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by bxaimc at 7:12 PM EDT on July 20, 2017
Hasn't been dumped yet
by soneek at 8:11 PM EDT on July 20, 2017
Remember, don't clutter the thread with requests. Have patience, and stuff will be shared when people get their hands on it.

I'm glad MK8 Deluxe is available finally. I've been waiting for clean versions of the battle tracks and final minute variations. I've been playing a ot of Puyo Puyo Tetris as well.
by Vector Harbor at 8:21 PM EDT on July 20, 2017
Of course. If nobody post splatoon 2 or other switch games, i'm not gonna bother others for that.

Also, should we pin this thread ?

Edit 2 : here's the Puyo Puyo Tetris (music only)

Puyo Puyo Tetris (music only)

edited 8:50 PM EDT July 20, 2017
by dork at 10:08 AM EDT on July 21, 2017
I'm waiting for a BOTW rip to show up, I want to know if the music is actually higher quality than the Wii U music.

Nintendo did boast higher audio quality on the Switch, but it could just be a better audio decoder/processer or just PR speak since there is very little difference between the two versions besides a marginal increase in resolution and fps.
by starerik at 10:18 AM EDT on July 21, 2017
BotW is confirmed to be 48 kHz.
by dork at 10:29 AM EDT on July 21, 2017
Damn that's great, now I just gotta get it.
by crediar at 1:04 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild

I put all the BFSTM from the game into it.
by Vector Harbor at 1:08 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
Thank you !

One question : does this include the dlc ?
by dork at 2:05 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
Thanks crediar, appreciate it.
by RebeccaSugar at 3:35 PM EDT on July 21, 2017
Aw crediar, you're the best!

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