first place (nearest 31.25 ┬Ás (microseconds) in this case).

Remark: If you do record through Dolphin, I would also recommend keeping a backup of all of the recorded WAV files because even the best of us will occasionally make a mistake while looping and may need to redo it. Or much worse yet, you could realize, say, you forgot to amplify all of the audio data and have to completely start over from the beginning. Having WAV backups would save you from many, many hours of re-recording everything. (BRSTMs encoded in ADPCM are NOT lossless files, meaning you cannot just convert those files back to WAVs. Ways are being introduced to create them using PCM16 though BrawlBox, but the current implementation as of right now is buggy and may require another update before it can be used safely, as the developer is aware of the issue. Besides, if you plan on using said BRSTMs to replace the audio in a game like Super Smash Brothers Brawl, you will need to use the ADPCM encoding anyway (I think) since all of the other files in the partition use ADPCM.)

Whoops, I think I might have been going for too long at this point. I'm not very good at hiding my obsessions with audio. I apologize if my rant was somewhat intimidating. :(
by Kagemori at 8:16 AM EDT on April 14, 2017
Oh no please I really appreciate your help and suggestions. I don't know haha I just want to have a good soundtrack of Smooth Moves to replace the VBR MP3 rip I always end up finding.

I don't really know how to loop like you say so that's a problem... Lol unfortunately the MIDI method doesn't loop the songs either so it's pretty much the same now that I think about it.

Now this thing stops when I play back one song, it stays at 0 fps and I have to restart. Soooo nope. I would actually do it if it was more convenient but no way, I'd rather wait for another way to unpack brsar sequences, if any at all. I'll just record a couple more of the MIDIs and that's it. :/

By the way, I was referring to this rip ( I still don't understand how in the world it was done.

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 7:15 PM EDT on April 15, 2017
I'm not gonna lie; the quality of those videos is better than I would've expected considering the music is all sequenced and there's been no formal rip of the game (that we know about anyway). However, it is still possible that this was recorded via Line-In or through Dolphin with the use of Gecko Codes or something.

Regarding the 0 FPS issues you've run into, unfortunately I have no idea why that would be happening since I never actually ran into that problem. If I had to guess, it is probably related to certain settings that may or may not be enabled within Dolphin.

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by Ghignarda at 5:24 PM EDT on April 16, 2017
Would you be able to upload the brsar files?
by Kagemori at 3:34 PM EDT on April 17, 2017

True... I already tried to find a way of muting the SFX before looking directly into the brsar, but I couldn't find anything as far as I know... So it's surprising how some of the songs in that rip should have SFX and they don't. Don't know why that happens either, it actually worked the first times, but suddenly stops. Nevermind though!


Sure thing, here's the brsar:!lAlTBA4a!hjQhhWtQ2ZOTNv4KK7sGTuZJ9iGPBKn_GtpMiKjnWE0

As a short recap:

- Opening it with a brsar unpacker will just dump meaningless streamed sound effects while all the sequenced music remains inside.

- It can also be opened with the dvdroot for Dolphin offered in that tutorial. Best quality but a total pain to record because of an error in the program.

- Lastly, every audio file can be viewed and exported into a midi and a soundfont file with VGMTrans, which was kindly suggested by Jasper. Less painful, but joining again the MIDI and the SF files externally in another program will result in some inaccuracies and the quality is not the best since the base is a MIDI. Sadly, VGMTrans isn't capable of exporting a wav directly.

The brsar is actually very convenient because it includes all regional variants and even long forgotten E3 demo exclusive themes for all versions and is not particularly big. That doubles the frustration that it cannot be properly ripped though! Ugh
by ArcticJaguar725 at 8:47 PM EDT on April 17, 2017
I may be beating a dead horse at this point, but I've discovered it is possible to at least hide most of that error. To do this, open viewer.elf with Notepad++ and use Ctrl+F to find "Unknown mail %08X, Write retry reboot mail." and select all of the text (but not the NUL). Replace that with " ", and a majority of that message will disappear. (Note: you must use the exact number of spaces provided or the program will crash.)

EDIT: Whoa, the spaces in the post do not carry over. Try replacing it with 43 spaces.

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by Kagemori at 3:54 PM EDT on April 18, 2017
DUDE THAT'S BRILLIANT! It works perfectly now! The problem before was that the error made navigation nearly impossible to me, I couldn't read properly what I was selecting and holding A+B messed with other inputs, but now everything is clear and fully operational!

The freezing problem also seems to have been temporary, I didn't get it this time in a couple of attempts, so I'm totally recording a bunch of songs now.

Thank you so much and Jasper too for all the help, really, if it hadn't been for this, I'd have still been completely clueless.

Oh and as a side note, kinda off-topic, I was checking out your Animal Crossing City Folk rip compared to a mp3 one I had. Yours is clearly superior in quality, thank you very much again for doing it! But I noticed some things:

- Four relatively relevant songs are missing: the bell tune that plays at the city when the hour changes, the Bunny Day song, the default town tune and the Wii menu channel jingle. Some furniture tunes are also missing like the Music Box, the Pinball Machine, the Triforce or the Starwing.

- The Museum has a different variation for the bug section. It's nearly identical to the aquarium but if you listen closely the aquarium has reverb in the notes of the main beats while the bug variation has none.

- Some songs also end before they loop. Minor issue (at least to me), but just so you know.

Now it's me who's maybe beating a dead horse, but I thought I could tell you just in case you were still interested in it. It's also a little something in return for all your help with this. ^^

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by ArcticJaguar725 at 3:16 AM EDT on April 19, 2017
Glad I could help with the error; it's a shame I didn't know about it at the time of making the ACCF rips. :(

In response to your ACCF notes:

The bell tune is generated around your town tune, and the default town tune doesn't appear to have its own sequenced jingle within the BRSAR that I'm aware of (especially since one of those notes is complete RNG upon every playback anyway). The sounds like the firebar and the starman honestly probably shouldn't even be included within the rips because they're technically just sound effects (but I wanted them there anyway just because); it would've been more efficient for me to just rip those straight from the BRSAR, but I was too lazy. I don't have this confirmed, but the same probably goes for Bunny Day. As for the Wii Menu banner sound, honestly that should really be included. I didn't see it originally but then kinda forgot about it later.

Regarding the museum, I'm honestly pretty sure the bug room actually does have the echoed sounds in there; the echoes are just incredibly hard to hear. With the bug room making the music quieter and the bug noises being absurdly loud, it can be very difficult to tell that it's even there at all. I'll look into this more closely later in case I'm mistaken. (EDIT 1: Yup, echo is definitely there. So at least I didn't mess that up...)

Could you note all of the tunes you found that end before the loop? I know most variations of the museum sound like they could've been looped a lot earlier, but I left them longer on purpose since that's how the midi is structured at least (plus I'm pretty sure there are some very subtle velocity changes throughout, but maybe it's just me).

EDIT 2: Since I don't feel like putting up a new link altogether until I find the time to redo the ACCF loops using PCM16, I'll just throw the banner sound here. BNS files can be played using vgmstream.

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