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by MoldyPond at 10:30 AM EDT on March 13, 2018
@marcusss You said you were checking the other versions of UNO? Were you able to check the PS3 version? I ripped the WiiWare version and it looks like it didn't have the 3 bonus backgrounds you can unlock so only the iOS version has the extra files. Just wondering if the PS3 does or doesn't have them either.
by marcusss at 8:41 PM EDT on March 15, 2018
Hi MoldyPond. I don't have the game but the ps3 ver. can easily be downloaded but I have lots of things before that but can take a look at it at some stage if someone else doesn't already.
by MoldyPond at 10:11 PM EDT on March 15, 2018
No worries, I'm not forcing you to check :D

Unfortunately, I don't own a PS3 (or any Sony console for that matter), nor know the ways of ripping PS3 games.
by marcusss at 11:09 PM EDT on March 15, 2018
I will try to download the ps3 version and take a look ;)
by MoldyPond at 11:37 PM EDT on March 15, 2018
Thanks a bunch :3

Honestly the only reason I'd like to know is because I can't find a single video that shows changing the backgrounds in it. There's a 99% chance it'll be exactly the same as the Wii version though.
by MoldyPond at 6:50 PM EDT on March 31, 2018
@marcusss I just remembered that the Klondike card game built into the click-wheel iPods had a pretty jazzin' song

I honestly can't remember if plugging the iPod into a computer allows you to view the contents of the built in games without hacking of any sort, but would it be possible for you to check it out at some point?

edited 6:53 PM EDT March 31, 2018
by simonmkwii at 7:35 PM EDT on March 31, 2018
@MoldyPond - See the music archive thread of awesome!

Thanks for the request by the way. I'll do it.
by bnnm at 5:15 PM EDT on April 20, 2018
PSA, games closing:

* King's Knight (SQEX) - June 25
* Puzzle Fighter (Capcom) - July 31

In case somebody wants to do some ripping magic.
by MoldyPond at 6:35 PM EDT on April 20, 2018
I'll try to get Puzzle Fighter up later tonight (pls god no Mario Run encryption)
by MoldyPond at 12:04 AM EDT on April 21, 2018
I tried the iOS IPA and I can't access the actual files for some reason. Tried the Android APK but there's a million files with no extension that don't play in foobar so I'm out of ideas.

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