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Mobile - Music by datschge at 2:34 PM EDT on June 17, 2017
Thought this might deserve its own thread and more exposure. On the one hand mobile games are low hanging fruits (especially the F2P ones) on the other hand mobile games are constantly disappearing, may that be due to losing compatibility or discontinuation of service. Especially the latter case most often leads to loss to digital nirvana.

The music definitely can be worth it, e.g. just check out the new SINoALICE by Yoko Taro/Keiichi Okabe of Nier fame.

I personally started by network sniffing as surprisingly many games (like discontinued Skylock, Valkyrie Anatomia, Valkyrie Connect) get data from servers that are also reachable with a browser. I moved on to Bluestacks to get file system access which is way more comfortable, though quite some games seem to detect that environment and just don't start, so I guess a real Android device which can be put in development mode only when required may be more suitable. I'd love a rip of Terra Battle (by Nobuo Uematsu), Heaven x Inferno (by Yuzo Koshiro), Star Ocean anamnesis etc.

Then there's formats and encryption. My impression so far is that most games use Ogg Vorbis or CRI (mostly HCA, but some ADX) along unidentified stuff. User furrybob posted a program to get the key for encrypted ADXs, user ssh managed to get keys for encrypted HCAs. Samples can be found in their respective APK (really zip) files, but never take an APK as complete. Nowadays they are only like installers that get most of the data at a later point.

Tool wise aside the obvious VGMToolbox I suggest UnityEX as extractor for diverse Unity files (which most mobile games appear to use).

Long story short, I hope more people look at that field. Plenty traditional VGM composers are active there so I'm sure there's good stuff to unearth. Also maybe some other sites and people already did work that can be brought together here?

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by datschge at 8:46 AM EDT on June 18, 2017
Star Ocean anamnesis appears to use some tri-Ace specific container (starting with " CAA") which includes plain Ogg Vorbis starting at some later point, simply cutting it there makes it playable. Two untouched samples

Tales of Asteria is completed but unplayable. The files look headerless, I guess that is a case for genh? I think if somebody manages to make it playable it can be directly uploaded to

Heaven x Inferno uses SPK files with headers that start with "SLZ", maybe some compression container? Two untouched samples

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by bnnm at 10:09 AM EDT on June 18, 2017
Tales of Asteria are likely encrypted, or unlikely a very, very custom Ogg, as basically you can't have headerless Ogg.

tri-Ace uses AAC for their PS3/X360 games too. They include loop points and stuff.

I take HxI are compressed somehow? Seems soneek was able to extract them, see here
by MurraySkull at 4:32 AM EDT on June 19, 2017
Super Mario Run also seems to be encrypted .ogg
by datschge at 10:36 AM EDT on June 23, 2017
Hope Soneek joins this thread sometime.

Also let's hope those ogg files use some standard tool, otherwise there'll be no chance all of those nondescript ogg files can ever be decrypted.

Uploaded Sengoku Night Blood a couple days ago, it's already up, overall nice piano centered soundtrack.

Looking at mobile games with music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, what a wasteland...
- SEGA did Chaos Dragon and The World End Eclipse, and both have service discontinued already. Anybody have full installs of these (not just APK, actual game data while those where still in service)?
- Battle Charms/Little Noah uses Unity and the data seems to stay in the UnityCache. The _data in the directories
appear to contain music, but both UnityEx and AssetBundleExtractor fail to extract the content for me.
- Memories of the Blue won't start in my Bluestacks...
by Knurek at 11:36 AM EDT on June 23, 2017
Re: Unity - have you tried looking for FSB5, 'WAVEfmt' or 'vorbis' strings?
You might luck out and the game uses standard files. You'd be missing filenames, sure, but that's not a huge issue... :)
by datschge at 3:14 AM EDT on June 24, 2017
Good call on FSB5, that's indeed found in there (though it seems to be combined with LAME/MP3 data, not Vorbis). But the issue is not whether the files are playable, but how to extract them from the container (which is the purpose of UnityEX and AssetBundleExtractor). UnityCache uses UnityFS container files that can potentially contain dozen to thousands of files, and I'd rather not have to cut all of them out manually even if that's somehow possible to do cleanly. =P

Onto mobile games with involvement by Yoko Shimomura...

- Demons' Score, service discontinued in 2014. Game was by Yoko Taro/iNiS with plenty known composers. Maybe Square Enix can relaunch it to more success with the current Yoko Taro craze.
- Kishi to Dragon, service discontinued end of 2014.
- Chronos Ring, service discontinued early last year.
- V.D. Vanishment Day, service discontinued early this year. At least there's actually a soundtrack for that one.

I failed, somebody please take over:
- Egglia, paid game.
- Rise of Mana, won't start...
- Bravely Gate, won't start...
- Summons Board, won't start...
- Himetame, starts but no way to proceed from title screen?
- QLTON/Happy Ranch, starts but no way to proceed from title screen?

Some progress:
- Clash of Panzers, ripped and uploaded.
- Kurokishi to Shiro no Maou, ripped and uploaded.
- Tagatame/Dare ga tame no Alchemist/For Whom the Alchemist Exists, obfuscated cri stuff, needs matching awb/acb pairs. I think it's all ripped, but I'd prefer non-random file names. Anybody knows if the ACB files contain some info (like MD5 hash or something) that helps finding the matching AWB? If not I'll upload the set as is.

Btw. @Knurek - Feel free to delete the old sets of Valkyrie Crusade and Samurai Empire. The new ones supersede them.
by Knurek at 3:34 AM EDT on June 24, 2017

Just use this settings in VGMToolbox:

You might have to binary join some files afterwards, but it still beats manually extracting them.
by datschge at 8:21 AM EDT on June 24, 2017
That's quite the brute force approach. Since the containers include other file types as well there's bound to be quite some dead wood at the tail ends of the output. Is there are format parser/player capable of cutting unnecessary data at the end of streams? Will check playtimes and file sizes, crosscheck that with the file table in the containers, and upload the result...
Edit: Looks like vgmstream/foobar refuses to detect/play an fsb with mixed data anyway. Wish I could get the info at what address the data starts mixing/gets invalid...

edited 8:50 AM EDT June 24, 2017
by Knurek at 8:49 AM EDT on June 24, 2017
From my experience with Unity + FMOD games, they always have music in a separate resource file(s) that only contain the music, so the dead data has not been an issue yet.

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