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by FZFalzar at 6:45 PM EDT on October 10, 2018
Yes I am on discord, just which :P
I'm not aware if hcs64 has a discord

My nickname is Falzar ฅ'ω'ฅ#4798
by bxaimc at 9:17 PM EDT on October 10, 2018
Lovely, having a hard time with those special characters, mind sending me a message pls @bxaimc#4997
by FZFalzar at 4:11 AM EDT on October 11, 2018
Sent you a request, unable to message you because no mutual servers
by bnnm at 7:52 PM EDT on October 12, 2018
Thanks to FZFalzar, furrybob and hozuki we now know what's going on.

The key FZFalzar posted (2967411924141 / 0x000002B2E7889CAD) is the seed (base) key, while the value at 0x0e (little endian) in the .AWB is a derivation/mod value. This basically means there is one key per AWB.

I'll update vgmstream, so you can post the seed key + all AWB mods to update the key list, or create a .hcakey with seed (0x08) and mod (0x02) (or also pre-derive the keys and make a final 0x08 .hcakey)

Presumably all future HCA will do this as well.
by FZFalzar at 8:40 PM EDT on October 12, 2018
Thanks to all involved in the analysis and reverse engineering of the new format!
by MoldyPond at 12:06 PM EDT on October 25, 2018
Is there anyone that happens to have an IPA/APK of the game Star Drift by Squarehead Studios?

The game Star Ghost recently got a switch port and it turns out it was originally a phone game that's no longer on the app store/has no info about it whatsoever anywhere.

The only reason I ask is because David Wise did the soundtrack. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
by shockdude at 11:28 PM EST on December 27, 2018
I'm trying to rip the OST from my copy of Cytus II Android, does anyone know what audio format the game uses?
I can convert the FSBs to WAV using fsb_aud_extr, but I'd prefer to extract the FSBs and get the original compressed audio file, if possible. My attempts using fsbext haven't been successful thus far.

edit: nvm vgmstream can play the FSBs directly, but only if the files are renamed with the FSB extension.

edit 2: Is there a way to get the proper filename of the FSB files, instead of just the hashed filename?

edit 3: Figured it out. Each FSB shares a hashed filename with another file, and that file contains the song's proper filename.

Music extraction is fun.

edited 3:19 PM EST December 28, 2018

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