PSX+360 RIP by PrinceSnake at 8:06 AM EDT on May 31, 2017
Hello there, it's been several years that I'm searching for a gamerip of these games.

Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire. (PSX)

Hard Edge or know as : T.R.A.G.: Tactical Rescue Assault Group - Mission of Mercy (PSX)

Lucidity (360)

I've checked several website that were sharing gamerips in their original format but didn't find these.

Thanks a lot,

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by hcs at 12:24 PM EDT on May 31, 2017
You can find Hard Edge through the joshw search tool, or just look in for PSX titles.

I don't know about the other games you asked for, though.
by marcusss at 10:44 PM EDT on May 31, 2017
I can try to rip Lucidity XBLA for you later
by marcusss at 3:57 AM EDT on June 8, 2017
I uploaded my rip of Lucidity so should appear HERE in the next couple of days.

by PrinceSnake at 4:25 PM EDT on June 8, 2017
Hello marcusss,

I'm so grateful for Lucidity's upload!
Thanks a lot for your work.

Best regards.

to HCS

This is the game that I'm talking about :[U]-1.jpg

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by marcusss at 9:28 PM EDT on June 8, 2017
Atlantis has a weird XA file 300MB which doesn't split properly in VGMTB or any other software I tried.. Interesting. Only the sound effects are extracted in VGMTB..

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by marcusss at 11:53 PM EDT on June 9, 2017
While Lucidity is put up on the server here is a direct link to the rip

by PrinceSnake at 11:15 AM EDT on June 11, 2017
What a pity,

A dude on YouTube managed to rip the full soundtrack of the game, but I don't any idea of how he did that...

But YouTube compression is terrible...

Thanks again for Lucidity
by marcusss at 10:31 AM EDT on June 12, 2017
He probably ripped it within the game like soundtest or something.

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