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by MurraySkull at 5:55 PM EDT on April 21, 2018
Looked into Puzzle Fighter - seems the music is in multiple files in the SD Card cache, and has the header (multiple in the case of arcade_audio) of RIFF FEV FMT

Here are a couple of samples:
by marcusss at 6:08 PM EDT on April 21, 2018
Files are in Unity fs format. Using script or unity studio you can decompress it and then open again in studio or your fav unity audio extractor to extract.

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by MurraySkull at 10:11 PM EDT on April 21, 2018
I get the feeling he already knows that.

Anyway, I managed to get some better samples:
by bnnm at 4:42 AM EDT on April 22, 2018
Try this FSB5 extractor:

Songs seems to have "main + fast + intro" subsongs, you can create a .txtp text file like this to play as a single song btw:

loop_start_segment = 3
by winterbreezesrule at 10:23 PM EDT on April 26, 2018
So I dunno if I should ask here or what, but Cookie Run is a mobile game (series), and since I've figured out the .fsbs, I figured I could dump my resources and ask for help. contains all of the sounds from the most recent versions of Kakao/Line Cookie Run and Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. I do intend on adding not only files from Ovenbreak and Ovenbreak 2, but the .oggs found in earlier iterations of Cookie Run. (Keep in mind the Cookie Run files currently aren't super organized, I'm planning on getting to that.)

Now, for my question: Ovenbreak does use .mp3s encrypted/stored in .fsbs for sound effects, but handles background music through .midis that seem to be...encrypted? In some way? I'm not sure. I looked at one in a hex editor and didn't see anything immediately identifying it as another kind of file, though I will admit I didn't copy/paste/research/blah blah. The soundfonts I've got both in .sf2 and .dls--in the APK itself, the .dls is disguised as a unique .crb.

The soundfonts:!CwthiD5J!6CEWavFZUkqisI2SDPTOYtUyxzk_3TaqhyU0Gsh5w9w (I can post them in .dls if wanted)
The BGM:

Cookie Run's sound stuff in general is really great, so it'd be nice to recreate the Ovenbreak BGM however possible. All the rips on youtube are just poor recordings of game audio.

EDIT: Whoops, posted the wrong link for the BGM. Sorry.

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by datschge at 6:53 PM EDT on July 19, 2018
Capcom's Puzzle Fighter ( is being discontinued on July 31. Neat (Unity based) game with some nice music. The app was already removed from the store, but installing the APK still works fine right now.
by Vector Harbor at 12:18 PM EDT on September 28, 2018
It is possible to get the music from Dragalia Lost
? It got some pretty good music there.
by MurraySkull at 6:29 AM EDT on October 5, 2018
Well, here is the opening, if you can figure out how to play it:

As for the rest, it is in the cache somewhere, but trying to find it is another matter!
by marcusss at 9:05 AM EDT on October 5, 2018
It looks like that .awb with afs2 header that was mentioned some time ago in xentax forum.. Something like that. There was a bms script

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by Slashiee at 8:23 PM EDT on October 6, 2018
The only issue with getting Dragalia Lost's music is that we don't have the key to decrypt the HCA files.

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