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No Straight Roads by ChillyBilly at 9:48 PM EDT on September 29, 2023
Okay, so first and foremost, my sincerest apologies. I saw this one requested a few times a while back, but I simply didn't have the time to reupload it until now. Anyway, here:

^Note that I basically uploaded the entire sound folder here, so this set is completely untouched (well, aside from the extracted movie audio). I didn't bother sorting out the set because me and wwise-based tools, simply put, do not get along very well, lol. But as long as that's not an issue for anyone, well, enjoy! :)
by bnnm at 12:27 PM EDT on October 5, 2023
@ChillyBilly - Added a proper No Straight Roads rip based on the data but note that PC/PS4/PS5 versions have a newer patch with more songs that Switch lacks.

Thanks for your recent rips, a few comments though:

- for [unplayable] rips, best add some date in the notes.txt when files are unplayable (or maybe don't mention it)
Otherwise when support is added those notes become meaningless and confuse people. See Ys X, support was added and [unplayable] removed, but notes.txt are untouched so it says files are unplayable but aren't.

If you aren't sure if they are encrypted (can't be fixed in vgmstream) or vgmstream just needs to be updated, best post them here first.

- some people have complained about rips with too many unsorted SFX (such as GigaBash)
When you have banks with many uninteresting SFX and few jingles/music tracks, the usual thing is adding a few .txtp that point to good tracks for quick access. They are easy to write manually, or you can use this tool to autogenerate .txtp from banks and remove useless ones (drag and drop, needs python installed and vgmstream-cli in the folder).

If it takes too long to sort them it may be better to post the rip here first, so somebody else can prepare it, rather than uploading something hard to listen with so much SFX (having to find bgm among hundreds of SFX every time).

It's fine to include SFX that are musical/jingle-like (like other rips of yours), I just mean unrelated SFX (slashes/explosions/etc). Banks with only those should be removed.
by ChillyBilly at 9:57 PM EDT on October 27, 2023
@bnnm: Ah sorry, missed your post since my last visit here. Anyway, first off, thanks for organizing the NSR set! As for the PS4/5 versions, dunno how long it'll be before I have enough time to look into it (if someone else doesn't beat me to the punch first, at least), but I'll see what I can do if I get the chance. No guarantees, though.

Next, as far as unplayables go, I'll keep your advice in mind. Now, in regard to SFX.... generally, I DO make sure to filter it out whenever I can, but when they're part of a big sound archive (.bank, .fsb, etc.), I simply don't have the time to go picking needles out of haystacks, lol. I actually just uploaded a set a short while ago that has a .bank with some SFX mixed in (AK-xolotl), but hopefully this one isn't too bad, heh. And then there's the case with some certain games where SFX are technically part of the BGM (like in rhythm games), so I'll intentionally leave those intact. Again, I'll see what I can do, but if worst comes to worst, I guess I'll once again take your advice and post the problem sets here, instead. With that being said, until next time!
by Shin Star at 5:41 AM EDT on November 2, 2023
Hi, I was wondering if anybody could please rip the music from スイカゲーム (Suika Game)? They recently updated the game with multiple languages and even a added a Halloween theme (that BGM is kind of addictive too.)
by J2023 at 10:12 PM EDT on November 2, 2023
Just knowing that WarioWare: Move It releases tomorrow (or must have been released earlier today), but thanks @joshw for uploading it's music sets!

edited 10:38 PM EDT November 2, 2023
Super Mario RPG by chaos_warchild at 9:26 PM EST on November 10, 2023
So the game is out, but the audio doesn't seem to be extractable normally, despite the files using known extensions.

Here are the files if anyone wants to take a crack at them.
by J2023 at 12:06 AM EST on November 17, 2023
Has anyone extracted the music sets from Bluey: The Videogame yet? It's just been released today, and it uses the Unity engine.

edited 8:30 AM EST November 17, 2023
"Problem" sets by ChillyBilly at 5:22 AM EST on November 17, 2023
So yeah, as promised, got a couple to post here:

Blasphemous 2 (Has several banks with more SFX/ambience than music tracks, no time for me to sort out)

Sonic Superstars (REALLY surprised nobody posted about this already. Anyway, files seem to be encrypted, since they don't play right for me. Guess they need a key? I ran into a similar issue with a Kamen Rider set I uploaded to the frontend a while back)

As always, thanks in advance for any assistance!
by J2023 at 2:54 AM EST on November 20, 2023
Yes, @ChillyBilly. The BGM files for Sonic Superstars are encrypted, as I've just checked them and they might need a key. In fact, I had ran into this same issue with 404 Game RE-SET back in April, when the game's ProloguE demo was released.

edited 2:55 AM EST November 20, 2023
by SoundGLSI at 12:57 PM EST on November 20, 2023
The HCA key for Superstars is already in vgmstream since weeks. You just update your vgmstream copy and they'll play fine. However, the ADXs didn't play, just noise.

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