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Please do pikmin 4 and pikmin 1+2 music please by Catgame6555 at 10:49 AM EDT on July 21, 2023
Please do pikmin 4 and pikmin 1+2
by hcs at 7:52 PM EDT on July 23, 2023
@Catgame6555, don't keep requesting that, you won't make it happen any faster and it is rude to keep repeating it.

@EHT_shiniori, please don't be rude in response.
Pikmin 4 used wem files by Catgame6555 at 9:56 AM EDT on July 24, 2023
I can't rip the file from pikmin 4 music for bak and the unreal engine pak file
by EHT_shiniori at 12:53 PM EDT on July 24, 2023
"bak" "pak" "rip" "tutorial"

step1 - go to fmodel website, but install .NET 6.0 first if you don't already have it installed.

step2 - click on big "download" button

step3 - will start downloading, keep watch for where it's going to be downloaded to.

step4 - look for the folder where resides, easy to do on your browser since that's where it'll let you know when the file is done downloading and if so will lead you towards the one folder where said file is.

step5 - extract to a folder (don't ask me how, just use 7-Zip for the job)

step6 - fire up FModel.exe

step7 - FModel window showing up for you? click on "Directory" then "Selector"

step8 - click on the icon below "ADD UNDETECTED GAME"

step9 - on the "Name" field, put the name of the game you want to extra- i mean, "export" the files to. Pikmin 4 uses Unreal Engine 4 as its game engine of choice so put "Pikmin 4" (without quotes)

step10 - on the "Directory" field, put the full name of the folder where it contains the "Carrot4" folder. example here:
"path/to/pikmin4game/" - this path is supposed to have the "Carrot4" folder

step11 - don't know what to do with the "Directory" field, click on the "..." icon that's dangerously close to the blue "+" icon (FModel UI/UX sux btw and the devs are total airheads who sold you their snake oil bullshit and expect you to go into their discord server for "improved support" so don't expect any improvements there)

step12 - LOCATE THE FOLDER WHERE IT HAS THE "Carrot4" FOLDER, just do it for precautionary sake

step13 - done? click on the big blue "+" button

step14 - above "ADD UNDETECTED GAME", go to "Detected Game" field and select the name of the game that you just added to the field. that's right, steps 8 through 13 go through the trouble of explaining how you "add" a "game" to FModel.

step15 - remember the folder you had to add to that one field on steps 11 to 12? FModel will display that folder if you have the game selected.

step16 - click "OK".

step17 - notice the "Archives" tab, it added one .pak file and one .utoc file. you want to get instant access to both of them? keep left-ctrl pressed, then left-click on both of them one-by-one and click on "Load".

step18 - FModel will take you to the "Folders" tab where you can see just about every single folder that exists in these two files. just FYI, the "Packages" tab is relative to the folder you're currently in on the "Folders" tab.

step19 - so, "used wem" is all you care about, right? well, just click on "Packages", then "Search".

step20 - "Search View" window just popped outta nowhere! BUT there IS a field where you can type just about anything with it, and just by pressing enter you can see just about every in-game asset that resides in the .pak and .utoc files alone. type wem on the search field, press enter, and you have your wems.

step21 - select one wem, a couple of wems or even ALL of them. either way, right-click on what you just selected and left-click on "Export Raw Data (.uasset)" and let the fireworks roll.

step22 - exported files are in the "Output/Exported" folder, in addition to the folder of the wem files you just selected. keep that shit in mind if you have any trouble looking for them.

step23 - enjoy your music i guess, expect the wem names to contain nonsense numbers in them.

please don't ask me for more help on FModel, this is already a fairly tedious endeavor all things considered and i just dread ripping music from games that use Wwise, especially when the tools that can deal with Wwise stuff are already limited in scope at their current state.

edited 12:57 PM EDT July 24, 2023
Pikmin 4 music by Catgame6555 at 10:37 AM EDT on July 25, 2023
I'm rip it it will be done by 5pm 15GB file
Pikmin 4 by Catgame6555 at 12:53 PM EDT on July 26, 2023 the audio
by PikpikPretzel at 11:37 AM EDT on August 10, 2023
Are Pikmin 1+2 still sequenced with convoluted logic files that makes them really difficult to provide a download for?

Is Pikmin 3 Deluxe identical to the Wii U version?

Are either of these titles' music available for download? I checked but didn't see any results in this thread.

Not trying to request anything, to be clear, just asking to be informed.

edited 11:41 AM EDT August 10, 2023
Assassin's Creed 2 by defcon at 8:51 AM EDT on August 18, 2023
Can someone rip "Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection (2022)"?
Are AC2 music files any better than on PC/Xbox360?
Thanks in advance.
by Richter X at 12:26 AM EDT on August 31, 2023
Can someone get the new music from the Splatoon 3 update "Drizzle Season 2023"?

H2Whoa - Ripstop & Go
H2Whoa - Aquasonic

And I'm sure there's a couple others.
by stl1988 at 5:26 AM EDT on September 14, 2023
Please add the new DLC music from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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