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by datschge at 5:16 AM EDT on June 2, 2017
This is great development, thanks furrybob!

Does or will this also allow getting the key for encrypted HCA files? I was trying the exe from the first post on a folder of HCA files from a mobile game and it was just counting to 4095 without any other visible effect. Thanks again!
SKYLOCK 天鎖戰記 Decryption by ssh at 3:57 PM EDT on June 2, 2017
@datschge Decryption key: 0000000B7235CB29
by datschge at 4:02 PM EDT on June 2, 2017
Thanks ssh ^^
by furrybob at 7:14 PM EDT on June 2, 2017
It's just ADX files for now. I haven't looked at HCA yet.
by datschge at 8:22 PM EDT on June 2, 2017
I see. Then I hope it turns out to be easily reusable, both formats being by CRI Middleware.
by datschge at 5:21 PM EDT on June 11, 2017
@ssh, may I ask for your service again? ^^;
HCA files from another mobile game
Tales of the Rays Decryption by ssh at 11:11 PM EDT on June 11, 2017
@datschge Decryption key: 00000000009134FC
by datschge at 9:00 AM EDT on June 12, 2017
@ssh Excellent, thanks again! ^^
by akanerin7 at 7:55 AM EDT on June 21, 2017
could you decode this one sir? (HCA) just want to rip some BGM and AUDIO from this game..
title:fate grand order (Android)
sample :
by akanerin7 at 8:43 AM EDT on June 21, 2017
i read it using hex...
ÈÃÁ   æíô  ¬D >ð×ãïíð  €@@ ìïïð  < €8ãéðè 8ðáä
looks like not HCA or ADX.. im not sure if this an HCA Encrypted or a newer version...

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