Final Fantasy Tactics A2 weird IMA ADPCM by bnnm at 5:58 AM EDT on July 8, 2017
Doing some tests I noticed FFTA2 decoded waveform is weird. It sounds ok enough tho.

I'm guessing the IMA ADPCM used isn't decoded properly (variation?). Any ideas about what could be happening?

(above: STRM version, below: OST version)

edited 6:04 AM EDT July 8, 2017
by bxaimc at 12:21 PM EDT on July 9, 2017
I thought it was fixed at one point. Something probably broke it again.

EDIT: Never mind, I was thinking about the short block issue.

It might just sound that bad in-game. It's been years since I played FFTA2 on actual hardware.

edited 4:12 PM EDT July 9, 2017

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