Is there any way to convert wavs to BFWAV? by Swiftie24 at 4:00 PM EDT on May 2, 2017
Mario Kart 8 and several others use this format , and while there are already ways to convert sounds to bfstm , i cant find anything about bfwavs.
by bxaimc at 9:59 AM EDT on May 3, 2017
I think I may have seen an encoder in the Cafe SDK. Maybe.
by soneek at 10:19 AM EDT on May 3, 2017
Someone really just needs to add support to revb or VGAudio for it. It's mainly a lack of time or priority for it at the moment.
by Swiftie24 at 10:18 AM EDT on May 5, 2017
Aw shoot.

No support then , i honestly wonder why it takes so long. Either way i guess i will have to keep waiting.

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