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by mariofan12ify at 12:04 PM EST on January 22, 2018
@MoldyPond - The japanese version only plays in the Music List after completing a couple of the Music Toad moons. It also plays on certain jukeboxes.
by ArcticJaguar725 at 12:33 PM EST on January 22, 2018
@mariofan12ify I think he means a Japanese copy of the game itself, not the song.
by Chocolate2890 at 1:09 PM EST on January 22, 2018
Moldypond, I was riding the bus this morning and asked myself the same question. i really hope it does. i want those japanese "ba da da dah"s.
by MoldyPond at 5:45 PM EST on January 22, 2018
Thought I clarified it enough but thank you for properly clarifying it :3

(I'm probably wrong on this but) it's too bad the singer seems to be the same for both languages because the JP version sounds identical to the english. Had she sounded more japanese it would've given me a proper excuse to listen to the JP version instead, not caring about not understanding a word of it instead of cringing from every word that's uttered in english. With both sounding identical I can't justify listening to it without understanding a word (Thank jebus the 8-bit version exists though).
by Chocolate2890 at 6:28 PM EST on January 22, 2018
by MoldyPond at 7:24 PM EST on January 22, 2018
@Chocolate2890 So much less cringe
by mariofan12ify at 10:55 PM EST on February 8, 2018
Could someone rip the versus mode theme from Mario + Rabbids?
by boop snoot at 10:52 AM EST on February 11, 2018
@Therius Shulk

> Since Mario Odyssey was dumped, is there any chance of getting the music files for Xenoblade 2 as well?

The files have been dumped at least. See the comment on line 36 of nsw_opus.c in vgmstream:
by bxaimc at 11:38 AM EST on February 11, 2018
I did say eventually, didn't I?
by chaos_warchild at 12:08 PM EST on February 16, 2018
Looks like these have just been uploaded to

-Fate Extella - The Umbral Star (2017-07-20)(Marvelous)(XSEED)

-One Piece - Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition [One Piece - Unlimited World R - Deluxe Edition] (2017-08-24)(Ganbarion)(Bandai Namco)

-project OCTOPATH TRAVELER Demo (2017-09-13)(Acquire)(Square Enix)

-Soldam - Drop, Connect, Erase [Soldam - Kaika Sengen] (2017-09-20)(City Connection)(Dispatch Games)

-Troll and I (2017-08-15)(Spiral House)(Maximum Games)

-Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (2017-12-01)(Monolith Soft)(Nintendo)

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