Attempts to replicate PSG/FM/wavetable synthesis using pulse-code modulation (samples) by abuse of circ at 9:04 PM EDT on May 5, 2017
this is one of the more curious video game articles on Wikipedia:

I'm looking for more games like the ones listed below, whether the music is original to the platform or was carefully converted (unlike, say, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy). I find these cases interesting, as they obviously require significantly more effort than using

This should mainly pop up on the SNES, PS1 and DS, although there are likely some rare cases on GBA and Saturn. Also possibly the Amiga? I don't really understand that machine.

Caravan Shooting Collection (conversion of three NES games)
Kyuuyaku Megami Tensei (debatable, I suppose)

The Adventure of Little Ralph (two instrument sets, one is "PSG")

Etrian Odyssey I-III (less so in the third? only played the first)
Nihon Pro Mahjong Kishikai Kanshuu - Pro ni naru Mahjong DS
The Dark Spire (two versions of music, one is "original")

additionally, Yousuke Yasui did a couple FM-style tracks for some DS English training games (don't think they are streamed) and the Star Radish tracks in Doki Majo Plus.

I'm still investigating the Tokimeki Memorial minigames...
Similarly, there might be something in Love Plus?

almost certainly missing a few obvious titles. please contribute.

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by hcs at 11:43 PM EDT on May 5, 2017
Lagoon (SNES) is the first that comes to mind for me, probably similar to the music from the X68000 version. But maybe it's in your Ninja Gaiden Trilogy category?

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by banshiryuu at 1:53 AM EDT on May 10, 2017
Yep, I've looked a fair amount at those DS English training games (NEW Eitango Target 1900DS and Eijukugo Target 1000DS) as the stage track, Counter Strike, has become one of my favorite VGM over the years. Really amazing where god-tier VGM can be hiding, hehe. But yeah, Counter Strike and Opposing Force both are entirely with the internal DS PSG. Only other case I know of this is the GB Sounds versions of songs in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver.

GBA is a tough one because of the GB hardware still being present and actually used, but the Famicom Mini games probably still do this. Especially the Japanese Mini releases of FDS games.

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