Unknown GCN PCM files from Pokemon Box by Kagemori at 9:30 AM EDT on April 30, 2017
So I've been wanting to get the Pokemon Box Ruby and Sapphire remixes for quite some time and decided to try out looking for the sound files in Dolphin.

Found some PCM files which I suspect are the music but I tried playing them with vgmstream and in_cube to no avail.

They are just labeled as PCM, not bms or any of those weird GC formats, so one would think they shouldn't be a problem... Any ideas/suggestions?

Here are the files if someone wants to mess with them a little.


Edit: I'd like to convert them to wav or some other manageable format, not just playing them btw

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by Nisto at 10:02 AM EDT on April 30, 2017
They decode fine as signed 16-bit big endian raw PCM, but judging by the audio contained, there are probably companion formats for sequenced music somewhere. MusyX is most common for sequenced GameCube music, but raw PCM is never used afaik, so I honestly don't know what this could be..
by Kagemori at 4:23 PM EDT on April 30, 2017
Thanks for the reply! I see... Here's all that's inside the disc (http://imgur.com/a/oSXBK), but there's nothing else apart from the those PCM files that could refer to a file related to sound I think.


Edit: Well, maybe "se_ram" and "se_aram" for "sound effect", but still not very likely. ^^'

Edit 2: Just opened a couple of them in Audacity with the parameters you mentioned and I definitely see what you mean. They seem to be audio samples of some sort, like "pokecenpb2" is the music box version and there are some music box samples.

Tried replacing se_ram and se_aram with other random files with GCTool to see if at least those were the sound effects and with that I could mute them, but Dolphin is unable to run the iso if I do, it says "Invalid read" or something like that.

So yeah, completely clueless about where the music files actually are. :/

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by Nisto at 2:50 PM EDT on May 2, 2017
How big is common.arc, and the files you mentioned? If the files are not too big, I can give them a look.
by Kagemori at 4:02 PM EDT on May 2, 2017
common.arc is 36kb, se_ram.arc is 144kb and se_aram.arc is the biggest at 5.75mb

Here they are just in case: https://mega.nz/#!QNdGiCzI!2TGSOrotP1eQFbytx15Bzcec1xl164boRQEAAQOkP4s

I also included usherette_Scr.arc because I also thought it was suspicious, maybe its what contains the sounds who knows.


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by Nisto at 4:27 PM EDT on May 2, 2017
Indeed, there is MIDI and instrument data for the music in se_ram.arc. Use rarcdump and yaz0dec to extract the files (or download them here). The .wt format is new to me though, sorry.

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by Kagemori at 2:00 AM EDT on May 3, 2017
Oh I see! The .wt format is unfortunate though... At least we have the files though :)

Thanks again!
by Nisto at 10:27 AM EDT on May 11, 2017
I made a .wt to .sf2 converter. It's hardly perfect though. Some instruments have issues, and sample loops are not processed. A lot of melodic instruments sound 8-bit-like, so I think there is also some DSP/filter/synthesis stuff that's unprocessed by my script (table 3 probably). It mostly affects melodic instruments though, drums sound okay from what I can tell.


I also uploaded an SF2 pack on the GitHub page in case you don't want to go through what I did.

There are some notes on the format(s) on the page, too, so if anyone wants to help out, that may be of help. I'm not sure I got all the concepts right for this format, so the terminology used may be way off..

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by Kagemori at 3:17 PM EDT on May 12, 2017
That's a great step forward! The result is not perfect but it's close, mostly sound effects missing like you say.

Thanks for spending time on this, I really appreciate it :)

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