Need help with audio from mobiclip .mo files by ronnyspb at 5:56 AM EDT on April 15, 2017
Hi, the media files in game disc are in the mobiclip .mo (MOC5) format. I already demux them to video/audio with last version of vgmtoolbox and then I received audio file with .raw extension and now I need to convert this file to wav.

Here is sample of .raw file!a8ZhlDhb!OaHt5loaEMnJC1KNmxbsNzuIVJF6YJNK9AjSYC2TKHU

I tried to load it into Audacity as raw VOX ADPCM files and I hear something look like real sound through big distortions.

Maybe someone can help me to convert to wav ? Thanks!

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