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playing M3Us that are paired with NSFs + format for tagging streamed files? by VGSB at 12:51 PM EDT on July 7, 2017
I want to know which audio player I can use that supports m3u paired with NSF. I tried foobar2000 with Game Emu and Winamp with NotsoFatso. They're capable of playing the NSF of course but not with the tagging in the M3U file. joshw's site features that format instead of NSFE for some reason, otherwise I'd be fine with just downloading the NSFE format.

A somewhat related question, has a format been created that can act as a container for streamed files which supports tagging?
by SmartOne at 1:48 PM EDT on July 7, 2017
Try keeping metadata separate using m-Tags?:
by Knurek at 2:19 PM EDT on July 7, 2017
Foobar supports the data in external M3U, but for some reason you have to add the NSF file, instead of M3U.
by Lunar at 10:34 AM EDT on July 9, 2017
I've had problems getting NSF+M3U working in foobar2000 in many cases, usually those that have multiple separated M3U files with the data in (even "reload tag info" doesn't work.) I'm mainly just waiting to replace my collection with VGMs at this point, and put tagging lark behind me for good. :)
by kode54 at 6:15 PM EDT on July 9, 2017
You have to load the .NSF because I can't steal M3U processing from the player itself, and the player itself doesn't support weird extensions to the M3U format.
by VGSB at 4:18 PM EDT on July 13, 2017
@Knurek, are you sure foobar2000 supports pulling the tagging/timing data from the M3U when loading the NSF file? I made sure the NSF and M3U file have identical names and opened the NSF file directly with foobar2000 (which uses the component Game Emu Player [foo_ge[ 1.209]). But it just loads the tracks without tags/timings.

@kode54 I understand this is using m3u in an unconventional way, but it would be nice if the tagging/timings were loaded from m3u when loading NSF (or any other method you want to support). Or if somebody knows of a converter that could take M3U+NSF and convert it to NSFE, that would be great too!
by kode54 at 7:36 PM EDT on July 13, 2017
You have to turn on M3U support for NSF, and at the same time, you lose the extended features of NSFE, including the ability to write to the tags.
by VGSB at 12:20 PM EDT on July 14, 2017
Thank you kode54! For the benefit of people who see this thread instead of your more detailed reply on hydrogenaduio: "Preferences -> Advanced -> Playback -> Game Emu Player -> NSF/NSFE - Use original file handler - disable for M3U playlist support -> uncheck. Then re-add your NSF files to the playlist."

EDIT: Unfortunately, there seems to be a larger issue now that the NSF+M3U option is enabled. It seems that each entry of the M3U is going to the wrong NSF song for every game I've tried. For example, try out Super Mario Bros.:

@kode54, can you look into this and possibly fix it?

edited 1:19 PM EDT July 14, 2017
by kode54 at 9:28 PM EDT on July 24, 2017
Fixed. Hopefully without breaking decimal indexes for any other M3U paired format. Simply reload the track info for all affected playlist entries.
by JILost at 11:37 AM EDT on March 29, 2021
This option seems to have disappeared from the plguin and it no longer reads the n3u files for nsf's (though it does for GBS, HCS, etc.). Is there a converter to do nsf+m3u to nsfe?

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